Weekly Check-in: ACC/College Basketball

If it pleases the proletariat, I’ll aim to post something like this each Monday (or close to it 🙂 ). I didn’t post anything this Monday since there were several new topics on the front page that I did not wish to push down. The idea is to generate discussion on ACC/College Basketball at-large and how the various trends and standings may affect N.C. State … Plus, provide a place to discuss the RPI and what respective teams need to do (or not do) in order to have hope for high, low, or any seeding on Selection Sunday. Future editions should be more brief in scope (probably!).

We’re rapidly approaching full-fledged conference play, so with an eye towards March teams across the land need to put a pretty bow on top of their non-conference performance. November and December are when respective conferences define their overall RPI, and how each member team’s ranking will be affected when conference play begins against one another. RPI is not a be-all, end-all  of course – but it is an important metric for selection. So, the next couple of weeks of non-conference play are indeed important for everyone.


N.C. State put itself a little behind the 8-ball with the home loss to Wofford. The result doesn’t cripple the Wolfpack, but there’s a bit of a hole to climb out of. Thankfully, smart and strategic scheduling gives the Pack opportunities to counter this result as the final four non-conference games include solid opposition in Tennessee, West Virginia (in NY), Louisiana Tech, and Cincinnati. It can be argued that the Wolfpack did not schedule enough road/neutral contests in the non-conference portion of the schedule (Purdue and WVa are the only contests away from Raleigh), but the level of competition could leave the Pack in a favorable position given a requisite number of wins.

The NCAA’s RPI has the Pack ranked at #71 as of today. Outside of a couple of historical outliers, this ranking is below the threshold for at-large selection. It’s way early though – and as stated, numerous opportunities lie in front of the Pack to turn this number upside down.

Moving on to the ACC, here’s a few links and general notes:

ACC standings w/ RPI, AP Top 25, Coaches Poll

– 7 of the league’s 15 teams have RPI’s of 100+, with 2 of those being 200+ (Pitt (100), BC (136), Notre Dame (146), Clemson (166), Wake Forest (191), FSU (200), VT (260) )

Duke, Louisville, and Virginia have been the class of the league early with impressive results and rankings. I don’t have a lot of love for UVa’s – at times – ‘avert thine eyes’ style of basketball, but they are a really good team.

– Amusingly, Notre Dame is rated in both the AP and Coaches Polls but has an RPI near 150. They’re ranked basically because of one win over Michigan State.

– Unless we see marked improvement over the next couple of weeks, the bottom half of the league is going to make it pretty difficult on teams that will place 6-10 in the ACC standings to have any type of solid footing going into Selection Sunday. There will be a dearth of quality victories to be had, instead offering numerous landmines that could derail a resume.

The Cheats are still The Cheats. That’s all.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts or add anything relevant that you find of interest. Have a great week everyone, and Go Pack.

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    If it pleases the proletariat, I’ll aim to post something like this each Monday (or close to it 🙂 ). I didn’t post anything this Monday since there w
    [See the full post at: Weekly Check-in: ACC/College Basketball]


    Thanks for the analysis. Posts like this are why I visit the site these days.
    I am reminded of the tired Al Davis thing “just win. baby!” – not the entire answer but things get much more positive if you win your games.

    I am enjoying watching this year’s Pack as they move forward. Certainly a work in progress.


    wufpup… you might have found a second career as a … “internet sports journalist” !
    but you probably shouldn’t give up your day job… ’cause the pay here sucks…

    Now since this is place to talk roundball about other schools…

    It’s worth noting… that over in Chapel Hill… there having almost the identical conversation as here…

    Coach can’t coach anymore…
    don’t have the right players…
    dont’ have the players they have – doing the things they need to do…
    Coach can’t recruit if players have to go to class..
    the good old days of glory…
    Coach says dumbsh&t to the press…
    some Zebras hate us…
    Coach Rat is a big cheater…
    did I mention, Coach is dumbass?

    Really quite amusing from a distance…

    And I have a couple of honest questions…

    1. WTF is Leonard Hamilton doing, or not doing as the case may be ??

    2. Does “Anybody – Anywhere”, other than the WaHoos who settled for an eleven point victory in College Park a couple weeks ago, miss the Twerps and their pleasant personalities ??

    3. Any chance GOTT & Company can pick up anyone of Coach Rat’s annual crop of rejects ?
    I heard they re-installing revolving doors over at Cameron.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    I don’t have to post a new thread, because it makes sense here.

    PLEASE understand and apply the concept of nuance. We can praise and critique certain elements of certain games, seasons, and systems. That’s what makes this place good.

    But every single game, play, or even week shouldn’t be a complete, absolute referendum on the program. It’s a long season, and basketball is a tournament sport. Watch how things build, or don’t build. Be glad that our flaws and weak points are being exposed instead of hidden. We are at least getting an honest product from MG and company, warts and all.


    Edit: Oops, looks like the Commandant and I posted at the exact same moment. My response here is related to bill’s comment above 🙂

    Haha, it’s a labor of love, I guess.

    Chapel Hill … a lot of folks there seem to have a complete disdain for reality. I don’t know if the glory days are coming back any time soon.

    As for FSU – that’d be an interesting study. They’ve hit a lull after winning the ACC a couple of years back.

    And, I certainly don’t miss Maryland. At all.


    – The Cheats are still The Cheats. That’s all.

    Meaning they get about a 5-loss cushion in the nonconference portion of the season before feeling required to drop them out of the Top 25 (unless they’re able to strategically space the losses)?


    As for FSU, losing leading scorer and best defender Aaron Thomas, certainly didn’t help Leonard Hamilton’s plight. Thomas had already missed two games (for dizzyness) prior to being ruled ineligible for the remainder of the season by FSU last week.


    Great article.
    I agree we can dig ourselves out of this hole but we will have to play better in order to do so.


    Great article.
    I agree we can dig ourselves out of this hole but we will have to play better in order to do so.

    Thanks 🙂

    The work starts tonight!

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