Quick Look: UCF

Let’s take a quick and dirty look at N.C. State’s upcoming bowl opponent, the UCF Knights (UCF dropped ‘Golden’ from their nickname in 2007).

Note: for discussion and relevant info on the Wolfpack’s selection to the bitcoin Bowl please visit this thread. Or head to the forums for even more discussion and opinion.

UCF finished in a three-way tie for first in the American Athletic Conference (AAC), posting a 7-1 league record along with both Cincinnati and Memphis. The Knights missed out on being able to claim the AAC crown outright by virtue of their loss to UConn … a stinging loss as it was UConn’s only league victory of the season. Depending on your perspective, UCF was either fortunate or unfortunate in the fact that they did not play either of the teams they shared first place with – Cincinnati and Memphis. The AAC fielded 11 teams this season, disallowing the conference from holding a conference championship game.

From the aforementioned bowl selection thread (linked above), member ‘JasonP’ offers the following insight and opinion:

… Legit NFL talent at WR with a capable QB. Inexplicable loss at UConn, but other losses were Penn State in the first game and then @ Mizzou. They beat an improving South Florida team 16-0, which was our only common opponent.

Don’t care what O’Leary did in the past. He’s paid his dues and had to serve in purgatory at Central Florida. He’s a heck of a coach and word is he’s going to retire at the end of the season (68 y/o). That means they’re going to be playing hard to give their coach one last win. If our D-Line repeats the perforance they had against UNC, that should put their QB under enough pressure to give us an edge.

For some numbers, cbssports has the Knights listed as follows:

Rushing                     132.2 (97th)          97.4 (5th)
Passing                      230.7 (63rd)         185.4 (11th)
Overall                       102nd                    3rd

For a thorough rundown, here is a pretty cool site for you ‘numbers’ guys and gals: cfbstats.

The bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl will be the 7th overall bowl contest for UCF (history). They enter the game with a 3-3 all-time overall bowl record … this includes winning the 2013 Fiesta Bowl last season over Baylor in the last iteration of the ‘BCS’ bowls.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on the upcoming match-up.

Apologies to any ECU fans, but I wanted to add a video … it’s not over ’til it’s over:

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    Let’s take a quick and dirty look at N.C. State’s upcoming bowl opponent, the UCF Knights (UCF dropped ‘Golden’ from their nickname in 2007). Note: fo
    [See the full post at: Quick Look: UCF]


    Thanks for the shout out!

    Found the UCF/ECU game notes online. Quirky tidbits (first 2 for Vegas) include:

    1. UCF has won 24 consecutive games starting at 3PM or later
    2. UCF has won 13 straight non-Saturday games.
    3. Penn State beat them on a last second field goal
    4. They turned it over 4 times in the loss to UConn
    5. 9 different O-Line combinations throughout 2014 – this might be why ECU’s D Line absolutely mauled them in the drive before the hail mary pass. When ECU went Prevent, they lost the pass rush and gave up the game winner.
    6. Thrive on a balanced run/pass attack. They’ve gotten at least 1 passing TD in every game
    7. Breshad Perriman (caught hail mary, making 7 straight games with a TD catch) is the WR I was talking about as NFL caliber. His dad is an NFL alum.

    Going to be a tough matchup for the Pack, but if we turn up the heat on the R-So QB, then good things will happen.


    I’m surprised they didn’t drop “Knights” and keep “Golden.”


    I totally agree that O’Leary has paid his dues, and is one hell of a coach. I mean, shit, nobody gives Brian Kelly any stick and he essentially killed a guy.

    Good team/program, and they’ll be tough to beat.


    Not to change the subject thread here but I have started to notice Doeren’s name starting to pop up more often for the Wisconsin job. Specifically on some of the Wisconsin based forums/news. All I am saying is it seems a lot of people would be happy with him. NO rumor mill or BS trying to be started here….just saying his name is starting to pop up as a potential candidate.

    I hope this search is quick and does not involve anyone in Raleigh!

    Looking forward to UCF!!!


    Heard the same thing. Anybody?


    Doeren likes it here. He gon stay. Worry ye not.


    Is UCF’s defense really that good or just a product of playing literally no one of significance?


    Is UCF’s defense really that good or just a product of playing literally no one of significance?

    Definitely couldn’t tell you 🙁

    Maybe someone has seen one or two of their games.


    I just watched a quick highlight of the USF game. Sacked QB at End zone for a safety (intentional grounding). Stopped USF at goal line at end of game. 16-0 victory. Not much info there. If USF QB had not tried to throw ball on sack and just gone down, it would have been forward progress at the 1 yard line. My gut feeling. Maybe a bit better than Wake’s D. We bring our A game and we gonna win.


    Tough to really Scout them since they’ve played such low-level opponents. They should have lost to ECU and lets be honest, ECU was not as good as they looked against UNC. I think if we give Jacoby time to do what Jacoby does, this is easily a 14-17 point win.


    I’m clueless as to what it will take to move the football on CFU or stop them from moving the ball or scoring, but I have the deepest confidence that our coaches will figure all this out and make us all wonder what the heck were we worried about.

    Now if I were a CFU kind of guy, I’d be sweating my arse off about this game. We’ve proved we can run the ball, pass the ball, punt the ball and kick-off and score the 3. We can stop the run and pass and cover punts and KO’s. That don’t leave much we can’t adequately do on the football field. Our biggest problem now seems to be how the heck can we give all our talent meaningful playing time. 😉

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