N.C. State vs. Wofford – 4pm

N.C. State Wolfpack (8-1) vs. Wofford Terriers (7-2) – 4pm @ William Neal Reynolds Coliseum

Tv: Fox Sports South/Regional – (646 on Direct; 40 on Time Warner); Espn 3 – subject to blackout

Wofford team page

The Pack is back in Reynolds again today, returning quickly after defeating Charleston Southern 86-50 on Friday evening in the old coliseum. Playing without Trevor Lacey (ankle), the Wolfpack looked very efficient on both ends of the floor and were able to pull away from the Buccaneers early. Encouragingly, N.C. State never let up – giving Charleston So. no space to work back into the ballgame and apply game pressure. A running theme over the past couple of seasons has been the Pack going up 15-20 points in various games, yet letting their opponent work back into the game. Not this time, thankfully.

As for Lacey, unfortunately I have been unable to find any definitive info on his┬ástatus for today’s contest – so I suppose we’ll know at 4pm. If you do know of anything, please feel free to list it in the comments.

Like Charleston Southern, today’s opponent – the Wofford Terriers – run their offense with an emphasis on efficiently shooting the 3-ball. Wofford enters today’s contest close to the very top of the overall 3-point FG percentage standings (4th overall heading into Saturday). Needless to say, the Pack’s defensive pressure will once again go a long way in determining how today’s game flows.

Wofford returns all five starters from last season’s SoCon Tournament champions. The Terriers lost in the round of 64 (second round) to #2 seed Michigan in last season’s NCAA Tournament. That tournament appearance marked the third time in the past five seasons that Wofford had won the SoCon tournament and made the NCAA Tournament – accounting for each of the Terriers all-time NCAA Tourney appearances. It’s an impressive feat, considering that Davidson (now in the A-10) was long the class of the SoCon.

The Terriers were routinely picked to repeat as SoCon champions this season by most preseason prognostications, though the league did shake-up a bit and added Mercer, ETSU, and VMI (most of you probably recall Mercer’s defeat of Duke here in Raleigh in last season’s NCAAT). Wofford is currently ranked at #17 in the mid-major top 25. The Pack and the Terriers have faced no common opponents, but Wofford does own a win over a very solid Iona squad. Wofford’s next three opponents are all future or past Pack opponents – Charleston So., West Virginia, and Duke.

Pack game notes

Please leave your comments and thoughts here, enjoy the game and Go Pack! See you in the comments at 4pm ­čÖé

As always, we’ll end with a video:

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    I don’t believe it




    Ohh no … please don’t do this to us


    They waved it off … holy sh*t


    This will get overturned




    Well that stings … guess we were always destined to lose the last game in Reynolds.

    Got some real work to do now to make up for this home loss. Terrible execution down the stretch. Wofford beat us in second chance points, points off of turnovers, and fast break points – we have to win all of those categories. They may have out-rebounded us as well.

    Damn damn damn.


    well.. well.. well…

    two films…
    two clocks…
    one tenth of second difference between the two…



    Was anybody surprised that it was Lacey who took the last shot ????

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    If anyone deserves blame for tonight, it has to be Le’Nard. 4 turnovers leading to 8 points for Wofford. King Karl and the Hessians be damned.


    … radio guys… say the State guy on the scorer’s table confirms the clock had run out on Lacey’s shot.. by the “space between the fingertip and the ball… ”

    Isn’t technology great… ??

    Go figure this …
    In spite of the triple ShowGirl crew… Hess, Hull and Covington…

    our five starters were whistled for just FIVE personal fouls… the bench had nine and Wofford had 15 for 31 total whistles…

    Guess we won’t have to hear about that all week…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    The hell? First the Packers, now the Pack. Yikes.


    Unfortunately the better team lost tonight, but then again State is only marginally better than Wofford which doesn’t bode well for the pack.

    A team that’s anywhere near good enough for the NCAAT can shake off Karl Hess and not let a worse team hang around and win after being up most of the second half. Wofford would have crushed charleston southern too and probably would have a similar record against our opponents. Nothing good came from tonight, obviously.

    This loss is more telling of the team than it is damaging to the season.


    Big bodies, big heads?
    Well deserved lesson.


    Well deserved lesson.

    I think it can be. Very anxious for Wednesday, now.


    Mr. Dog…

    After Ten games…
    I’ve seen ONE guy on our Team who wants to win…
    the rest appear to in the either the..
    … just want to ‘play’…
    … just ‘happy’ to play…


    THREE offensive rebounds by the Pack …
    FOUR turnovers by Wofford…

    Says it all for you ‘numbers’ guys….

    Either way … your question has been answered in the affirmative.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    I’m not going to bellyache over this loss for too long. Their guys have as much NCAA tournament experience as our guys, so that part is a wash. They have a very experienced set of starters who are very used to each other, and play very well as a unit. They didn’t turn the ball over much, whereas we committed more than enough turnovers to lose (everything from bad passes to walking to ‘moving’ screens [Good eyes, Karl. Good eyes.]). KW had three makeable shots go down and pop out, our free throw shooting was superb. Defensive rebounding was very solid, but limited on offensive rebounding opportunities (the one flurry of four chances in the 2nd half turned out to be huge). Wins versus Tennessee and West Virginia and this loss goes strictly by the wayside. WVU was having difficulty at home with Marshall today. So still the rest of the season to accomplish everything we would hope for.


    Karl Cochran scored 14 points to lead Wofford, which shot just 36 percent but hung right with the Wolfpack (8-2) all afternoon before rallying from six down in the final 3 1/2 minutes for the win…
    …N.C. State was in position to close this one out after Lacey’s jumper pushed the lead to 52-46 with 3:27 left. But…

    Must be nice to shoot 36% and win, at the expense of NC State of course.

    Nc State did typical NC State chit…


    Wofford got blown out my Michigan in the first round last year…don’t know if that counts as tournament experience. They hardly played (or beat) anyone of notoriety last year.


    Two questions:
    1. Has anyone ever seen 2 different time clocks. If so which one is official?

    2. Why did Gott get the T?



    Clock 1 … was on the TV screen and comes from the TV production trailer…
    Clock 2 … is on top of the basket in Reynolds…

    Clock 1 was 0.1 second ahead of clock 2…

    but it does not matter what either clock says…
    what matters is when the “Red Light” on the goal comes on…

    The film from the opposite end of the court Clock 2 … showed “no space between Lacey’s two fingers and the ball” when the red light came on…
    The film from the sideline showed Clock 1 and was totally inconclusive to me with respect to when the red light came on…

    No basket.


    Neither GOTT nor the radio guys “mentioned” the Technical Foul in the post game radio fluffer….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    There is no way to see if the ball had left his hand from the opposite end of the court. So if the “red light” goes off with 2 seconds to go is the game over??? Been watching ball for a long time and I have never seen a difference in the clocks.


    Going all the way back to “Sail with the Pilot in Black and White”…
    I have never seen a difference in the game clock and the TV clock either…

    I could see the red light go off and the clock at zero.zero and no visible space between the ball and Lacey’s fingers from the opposite endzone camera…

    The only way the red light goes off before zero.zero is if there’s bad calibration or something amiss technically… and that’s all on ‘us’ as it’s our clock…

    Bottom Line is that we never should have been in that position…
    We should have used that extra foul on the inbounds play with 6 seconds left…

    and the truth is… we never should have been in that position either…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Watching the end of an NCSU game is like opening a box of chocolates, so to speak…………..


    Yikes. Oh well. Plenty of work ahead.


    Right call. It’s one game.

    Don’t know how some can manage the strength to get out of bed in the morning. Some people lead sad lives.

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