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    I know it’s just one game, but I guarantee that shot would have counted for the boys in blue.


    Had this been a UNC game at the Dean Dome and a Carolina player hitting the same shot, would the officials have made the same call?


    Looks like Jedi was reading my mind. ^


    I would not have dreamed we would lose to Wofford. Bad bad loss but we are who we are.
    These are all Gott’s players for whatever that is worth


    Idk – but it was the right one. Time will tell if this is a sign that we’re nit bound or just another bump in the road.


    Due to being out I missed the game but watched the replay. King Karl reminds me more and more of Lenny Wirtz with his petulance and his quick whistle.

    Hopefully this game will be the base of some maturing of the team. Opportunities missed and at times not valuing having the ball and making positive plays. Part of that is immaturity, part of that is will to win, part of that is playing a more skilled and determined foe.

    I’m not obsessing over the loss. I am disappointed but I’m also looking toward the conference season where the competition will be tougher.


    My only beef was why, with approx. 1:30 left in the game and up by 1 and coming out of a TO, did we put the ball in KW’s hands for a tough inside shot. Not knocking the kid but Turner or Lacey should have been taking the last few shots.


    Bad loss, this is however what we do. Lenard Freeman would struggle playing for UNCG. We need a good quality big man to help out Mr. uninterested Anya in the paint. Pussy Cat Barber needs his little ass in the litter box while Dez Lee runs the team. As far as Im concerned from a coaching standpoint Gott can sit in there with him while Bobby runs it from the sideline. I will not rant buy I am now convinced Mark Gottfried’s coaching abilities are subpar. WTF ever


    I just don’t understand what happened to Cat’s scoring ability. Mental block maybe. I though this guy was a major scorer in HS and was supposed to be so in college.


    ^nav… as noted during the game…

    The possession (that resulted in KW’s missed shot) was coming off a TO… watch the film…

    Lacey , who had hit four in a row, is seen standing, as in, not moving at all, over next to Coach on the bench… while Anthony runs something to the other side of the court… Lacey, after about 20 seconds of standing ( a lifetime at that point in the game), finally moves from the wing towards the center jump circle and gets the ball 25ft from the basketball with less than 10 seconds left on the shot clock, he’s heavily defended and makes a good pass inside to KW which was his only option…

    Now KW is about 50% on that shot… but remember, we only GOTT THREE offensive rebounds all night… so that’s not the kind of percentage you’re looking for that point in the game, I don’t think…


    there are two things here…

    1. If that was “THE Play Called from the Bench”… the only way that play makes any sense whatsoever is if its put in the category of ‘doing something the other team would never anticipate because it’s just too stupid for them to consider’…


    2. As Coach Hugh Durham used to call it… it was a case of “White Line Fever”… as in “Once they cross the white line… they forget everything I told them to do during the Time Out…”

    I ain’t gonna speculate on which was the case… and none of us will ever know the truth…
    Either way… you’re right in thinking … We’ve GOTT to do better than that…

    Or… somebody needs to make a new rule for this Team… “shoot till you miss…” .

    When you’re best player has not missed a shot the entire half and / or is in the process of taking the game over by making the two baskets and one defensive stop/rebound on the last three consecutive possessions…

    He GOTT to get the ball at crunch time early in the possession and in a position to make another play.

    And, I’m with you…. if “whoever” can’t get him the ball… they can sit and watch somebody who can…

    This is BBall Sh%t… you learn in Junior High school and should be automatic by the time you’re a Junior in High School… and college coaches shouldn’t have to explain it to their kids…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!
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