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UNC Scandal

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    …now available for pre-order! Click here! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
    [See the full post at: Mary Willingham & Jay Smith book]


    Just ordered mine! Release date says March 1st, great timing.


    Sara with authority!! Click here.

    McAdewe files a lawsuit. I’m thinking a Dr. Seuss book might be on the way soon. “School’s 4 Fools”, maybe?


    Nice! I’m looking forward to this! I’m sure it will be very informative. Too bad the majority of those affected can’t even read the book.



    Fascinating….timing was impeccable.

    The article about the Accreditation review may do more to keep this going than all the ballyhooing about bringing in the NCAA. BUT, this is Chapel Hill….so do not expect a miracle.

    I find it particularly appalling that our own university railroaded Jimmy (I have a DREAM) Valvano and that right after that, UNC’s Dean Smith coined the phrase, The Carolina Way. Then Coach Smith and AD Swofford (WE have a SCHEME) arranged for AFAM (under the guise of racial diversity – or the old reparation theme) to become a reality and thus set up their “academic eligibility” black ops scheme.

    It took how many years before this little (understatement) sham was uncovered.

    In the spirit of a bit of levity, but also offering a comparison of how Jimmy V’s “academic lack of oversight” was handled, I think that the UNC Faculty Committee that is “upset” by this should immediately issue the following manifesto…..these are the key points along with a suggested strategy.

    >> Revise the UNC Athlete admission standards so that they are 10% HIGHER than the average incoming freshman (or freshperson).

    >> Revise the UNC Athletic Department’s Graduation Requirements. Each sport must maintain a Graduation Rate that is 10% HIGHER than the student body.

    >> Declare a 2 year moratorium on Football

    >> Declare a 5 year moratorium on Basketball

    >> Declare a 1 year moratorium on ALL Olympic sports where abuse occurred

    >> Vacate ANY win where an athlete that was taking a “fake” course during the competition season.

    >> Revise all UNC and ACC and NCAA records, statistics, etc. based on the above

    >> Remove all Banners, Posters, etc. Melt down all awards and trophies and contribute the metal to the weekly firearm purchase/meltdown program.

    >> Require the return of all “RINGS” by coaches, staff, administrators, team members, “partners”, etc.

    These demands should be presented formally to the press today at noon and then the entourage should march (with bull horns provided by Rev. Barber’s team) to South Hall (THAT name also needs to be CHANGED….it is OFFENSIVE) and presented to Ms. Folt.

    IF the demands are NOT met by Noon, Monday, then stage a student body protest, occupation, sit-in (love fest?” of South Hall and the entire UNC Campus…..SHUT THAT SUCKER DOWN!!!!!

    Should such action be required, Ms. Folt will be removed from the premises immediately and Mary Willingham will be named Chancellor. Ms. Willingham will then introduce the following….and will implement the aforementioned sanctions….NOTE…..these individuals will have LIFETIME CONTRACTS

    >> Bubba Cunningham will be replaced by Lee Fowler.

    >> Coach Williams will be replaced by Phil Ford

    >> Coach Fedora will be replaced by John Bunting.

    Sounds like a solution…..and I am SURE that the UNC Faculty will overwhelmingly endorse the above… Dr. Larry (Sainted) Monteith will be their mentor and consultant…..

    Hark the sound of “CHANGE”….


    ^ ‘roo…

    The Right and Honorable Reverends might “need” a couple of bucks to buy those “bull-horns”…
    but would not Ram’s Horns would be more appropriate and symbolic….

    Think of Joshua and the Battle of Jericho… and once that’s a clear mental picture… we might as well throw in the “Ark of the Covenant” complete with the Right and Honorable Reverends smashing the “Stone Tablets” on the front steps of South in righteous indignation — followed by a solemn rendition arms-in-arms of “We Shall Overcome” – the long version – while all the Loyal and Silent High Priests (the BOG/BOT) watch with utter shock and angst… some Priests wetting their wingtips and pumps and others soiling their loins…

    Then… while surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, the saints and the sinners… if the Right and Honorable Reverends had a Rod and would call up a little Thunderstorm …

    We might ALL see “repentance of biblical proportions ” among “the vanquished and smitten” of the harlot city of Ninevah…

    That would be close to perfection…

    All things are possible…
    Go forth and sin no more…
    I have a dream … of one day when …

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    McAdoo has filed a lawsuit on behalf of football players. Looking for McCants to file one himself or on behalf of bball players. Lawsuits will be interesting as many coaches never talked or interviewed for Weinstein review, subpoenas can get a lot of people talking! Cannon may have to talk and Walden might get his memory back! About every week an article appears in a major newspaper across the country calling for NCAA to hammer UNC, there was one in Chicago Tribune recently. Books, lawsuits, NCAA investigation, national media calling for severe punishment etc……..when the movie coming out! As for Roy remember his saying, we did things the right way, now he saying he wants to be part of the solution? Isn’t that admitting there was a problem and he was part of it?


    Guys, you really need to watch the Sara Ganim video posted on CNN. OMG do they lay it out and particularly focus on the amount of time unx stonewalled and the fact that EVERYTHING Mary said is now proving to be true.

    Lying cheating arrogant bastards.


    OK….Bill.OnTheBeach…..did that come out without a bit of wine or Crown Royal? That was COOL….good post.

    NOW, to the SERIOUS STUFF….and this is just ONE comment from a person that I TRUST….my SON.

    He was in town and we went to the GT game (GRRRRRR….now we been bit by a tiger and stung by a swarm of yellow jackets…..the KILLER strain).

    Anyway, sitting in the PNC, I got an email from a “source” about the book. The BEST article is this….it gives MORE detail….and it comes from CNN….so it is not biased.

    The WXII article talks about Whacky Macky DoDo’s lawyers. My son read the article and said. This is SERIOUS Feces…..

    He graduated from NCSU (BS-IE- With the highest cum laude or whatever). THEN he wanted to a lawyer and we cut a deal. I paid for books and tuition and a really SMALL stipend and he funded the rest.

    He said that the main firm, Ferguson (et. al.), was a really HIGH CLASS (as in Reputable…..Not your typical Do, We, Sue, Them & How). Mr. Ferguson was the FIRST AfroAmerican UNC Law School Graduate. He and his firm (practice) is a well NOTED and well KNOWN Civil Rights Firm. They (for all you oldsters) were the ones that actually got Charlotte (that bastion of liberalism) to INTERGRATE….via FORCED Busing, in the 60’s. They have a reputation and do NOT take frivolous cases.

    Several of the UNC Law Professors (in the 90’s) were members of the firm and UNC hired them for their talent. They speak in “hushed and reverent” tones about Mr. Ferguson and “the FIRM”. SO, the fact that THEY have taken Whacky Macky’s case, to my son, speaks volumes about the “winabilit” of it.

    SO, for what it is worth, my son, the attorney who had been reading the various articles that we saved for him said that THIS lawsuit may well set a national precedent……

    Remember that the shot clock is “the Dean Smith Rule” and the 2 Shot Foul at the end of the game (Double Bonus) is “the Jimmy V. Rule”.

    Wouldn’t it be a HOOT, if there is a new “Thou MUSTH provide the athlete with HIS choice of curriculum and provide adequate time AWAY from the field of combat for STUDYING….”. This could be the UNC Rule.

    Stay tuned….this will be a LONG and DRAWN out affair….but it is getting better every day….



    Ha! it was revealed in a vision shortly before it was posted “11/08/2014 at 9:45 AM”…

    caffeine induced – you may suggest ? maybe… no booze for breakfast on gameday…

    And Now… another mosaic of the story that will never end falls into place …
    amist the gathering storm clouds… on the horizons we see…
    Righteous Reverends from the North…
    Rogues from the West
    Pirates from the East
    and now…
    Bastard Barristers from the South…

    Certainly the smell of dark money like faint ozone and fast fame fill the flatulent air around Blue Heaven…

    From the Sienna to the Old Well across to South Building…
    then down old Highway 54 to Fayetteville Street on to Jones Street the solemn parade route will go.

    Do you think Gubner Pat should call out the National Guard?

    Time for bed children.
    And to all a Good Night!

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!
    Prowling Woofie

    So, should the name of the AFAM Department be changed to Black Ops ???



    Holy crap,…everyone wants to be Bob Lee or Cowdog!

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    Prowling Wolfie,

    Maybe we will find out that was code named….”Black Sheep Skins”…..please do NOT skewer me….but I, too, had thought of the black ops title since it is so prominent on shows like the black list (there it is again) and we know that Red may NOT have a lot of redeeming qualities, but he is NO racist……as well as Homeland.


    Your avatar looks a little “worse for wear”. Is that the result of the first few games that the Canes have played?

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