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We’ve got live streaming video from ACC Operation Basketball below. The media and players luncheon is set from noon until 1:10 p.m., followed by ACC Commissioner John Swofford’s annual basketball forum from 1:10 until 1:50. Head coaches’ interviews will take place from 2:13 through 5:30 p.m. Since Commissioner Swofford has not yet commented on the largest fraud in the history of NCAA that began under his leadership as Athletics Director at UNC-CH, it will be interesting to see if we get any comment from him.

For more on the event and on ACC Basketball you can click here. For more from StateFansNation we ask that you click here and take a look around.

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    Omg. Katz interviewing Swoff is insufferable. Swofford is a damn liar. He literally has the UNC talking points. Katz says the “coaches are exonerated.” Swofford saying not a coaches place to be involved in academics. Separation of church and state, he says. Biggest fear of UNC case? I don’t have a fear and ncaa needs to act and UNC is ready to move forward.

    Total bullshit.

    gaudio says “keep in mind you’re seeing two graduates talk about it.” Good for him. He lost his job in part to those cheaters.

    But mostly the ESPN talking heads are sucking UNC’s pecker.

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