State 46, ODU 34

Once again, it took State a while to get going. But after trailing 21-18 at the half, State put up 28 second-half points and in the end, made enough defensive stops to move to 2-0.

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Moving on to NC State, who also needed late-game magic to overcome Old Dominion Saturday, 46-34, Logan said that through two weeks, it is evident that head coach Dave Doeren is instilling in the team a will to win.

Logan also lauded the balanced Wolfpack attack that ended the game with 242 rushing yards and 253 passing yards. “That will really start to matter as they go through the schedule,” he said.

Logan also noted that Jacoby Brissett is getting comfortable quickly in the NC State offense. “Last week it looked like he hadn’t played a game in two years. From the second half last week through Saturday, you could progressively see him getting better.”

Next up, State travels to Tampa to play South Florida (1-1) Saturday at 3:30.

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    Once again, it took State a while to get going. But after trailing 21-18 at the half, State put up 28 second-half points and in the end, made enough d
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    When I saw Logan making positive comments about NC State, I almost crapped myself. That will to win he referred to is priceless. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

    Those freshman mistakes we are making now will become freshman big plays as the season progresses.


    I thought it must be some other ‘Logan.’
    I hope he is right. South Florida played UMD tough all the way to the end on Saturday. They forced six turnovers, two interceptions and four fumbles! So they will certainly will test our offense.

    I’m feeling like it’s going to take our best effort yet.


    Long gone are the days when the Wolfpack had any real speed on Defense. I was amazed by how many times ODU’s QB simply outran our DBs around the corners for 5-10 yards to get the first down. Watching Irving play last night for Denver made me realize just how slow our team is these days


    Another way you could look at it is that even after 6 TOs USF still lost and I don’t know if USF “forced” those TOs as much as UMD kind of handed them over…

    USF lost their starting QB in that game and Willie Taggert has already stated that he will not play against us. Seems like some USF fans are asking for Taggert to play their 3rd string highly-touted freshman QB, but he’s sticking with the backup for now. All of this gives us that dreaded “hope” again


    I was at CF Saturday….and still don’t know quite what to make of it all.

    First….I am totally in Coach D’s corner….and think that his “Talent Cookie Jar”, which he inherited from TOB did not even have a single crumb. That is NOT disparaging to the players that returned. I think that they ALL have worked hard, but we did not have the quality and the quantity that we SHOULD have had.

    Having said that, ODU should NOT have been that formidable…Remember that ODU v UNC last year was the game that UNC had an 80 (?) pt lead going into Qtr 4. THEN, the ODU and UNC coaches cut the Qtr to 10 minutes and the ref’s ASSUMED that they wanted a running clock….and it did not stop. This is what I remember….and have read. ODU finally got 20 on the board….but UNC took a Delay penalty rather than run in a sure score.

    Therefore, we SHOULD have been a bit more “superior”. The black uni’s were cool….but they did not seem to make the ODU cower much during the first quarter.

    Coach D was straight with the fans, again. I like that….and hope that the team is buying into his system and that our talent will keep improving.

    I ALSO liked the fact that entire team streamed along the wall and “high fived” the fans (mostly students) after the game. The LAST person in that line was a short haired guy in a red shirt and black cap. Really cool that he understands our passion.

    Hope that next week is a bit better….GO PACK…


    I wouldnt read too much into the u*nc transitive property thing, given the matchups and a full season difference.



    You are probably correct….but I WONDER if the team “discussed” the ODU v UNC game.

    I also wondered about Coach D’s comments about tackling in the following.

    I think the drill is…

    Gentlemen….back to the basics…

    Lesson 1…This oblong shaped mass with the pigskin covering is a football.

    Lesson 2…This is how you BLOCK an opponent to execute the offense.

    Lesson 3…This is how you TACKLE an opponent (presumably carrying or trying to obtain the said object…see Lesson 1).

    Don’t know…..just curious.


    No doubt the defense needs leaps and bounds of improvement. An educated guess tells me too much thinking might have played a role in the poor tackling.

    The effort is there, if not always the focus. It’s tough to focus when you’re thinking too much. It’s coming, but not before a lot more ugly.


    I WONDER if the team “discussed” the ODU v UNC game.

    I certainly hope not, aside from game film and tendencies.

    Alpha Wolf

    I’d rather win ugly than lose pretty.


    Taggart said yesterday that there is a possibility of Mike White starting against NCSU this week. “If he’s cleared he will start” said Taggart. Taggart named the incumbent QB the starter after a fall camp competition that Taggart had referred to as a dead heat. If White isn’t cleared, junior Penn State transfer Steven Bench will start against the Pack. The QBs are similar, but neither has the ability of Taylor Heinicke. TB Marlon Mack could be more than a handful, however.

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