NFL Wolfpackers: Philip Rivers’ extra incentive vs Wilson and the Seahawks

It was a great day of NFL action for NC State alums and their teams yesterday that included wins to advance records to 2-0 in Buffalo (Mario Williams and Manny Lawson) and Denver (Nate Irving). Last night also saw former Wolfpack defensive end, Willie Young, show some skills on national television.

But, of course, the marquee match-up for NC State fans happened in San Diego where Philip Rivers’ Chargers hosted the defending Super Champion and the Wolfpack triumvirate of Wilson, Sweezy and Haushka. Rivers had a big day against the NFL’s top defense and didn’t back down from throwing three completions at Richard Sherman.

In addition to all of the general game information, I ran across this story and picture that I thought added a unique dimension to the game.

If you’re wondering about the No. 61 on the back of Philip Rivers’s helmet today—and a surprising number of you are—know that the Chargers QB didn’t grab the wrong helmet; it’s a tribute to Rivers’s center for the last decade, who may never play another game.

Center Nick Hardwick suffered a neck “stinger” during last week’s season opener, and the nerve damage is apparently something he’s dealt with before. On Wednesday, Hardwick was placed on season-ending injured reserve. “We’ve been having some other issues along the way, and we decided it was in everyone’s best interest to shut it down for the year,” Hardwick said.

Hardwick is in the final year of his contract, and considered retirement in the offseason due to health issues, so this might be the end of the road for the 33-year-old. He says he’s not ready to make any decision just yet, but he sounds resigned: “Nerve damage isn’t something you want to start messing with.”

It’s a whole new world for Rivers, who entered the league the same time as Hardwick. “With all the time I’ve had with him,” Rivers said, “what makes it so sad for me is that he may not ever put a helmet on again.”

The comments section of that entry had some interesting information on Hardwick.

Hardwick’s story is great. He walked on as a junior at Purdue the year after Brees lead them to the Rose Bowl. He hadn’t played football since 9th grade. He told the defensive line coaches he played linebacker and told the linebacker coaches he played defensive line to cover for the fact he knew little about football. Someone noticed he was a pretty good blocker on the scout team, and they asked him to gain 60 lbs over summer. He says he ate 3 lbs of hamburger every night before bed. He started a full season at guard, then moved to center for the last year he was eligible.

He was the first Purdue player taken in his draft year too. Good luck Nick, you are one of the greats.

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    It was a great day of NFL action for NC State alums and their teams yesterday that included wins to advance records to 2-0 in Buffalo (Mario Williams
    [See the full post at: NFL Wolfpackers: Philip Rivers’ extra incentive vs Wilson and the Seahawks]


    It WAS a great day for WP Football yesterday. If you caught the promo or intro to the SF v. Chic game, they did a “salute” to the USA….and WHO was shown with his head bowed and his hand over his heart PRIOR to the National Anthem? None other that #17 himself. PR is a GREAT representative of what WP and the WPN is all about.

    NOT to be critical….and I am NOT the sharpest knife in the drawer about the subtleties of the game and the “off field” stuff….but when Mark Trestman was featured, I had an “aha” moment….I’d seen him before. Did a Wiki….and YEP, he was the OC for Chuck’s last two seasons…..three years later, he was the CFL CoY.

    I was on the Wiki NCSU FB page. Started reading the history of the coaches…and I go back to watching Earle Edwards “quick kick” on 3rd Down in Riddick and Gabe throwing passes….so I ain’t exactly a newcomer.

    Look at the quality (as in NFL experience AFTER they were here) of the coaches….Holtz, Kiffin, Pete Carroll (he was Kiffin’s DC….never realized that), Trestman….and that is all that I know or read about….there is probably MORE.

    Look at the history of NFL players in the league who were top picks or pro-bowlers or have been in the playoff’s or have a “ring”.

    We have been “RICH” in both Coaches and Talent….but never, seemingly, at the same time. As someone put it….I was Surprised at Saturday’s game….but even MORE Surprised that I keep making my LTR CF payments….but I do.

    I am optimistic about Coach D…but it looks like when we get a GOOD coach, he is then lured away….or we hire a GOOD coach and he does NOT live up to his full potential….

    And we also recruit some GREAT players….just not enough of the supporting players to really make them shine. Most blatant (HURTS!!) example of that is RW. Little did he know that TOB was doing him the BIGGEST Favor of his career when he was “cut” from the squad. Give him an OL and some Back-Up Offense (as in running) and a good D…and he can run the table. Almost did….

    So, hope that we finally have the right combination….and we can KEEP IT…


    I still got splinters in my ass from sitting on those old wooden seats in Riddick. When Earl came to Raleigh, I was in the 11th grade. His son, Bob, was a good friend. So I join you in going back aways.

    I am optimistic about Coach D…but it looks like when we get a GOOD coach, he is then lured away….

    I have often had the same kind of thoughts OR is it, those thoughts had me? There are a few differences now than then. Our chancellor, and it all begins here, knows the value of having a very good football team and is willing to pay to have one. Our AD is committed to excellence in athletics and university excellence in athletics begins with football (OK, and basketball). When the winning starts, and it will, the money will start to flow. The cheaters are starting to lose their best fan base, and I don’t mean Wal-Mart fans. Who wants to be associated with cheating, academic fraud, the cover-ups and the attitude in general that’s oozing out of the sewer I think of as Brokeback Hill?

    And this may be the most important one, we didn’t pick Doeren, he picked us. He vacationed in NC and loved it here. The life style is a fit for him and his family. Think about how quickly Doeren made up his mind about coming here.

    It takes me 10 minutes to wipe the grin off my face when I see him and Randy Woodson playing guitar with Scotty McCreery. Doeren is a good old country boy and real family man.

    On video I see his oldest son leading the “Strength of the Pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the Pack” chant in the locker room after our wins and I’m thrilled. All men of good character, even coaches, consider their families when they think about taking a new job that requires relocating and if nothing else, Doeren is a man of character. Have you seen the 8 team goals for 2014? No.1 & 2 are “character” goals before it gets to football related goals. The last and not least goal is beat UNC.

    When Doeren builds a winning, national caliber program, he’s going to be like Bobby Bowden. He’ll probably raise a couple of successful coaches for sons and then retire here.

    Call me an optimist and I may be talking out of my ass. I don’t think so. Like Jimmy V told Sam Esposito, “Think a good thought.”

    Go Pack!



    Your “instincts” are fundamentally sound as they are based on a ‘lifetime’ of working with and knowing people.

    People don’t change. People today are the same as they have always been. People’s lives, on the other hand, do change, sometimes dramatically, primarily because of the other people they ‘hang around with’ at work, at home, at school, at church, etc.

    Coach Doeren, like every ‘great HOF coach’ we have ever know, we now know, is “genuinely interested” in the lives of those around him.
    That does not appear to be something that he has to work very hard at, but comes easy for him.

    Time is our friend.

    The difference between NCState today and when you were there… or I (ten years later) is the difference between an enrollment of 8,000 (my freshman year) and 30,000 and an alumni base of 100,000 and 1,000,000.

    Regardless of what may or may not happen over on the Hill… When the Pack is once again consistently top 25 in both revenue sports, the money will pile up fast, maybe not so much in big chunks, but lots of little contributions. (Think Obama-style fundraising).

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    What a treat to watch Phillip and Russell compete. I am a big fan of both, but was happy to see Phillip win it. he’s working well with the new coaching staff, and still has some good years. I am very happy for a great guy.
    On the other hand, Russell has the world by the tail and the future is his. He is the QB for the best team in the league, and has a great coaching staff that knows how to use him. He will have a long, successful career.

    What a couple of fantastic representatives of our school!

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