The Carter-Finley game experience

Saturday’s atmosphere in Carter-Finley Stadium was classic NC State at our finest. The colors and the crowd and the weather and the experience all fused together to create the kind of fall days that keep us coming back from more. As a postlude to Saturday we hope that you’ve had the chance to check out these fantastic comments (click here) and Roseboro (click here).” target=”_blank”>linked here.

With all of that said, the timing of the release of the following video is PERFECT! Check out The Carter in all of its grandeur as well the appreciation that members of the football team have for the fans and the facilities:

It’s hard to ignore that Saturday’s amazing atmosphere hasn’t already shown a big impact on NC State recruiting (with more good news to come!) — see Gallaspy (click here) and Roseboro (click here).

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As a parting shot, I thought it would be fun to share this video from 40th anniversary of Carter-Finley Stadium from 2006.

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    Saturday’s atmosphere in Carter-Finley Stadium was classic NC State at our finest. The colors and the crowd and the weather and the experience all fus
    [See the full post at: The Carter-Finley game experience]

    Prowling Woofie

    Asshat David Glenn was running down Doeren and State fans today on his ‘show’. Doeren for complaining about fake injuries (according to Glenn, there was only “one questionable instance” of a fake injury by FSU players…), and State fans for booing the “injured” Criminoles for their obvious delay tactics.

    I was there Saturday, and I was booing, too ! It was plain to see what was going on, and unless I’m mistaken, only one or two of those players did not return to the game shortly after their game-delaying ‘injuries’.

    Great atmosphere, great support of the team and their effort. Wouldn’t change a thing, except the outcome !


    Whoever hired that yahoo should fire him. He is the king idiot of sports radio.

    Smarter than the average bear


    Well, DD has apologized today. But anyone with a brain saw what was going on. As someone else pointed out, I have not seen two players leave the field any slower than those two FSU guys, one especially took about 2 minutes to walk half the width of the field.

    After the second fall down, FSU sacked JB and got the turnover. Even though State got an INT a few plays later and scored 3, I think they would have scored 7 on the original drive if not for the flop. The Pack had driven the ball from their own 6 to FSU’s 13 in 13 plays. They had the Noles on their heels. 49-45 is a different game than 49-41.

    I don’t know what the answer is. I did think of Nick Saban’s comments that he was concerned about player safety re: a faster pace of play that would lead to “injuries”. In other words, if opponents play too fast his guys will have to fall down 🙂


    “Whoever hired that yahoo should fire him. He is the king idiot of sports radio.”

    His job is to get people to listen and being outrageous works (ask Rush).


    Don’t be so rough on DG. Even leaches, pond scum, and cock roaches have a purpose.

    Alpha Wolf

    If you don’t like Dave Glenn, don’t listen to his show…ever. Don’t quote him, link to him, read his website or even admit that he exists. Whatever he says to troll State fans and to succor his fellow UNC fans, ignore it.

    And ignore his sponsors too. I refuse to go to Sullivan’s, for example, simply because he advertises for them. I’ve blocked business meetings from happening there, and smiled when I did it.

    Guys like Glenn get paid to troll you. The more they anger you and the more you react to it, it only builds up them up. Quoting him only gets you and others to listen to him, and to wait through the ten straight minutes of ads that 99.9 rolls. That makes them money, so in effect, you are putting money in their pockets and paying his salary for him.

    I said “no more” a while ago and listen to College Sports Radio on SiriusXM. You’ll hear familiar voices there: Mark Packer in the afternoons, and Taylor Zarzour in the mornings. Yeah, Zarzour worked for UNC, but he’s a pretty reasonable guy. Packer is still Packer, but without the QCB to clown things up. Both get great guests. Neither troll Wolfpack fans. And the station doesn’t have 15 ads back to back. MY blood pressure is lower, I know more about what’s going on in college sports. So it’s a win, win, win all the way.

    And best of all, it’s one more little dagger in the Radio Free Chapel Hill, 99.9 the Fan.


    I wish he had not apologized. What he didn’t say was interesting. I think we can all move on. Maybe there will be a rule change, which what he is working towards getting. Beat Clempson.


    Alpha, I quit listening to him 5 years ago. He is the ultimate UNC homer and I refuse to go there. I’ve never been to Sullivan’s and doubt I ever will.

    Smarter than the average bear


    Guys like Glenn get paid to troll you.

    Gregg Doyel ( is another graduate from the Howard Stern school of journalism. Doyell learned to troll State fans while he was in NC (Charlotte Observer?). I avoid/ignore both of these idiots.


    Gregg Doyel ( is another graduate from the Howard Stern school of journalism. Doyell learned to troll State fans while he was in NC (Charlotte Observer?). I avoid/ignore both of these idiots.

    Are we mad at Gregg Doyel again? I thought we were cool with him since the whole UNC scandal broke.

    I can never keep it straight.


    Pretty cool

    “At last Saturday’s football game versus Florida State, an ultra-high resolution 360-degree fan photo was taken between the first and second quarter. The Interactive Photo – presented by PNC Bank – and powered by Blakeway Worldwide Panoramas and Fancam – allows Wolfpack fans to find and tag themselves, share with friends and win cool prizes! The image is billions of pixels in size making it the largest photograph ever taken at Carter-Finley Stadium!”

    The NC State Wolfpack Gigapixel – presented by PNC Bank – can now be viewed here –>


    The stadium can be electrifying. I can only imagine how loud it was Saturday when Hines went in for that TD only 18 seconds into the game.

    As for Doeren, not every media member piled on him. I happened to catch part of an EspnU college football program yesterday and their round-table basically said “you can’t say it (what Doeren said), but it’s true”. Also, Tudor has a column out saying that DD should speak his mind and contrasted the situation with the ‘K’ comments about coaching against Smith in the early ’80s.

    Not sure if the apology was mandated or not, but it’s probably for the best in so far as putting a possible (media driven) distraction in the past. We’ll hear all about it when we visit Tallahassee next season … until then DD and DY can (hopefully) work behind the scenes lobbying for some injured defensive player sub pattern rules changes.


    OK….I am an OLD flatulence…I graduated in 1968 and saw WP games at Rickety Riddick and Carter-Finley….during my 5 years of matriculation.

    I think that I have attended about 40% of the games played there….each year, my LTR’s up that. Missed a few years when I was poor and out of NC….and a few when I was STILL poor and back in NC.

    I truthfully can not remember a more electric event there…I can remember several really LOUD and SWEET victories….and a few really tough defeats. FSU has at least 2 now….maybe 3. PSU has one that my son (12 YO) and I remember….dratted FG kicker.

    I took my 11 YO GS this time….in his NCSU > FSU T-Shirt that I bought him the LAST time we beat them. He was jumping up and down and excited as I have ever seen him….and that is truly amazing as his dad is a UNC fan.

    The crowd was into the game even through the rougher moments and I never saw anyone seriously try to “outcoach” Coach D. Everyone left with a feeling of “we just barely missed upsetting # 1″….but no angry comments. The FSU crowd, or at least the ones that I saw were pretty subdued….like the guy that gets caught in a major firefight and is in the MIDDLE…they looked more stunned than euphoric.

    As to the fall downs. There were some….I felt sort of bad for our booing…..but we had just cause. Jimbo’s little antics probably got Swoff involved and Coach D did the appropriate thing.

    However, he did NOT (publicly) get called on the carpet for the “inconsistency” of the holding calls. He DOES speak his mind…and with emotion after the game.

    CF really struck me as being “where I wanted to be”….and if my ship comes in, I might just move to higher ground….after I buy a whole bunch of stuff for my DW and Family. SO, I will sit with our 8 block LTR’s and enjoy the company and the games.

    GO PACK….

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