NC State 24 Georgia Southern 23 [Updated 8/31]

The following from the N&O about sums it up:

Just when it looked like N.C. State was headed towards a ninth straight loss, Brissett and the Wolfpack offense found another gear for its first win since last September.

Down 17-3 at the half and 20-10 to start the fourth quarter, the Wolfpack took its only lead of the game on Brissett’s 35-yard touchdown pass to running back Matt Dayes with 1:37 left in the game.

Brissett also hit sophomore receiver Bra’Lon Cherry for a pair of touchdowns in the second half and N.C. State’s defense, despite giving up 246 yards on the ground, came up with a big turnover that aided the fourth-quarter comeback.

It was Brissett who made the difference in the second half after a sluggish start. He was 18-for-23 for 213 yards with three touchdowns in the second half, compared to 10-for- 17 for 78 yards with no touchdowns and one interception.

Brissett wasn’t interested in taking any of the credit for the win, though. He was quick to praise his offensive line, which didn’t give up a sack in the second half, the defense, running back Shad Thornton (10 carries, 73 yards) and receiver Bo Hines (nine catches, 85 yards).


On the first play of the fourth quarter, the Eagles led 20-10 and then held the Wolfpack on fourth-and-1 from the 9-yard line.

Quarterback Kevin Ellison, who ran for 116 yards and threw for 184, led the Eagles down to the Wolfpack 1-yard line on the subsequent drive. On second-and-goal from the 1, Ellison lost his footing and then lost the ball. N.C. State defensive tackle Monty Nelson came out of the pile with the ball.

Brissett led a 12-play, 99-yard drive to cut the Eagles’ lead to 20-17. Brissett completed six passes on the drive, including three to Hines, before finding Cherry wide open in the middle of the field for an 11-yard score.

The Eagles responded with a quick drive into Wolfpack territory but with Ellison shaken up after a 52-yard run, they had to settle for a 31-yard field goal and a 23-17 lead with 3:35 to play.

Brissett went 8-for- 9 on the final drive and hit Dayes down the right sideline for the game-winning score. Last year, with Brissett sitting out after transferring from Florida, that might have ended with a turnover and a loss but not with Brissett.

See the game winning TD below:

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    For all the cracks on Canada, here is what I saw and was very impressed in the 4th Qtr. When we were driving, we were successful die to formation and execution.

    They were playing man, and we would line up 2 or 3 receivers to one side, one on the other. Throw a quick hitch that is virtually unstoppable with an accurate throw. Gain 5-8 yards, then the receivers were switching sides of the field. The GS defense was confused and they were not getting out to cover our receivers due to the flopping sides and confusion.

    We actually had several uncovered opportunities and the quick snaps before the D was ready enabled this to be effective. Then when they crowd the line to stop that hitch, the wheel routes open up and Dayes is able to get behind the D for the winning TD.

    If they play zone, it is totally different, but in the man, flopping the WR’s and snapping quick was the difference.


    Well gurus, what is the verdict? Didn’t see the game until just now after watching the recorded version. Seems like the same old stinky stuff. Defense maintains mid-season form by giving up huge plays throughout the game. And aren’t you tired of seeing running backs flying through the line and down the field untouched? Can’t get off the field either. GSU seemed to have one long drive after another.

    To give the D some credit, holding the Eagles to field goals probably won the game. Also – no turnovers except Jacoby’s INT and penalties were not a factor. Especially liked that there weren’t any of the stupid kind like personal fouls and such.

    Can only get better…

    Phillip Pack Man in Jacksonville, FL

    NCSU class of '76
    Jacksonville, FL


    4got to say, I was okay going for it on 4th down, just think the wrong play was called, might of had better success to the wide side. But again a win, and hopefully an easier game against ODU, so we can continue to improve.


    I will take the win. It was ugly, bit we won.

    This game did nothing to ease my fears that dd and staff are in over their head. Those fears are based on what I saw last year, this year and someone who worked with previous staffs. OTOH, every time he is interviewed, I come away impressed. Jury is still very much out and hopefully, we’ve got a great coach here in Raleigh that we won’t have to fire.

    This season will be very interesting. I think its possible we can have a good one and plenty of good seasons have had shaky starts.


    Safety play wasn’t great, ran the wrong way a few times. LBs were surprisingly decent.

    We got some bell ringers on our special teams!

    Once Jacoby knocked the rust off, our offense was fine.

    GSU had some hard hitters too, but we popped right back up. I’m encouraged by that.


    Chops…You aren’t the first, and won’t be the last, but…

    Someone help me out:
    In what way is Doeren over his head? I’m missing something.

    Ya know it’s football. Things happen on the field of play.Things like a QB missing 3 TD throws airing it out for the first time in 2 years.Connect on one or two…whole different complexion.

    Canada is quirky, but aside from the direct snap, full backfield,single block(not executed BTW)on 4th ‘n 1,he called a pretty decent game.

    Tocho continues to impress,as does H Jones. Hey…color me stupid,but overall, the D has some tightening up to do after game one,but they hit hard,and made many one on one tackles that we’ve seen the big whiff on, more than once in the decade.

    Wright,to his credit,didn’t quit,and played the option run from the rover very well. I still think they need to use the safety size to harass the slot guy,before the breaks.


    Didn’t realize this, but after reading the Fayetteville paper, seems GS has won 6 national championships, and considering we still have lots to improve on, yet won, I say KUDOS to the team, who will continue to get better. Especially being at our best at the end of the regular season, when we head to chapel hell!


    ^ Several posters told the gallery long ago, that GSU was a super opening day get.


    Chops…You aren’t the first, and won’t be the last, but…

    Someone help me out:<br>
    In what way is Doeren over his head? I’m missing something.

    0fer in league play brings out the worst people. I haven’t seen the fringe sour on a coach this fast in a long time.

    Personally, I think we got a good one, and I hope we stick with him through some inevitable growing pains.


    I said before the game that this was a scary opponent. Add to that the new coach is NOT a slouch, and has an impressive record himself. GSU was well prepared. Personally, our ability to come away with a win, especially when the tent could have folded during the long drive following us not coming away with points from the 4 impressed me. Was it ugly? The first half and half of the 3rd quarter was. But when the chips were really down and GSU was showing fatigue they went for the jugular and hit it. There’s lots to be said for how big this win was mentally for this team. And say what you want, there were some freshmen that were downright IMPRESSIVE with caps. Tell me when the last time was that you saw that many first year players make that many plays or that big a difference. We need to get another QB in here next year and have him ready to go when Brisset leaves. The receiver corps are doing just fine. Give the offensive line a few more weeks to gel and we got us a football team, at least on offense. I’m tickled with where we sit.

    Smarter than the average bear


    Cowdog – his only other hc gig was taking over a program that someone else built. Granted, he did well and advanced the program, but this is an entirety different gig.

    I certainly haven’t made up my mind but nothing that I’ve seen in the first 13 games gives me the warm and fuzzies. It doesn’t mean that he won’t be successful – but I can only form an opinion based on what I have seen thus far. I haven’t given up yet and I think we’ll probably need at least next year before we have a better idea of the direction of the program.

    I would also add that when parking goes up and pricee go up one isn’t too happy when they don’t see much evidence that there will be an roi. Do I think he should be fired? Heck no.


    ^We need to get another QB in here next year and have him ready to go when Brisset leaves.

    Sounds like we already have that with Jalan McClendon.


    We need more than one, McClendon may be the successor but I’d like to see him be pushed by someone to make it as first team. Russell had Glendon, Glendon had NO ONE! Yep there were QBs on the roster but no one that could even come close to replacing him. And it wasn’t just the QB position, most of our positions were only one or two deep under TOB, and THAT was the problem. A couple of #1s would go down and poof, there went your season. It happened almost every year with TOB.

    Smarter than the average bear


    Maybe I missed reading something. I had a plant in Statesboro, GA (home of GSU). It has (now) probably 20 – 25K student body. It has 6 or so Division 1AA NCAA Titles. This is the FIRST year that they are in the FBS division….they were in limbo land last year…and they WERE a powerhouse in the FCS. Last year, that finally beat an FBS school…..UF (FL)…first time in 21 GAMES against an FBS school. ESPN called it the LOW POINT in UF FB.

    They LIVE and Breathe FB there….as did Happy Appy. I was told that we were a 23 point favorite by the oddsmakers in Vegas….what do they know…???

    We certainly did NOT play like we were a favorite….or maybe we did….maybe we were resting on our press clippings?

    I have posted that I was there….and it was HOT and we were “not good”…but we improved and finally GOT a break.

    The decision to “go for it..” was bold….and bold only gets good press….when it works. Had we kicked the FG, then we would have had points on the board.

    I sincerely believe that NOT scoring demoralized our already tire defense….but they DID rally and the “Fumble” was a god send….it did NOT from the stands (section 26….looking straight at it) look like a “Fumble” skirmish. It looked like a clean STOP on the 1 YD line….then one of our lads came strutting out with the FB. I have seen THAT happen and the ref’s just laughed….but this time….we had it.

    We won. Doren now is 1-0 instead of 0-1. At least we play at 6:00 (05?) next week….it will be tolerable. ODU will not be an indicator….maybe SF? When we get to FSU and Clemson, we will have a pretty good idea of WHAT we have and HOW we will fare for the season.

    More positives (finally) yesterday than negatives….but not by a large margin. I support what Coach D has done and want him to stay and be successful….but I do NOT look for much more than a SHOT at a Butterball Bowl bid….HOPE I AM WRONG….

    At LEAST we were in shape yesterday….that is MOST heartening….


    🙂 Chops…

    August 12:30’s are just too much for me anymore. The only reason I went was the fact that I knew GSU to be a quality opponent.

    So, this site is called Stats Fan Nation…Right?

    I wanted to make sure that what I actually saw was not a product of heat stroke induced mirage,and got around to checking the game charts…particularly, game thread maligned safeties, to include Rover Wright.

    Bless his heart/knee Byrd had the huge pop to seal the game,1 solo and a lost in space moment in the endzone.

    H Jones had 4 solos and 7 assists.

    Dred Dra Rover Wright got burned once. Got burned twice because he popped his slot guy and didn’t wrap up,to the tune of a 64yrd play. However, he also had 3 solos and seven assists.

    What does it mean? FIIK.


    For young-ins – they did all right. The d put offense in position to win…my over/under I’d usually 24 points… A good will hold opponent under 24…we did that. 2nd half played better on both sides of ball. Looking forward to odu game and less heat!


    Are Hakeem Jones and Hakeem Nicks related? Not as obvious as Gerald Dixon and Gerald Dixon, Jr. who play for the Gamecocks…Big G and Little G and their Dad’s name is also Gerald Dixon…Same Daddy, different Mama…

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    The goal this year is to not dig this program into a deeper hole. Losing to no-name teams is terrible for recruiting. If you schedule cupcakes you better beat them. The jury is still out on DD but he continues to underwhelm.

    Hope springs eternal.


    The big plays just killed us yesterday. The defense looked a lot better 90% of the time. Brissett is a major upgrade at QB and the offense will be a lot better because of him. I like DD so far. I just hope we can win enough games for recruiting to get over the hump.

    Some of the football gurus may know better, but my assumption would be that the 4-2-5 would be better against the pass than against a run happy team like GSU. I did draw some hope from the red zone stops.

    The Weedeater Bowl would be a major accomplishment this year. I thought six wins was a possibility before yesterday, but I’ve lowered my number to five.


    Wright,to his credit,didn’t quit,and played the option run from the rover very well.

    Yep, entire team kept plugging away. I mentioned #8’s (Wright) dubious coverage on a couple plays, but I liked his aggressiveness and hitting. He was a force on run support AND special teams. If he can tighten up his coverage skills, might have something there.


    Heard the radio announcers compare this to the first game Rivers played in, where we had to beat Arkansas State, in OT. Brissette in much the same boat after not playing for 2 years. We will improve on our mistakes, from game film, and become a better team, and learn to play a full game. I still support DD, and feel he has us headed in the right direction. It just doesn’t happen overnight. Even Lou Holtz said you can’t judge a season off the first game.


    ^ If I’m remembering correctly, that was a double OT game.


    2 OTs would be correct, and we had a good season. Go Pack!


    Yes it was ugly…like a prom date with buck teeth, bad breath, and body odor…but it was OUR prom date, and I’ll take it!


    Checked on the record in Rivers first season, after needing the 2 OTs to beat Arkansas State in the first game, and the team was 8-4. One can only hope.

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