BeeJay Anya’s transformation continues

I know that football season is just days away, but don’t blink too long or you will miss the fact that basketball season is also just around the corner.

Since we are cleaning up some stuff from the summer we thought we would give you a quick look at something that is very exciting for the coming year on the hardwood — BeeJay Anya’s physical transformation.

Take a look at the following pictures and video of the big guy who is built with an abnormally long wingspan to aid his ability for blocks and to alter shots. The Wolfpack’s front line is definitely not going to be a weakness this season on Mark Gottfried’s quest for a fourth consecutive NCAA Tournament appearance.

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    I know that football season is just days away, but don’t blink too long or you will miss the fact that basketball season is also just around the corne
    [See the full post at: BeeJay Anya’s transformation continues]


    Please don’t scare me like that. These days when you see any bball player’s name followed by “transf…” my stomach immediately starts turning, my eyes start twitching, and that old familiar feeling of dread starts rushing over me, especially someone of his caliber.

    On topic, though…that is a serious transformation. Like guy holding his old pants 12″ out in front of him in an advertisement serious.


    If we had not seen progress through the year I would have sworn that pic was photo shopped. That weight loss should really make a difference for endurance and general quickness under that basket. Gonna be a great year for the front court.


    I also like the nickname transformation to “AllDay”… all day long baby, all day long.


    Lorenzo Charles part deux?

    Love the little 12 foot fadeaway.


    A slender King Hippo. What is this world coming to?

    I absolutely love the guy, and can’t wait to see him dominate.

    Dr. Wolf

    13ppg/8 rebounds per game this year, 20/10 next year.


    This just proves how deficient the meal plans are for these poor, exploited athletes. No wonder Winston has to steal crab legs. Shameful.



    Agreed on BeeJay. You can tell when he’s having fun out on the court. Gotta love the guy.

    I think I’m going to like Abu’s personality too. He seems like a pretty happy guy just from what I’ve seen from him so far.


    His jersey now fits. Goodgoshalmighty!

    I’d still like to see him exit the locker room in a Ric Flair type robe, shadowboxing his way down the warm-up line. “Whooooooo”. If we only had turnbuckles…


    I also simply like the guy. Flashes of brilliance last season as he worked to be in playing shape. This new version shows much potential.


    I know NCAA rules limit what boosters can do for a student athlete, but as NC State fans, wouldn’t we not be considered UNC boosters? And as not UNC boosters, could we then purchase Kennedy Meeks donuts for life from Krispy Kreme and unlimited passes to Golden Corral?


    Love everything about the video but please don’t put the ball to the floor. Just go straight up with it big guy. Hard habit for some big men to break.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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