“Brissett’s Time Finally”


If there’s one prevailing assumption about NC State’s 2014 football team, it’s that the Wolfpack will be much better on offense with transfer quarterback Jacoby Brissett at the wheel.

“We have a good quarterback, and that’s not to take anything from Brandon Mitchell or Pete Thomas,” senior running back Tony Creecy said Sunday during the ACC Kickoff interviews at Greensboro’s Grandover Resort.
“But Jacoby is really good.”

Creecy put obvious emphasis on the “really good” line. He was smiling when he said it, too.

“This offense is going to be a lot better, a whole lot better,” Creecy said.

Brissett threw for 365 yards in the mid-April game and provided the sort of leadership the offense wants.
“He’s leader and we’ll have a lot of leaders,” Creecy said.

That, too, should be important. Brissett will work behind five veteran offensive linemen. Make that six, depending on the recovery of former tackle standout Rob Crisp, who missed all of last season but once was projected a first-round NFL prospect.

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    WRAL: If there’s one prevailing assumption about NC State’s 2014 football team, it’s that the Wolfpack will be much better on offense with transfer qu
    [See the full post at: “Brissett’s time finally”]


    Hope springs eternal for 16 ACC teams. Only 1, maybe 2, will receive “tier 1” national coverage.



    FSU, one of Clemson/Miami/Louisville, and of course *NX. They are perennial title darkhorses, remember?!


    I hope Brissett is good and we are better as a team. I will reserve judgement for now mainly because of my new philosophy developed over many years of torture.

    I have drank this Kool Aid before many times over the years only to find out it soured WELL before the expiration date.


    There are only 14 ACC football teams, and 15 ACC teams in most of the other sports.


    Unfortunately if he’s “really average” it will still be an improvement from last year.


    If in the Coastal, I’m thinking we land preseason around 3 and maybe with luck, finish in the 2 spot. Not that we are that improved, but the Coastal is an absolute joke.


    I am excited and very cautious at the same time. All the hype, all the good things I have heard from the team about his leadership and poise – very encouraging and very scary.

    Football is one play away from, and I wish no ill will on anyone, but when all rests on one player, if that one player goes down………

    Also, I hope our D is improved, otherwise will still be tough.


    but the Coastal is an absolute joke.

    And we aren’t? Duke and UNC from the Coastal had little trouble with us last year. I agree it is much easier than the Atlantic with FSU, Clemson and now Louisville. But we didn’t exactly do anything last year.


    Mike: I’m probably in the minority, but I didn’t think the defense was as bad as most did.

    Was it great? Nope. You don’t lose 9 games if you have great defense. It was a heck of a lot better than the offense though.

    The author of this particular article kind of ignored the TOP, turnovers and the red zone scoring. Those three things were just crippling to the defense and really had little to do with the defense as a whole.

    Long story short, it won’t take that much improvement out of the offense to make the defense look better. That’s regardless of whether the defense actually does improve, which I think it will due to depth.


    we gave duke a decent game last year iirc, no?


    Yes…yes, it is Jacoby time.

    But… in reality it is every freakin’ kid that ever chose State, time.

    I have absolutely no handle, except the D, injury free, has props.

    And…I like the wideouts.


    I’m not necessarily in agreement that the Coastal is a joke. Sure, the top two (maybe three) teams in the league are in the Atlantic. But so, arguably, are four of the bottom five.

    Injury free (or at least, injury light) perhaps we make some noise this year. But honestly, when has that ever happened? I believe that by mid to late October, the injury issues will have the woulda/shoulda/coulda’s flying around these parts.


    we gave duke a decent game last year iirc, no?

    They beat us by 18. Yea it was a good game until they blew the doors down with two late intetception returns.


    It’s more of a uniform mediocity in the Coastal. As opposed to the haves and have nots of the Atlantic.

    Shit, I’m not even sure Clemson and Louisville possess “haves” credentials this year. But Petrino will have them loaded soon enough. Damned good football coach.


    ^^agree BJD95

    UL will be good very soon with Petrino back. He is a hungry coach right now and he will pick up good talent.


    But how long will Petrino last?


    1.21 Jigawatts

    I want to point out something for everyone and it’s not a knock on Brissett just want to put him in the context of recent history at NC State.

    We all know State has had 3 future starting NFL QB’s on the team since 2000. So what has State done in conference when you compare those 3 QB’s (Rivers, Wilson, Glennon) and everyone else?

    2000: 4-4
    2001: 4-4
    2002: 5-3
    2003: 4-4

    2004: 3-5
    2005: 3-5
    2006: 2-6
    2007: 3-5

    2008: 4-4
    2009: 2-6
    2010: 5-3

    2011: 4-4
    2012: 4-4

    2013: 0-8

    PR/RW/MG: 36-36 (.500)
    Everyone Else: 11-29 (.275)

    So even with future starting NFL QB’s State has been .500 and down right awful without them. Football is a team game and yadda yadda yadda. This shows what the coaches have failed to put on the field and only the saving grace of extremely talented QB’s has prevented State from being a doormat the entire time.

    What does this mean for Brissett? We know there’s very little talent or depth surrounding him for 2014 so please don’t expect this team to do better than 2 ACC wins unless Brissett shows future NFL talent that hasn’t been seen on the field yet. Even Russell Wilson went 2-6 in 2009 with an underperforming team.


    1.21: I agree with you. The challenge to win at NC State is much bigger than many of our fans want to believe, particularly with generating the depth needed across the field. In my lifetime as a NC State fan (can first remember games from about 1981), we’ve had some great players. We’ve rarely had good teams.


    There’s also the 6-5 team that featured 3 future 1st round draft picks (including #1 overall) on defense, plus a 4th defender who made the Pro Bowl.

    Now, where did I leave my razor blades??


    ^ Yes, it seems we have often had the mismatch of being strong on one side of the ball and barely capable on the other.

    Luckily, last year we were able to avoid such frustration.

    Pass those blades this way when you find them.


    ^^ That team was 5-6. It was quite an accomplishment to lose 6 games with all that talent.


    Foose, I coulda sworn that was the group that won the worst bowl game in human history (14-nil over South Florida, with double digit punts for each team).

    I wouldn’t have attended that bowl game if you f-cking paid me.

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