Weekend Baseball: Must Win vs Wake

Wolfpack Baseball (27-20, 9-15 ACC, 5th Atlantic) welcomes the Demon Deacons of Wake Forest to Raleigh this weekend for a must win 3 game series.

Week in Review

To be honest, I toyed with the idea of not writing a preview for this weekend’s series with Wake for mojo reasons.  With no preview of last weekend’s series vs Coastal Carolina the Pack jumped up and swept the Chanticleers, scoring 28 runs in the 3 games (including 11 for Carlos Rodon on Friday…holy sh-tsnacks!!!), and running their winning streak to 5 games.

But then on Wednesday, they spotted Richmond an early 4 run lead en route to a 7-4 loss to the lowly Spiders.  So I figured it was, at best, an unclear mojo situation and decided to put up a preview.  But I waited so long to start it that time constraints became a factor, thus there will be no individual player stats this week.

And of course, if the Pack screws the pooch vs Wake this weekend, I suppose you can blame me for putting up even a minimalistic preview.

Credit Where It’s Due

Trea Turner was named ACC Player of the Week, as well as a National Player of the Week this past week for his blistering performance vs Coastal Carolina.  Turner was 9 for 11 (.818) with 4 walks, including reaching safely for 10 consecutive plate appearances.  He had 1HR, 3RBI, scored 11 runs, was 6/6 on stolen bases including a steal of home, and posted a 1.364 slgpct.

The previous week, Carlos Rodon was named ACC Pitcher of the Week, in spite of taking a 1-0 loss to GT.  Rodon went the distance in that one, scattering 6 hits and striking out 15 (including 10 of the first 11 batters he faced). He walked only 2 and managed not to plunk anyone.

WakeForest1Wake Forest Demon Deacons

26-22 (12-12 ACC, 3rd Atlantic); Last 10:3-7  ;Streak:Lost 5
2013: 28-27 (9-21 ACC)

Statistically speaking, State is the better team as far as offense, pitching and defense.  Moreover, Wake has been slumping lately.  Nonetheless, they currently hold a 3 game lead over the Pack.


Batting avg – .252 (NCSU .264)
Runs/game – 4.54 (NCSU 5.60)
HR – 27 (NCSU 25)
Total Hits – 411 (NCSU 419)
Total Runs –  218 (NCSU 263)
OBP – .350 (NCSU .361)
Slgpct – .346 (NCSU .364)
Walks – 221 (NCSU 201)
Struck Out – 349 (NCSU 346)
Stolen Bases – 34/42 (NCSU 58/72)


ERA – 3.69 (NCSU 3.16)
Runs Allowed/game – 4.51 (NCSU 3.84)
Total Hits Allowed – 428 (NCSU 370)
Total Runs Allowed – 221 (NCSU 180)
HR Allowed – 21 (NCSU 18)
Against avg – .256 (NCSU .238)
Strikeouts – 326 (NCSU 434)
Walks Allowed – 164 (NCSU 188)

Fldpct – .965 (NCSU .969)

Games Schedule – Pitching Probables – TV

  • Friday 5/9, 6:30pm – Carlos Rodon vs Connor Kaden – ESPN3
  • Saturday 5/10, 6:30pm – Logan Jernigan vs Jack Fischer – ESPN3
  • Monday 5/12, 6pm – TBA vs TBA – ESPNU

Elsewhere in the ACC this Weekend

  • GT @ UVa
  • UMd @ Pitt
  • Miami @ Duke
  • FSU @ Carolina
  • Clemson @ ND

BC is OOC this weekend vs Binghamton, and VT is idle.

ACC Standings

Atlantic Division
Conference Overall
rank schools W-L-T PCT W-L-T PCT
1.  Florida State 17-7-0 .708 37-11-0 .771
2.  Clemson 12-11-0 .522 30-19-0 .612
3.  Wake Forest 12-12-0 .500 26-22-0 .542
4.  Maryland 12-14-0 .462 30-19-0 .612
5.  NC State 9-15-0 .375 27-20-0 .574
6.  Boston College 9-18-0 .333 20-29-0 .408
7.  Notre Dame 4-20-0 .167 17-30-0 .362

Coastal Division

Conference Overall
rank schools W-L-T PCT W-L-T PCT
1.  Miami 19-5-0 .792 35-14-0 .714
2.  Virginia 18-6-0 .750 38-9-0 .809
3.  Duke 15-9-0 .625 30-18-0 .625
4.  North Carolina 13-11-0 .542 29-19-0 .604
5.  Georgia Tech 14-13-0 .519 29-20-0 .592
6.  Pitt 11-13-0 .458 22-24-0 .478
7.  Virginia Tech 8-19-0 .296 20-28-1 .418

ACC Tourney Picture

  1. Miami        19-5
  2. FSU            17-7
  3. UVa            18-6
  4. Duke           15-9
  5. Carolina    13-11
  6. Clemson    12-11
  7. GT               14-13
  8. Wake          12-12
  9. Maryland  12-14
  10. Pitt              11-13
  • ——OUT——
    NCSU      9-15
    BC             9-18*
    VT            8-19*
    ND           4-20**

*With 18 and 19 losses respectively, BC and VT are all but eliminated from ACC Tourney contention.
**ND is mathematically eliminated.

ACC schedule remaining.

  • Miami (@Duke, vsCarolina)
  • FSU (@Carolina, vsDuke)
  • UVa (vsGT, @Wake)
  • Duke (vsMiami, @FSU)
  • Carolina (vsFSU, @Miami)
  • Clemson (@ND, vsBC)
  • GT (@UVa)
  • Wake (@NCSU, vsUVa)
  • UMd (@Pitt)
  • Pitt (vsUMd, @ND)
  • NCSU (vsWake, @VT)
  • BC (@Clemson)
  • VT (vsNCSU)
  • ND (vsClemson, @Pitt)

There are myriad scenarios that could play out which could move the Pack into the mix of 10 teams heading to G’boro.  But all involve winning some damn games, and all also will require some degree help from elsewhere.

The Pack’s simplest path (ie, the one in which they control MOST of their own fate and thus rely on the LEAST amount of outside help) is for them to take care of business this weekend vs Wake.

With Wake hosting UVa the final weekend and State headed to slumping VT, a home series win over Wake this weekend is vital to get the Pack within striking distance of the Deacs (as well as UMd and Pitt), while a sweep would have Wake and State tied (with State holding the tiebreaker) heading into that final weekend.

Of course the flip side is that losing this weekend’s series would all but cook our goose (depending on what happens this weekend with Pitt/UMd).

Technically speaking, State could still overtake everyone not named Miami, FSU, UVa or Duke and finish as high as the #5 seed.  Of course that would require a confluence of occurrences which might make the universe implode, not the least of which would be ND and BC BOTH sweeping Clemson.

Sorry, can’t resist….

Go Pack!!!

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    Wolfpack Baseball (27-20, 9-15 ACC, 5th Atlantic) welcomes the Demon Deacons of Wake Forest to Raleigh this weekend for a must win 3 game series. Week
    [See the full post at: Weekend Baseball: Must Win vs Wake]


    Must Wins…. we’re sooooo good at those.


    Our goose has already been cooked.


    He’s in the pot and the fire’s been lit, but not cooked just yet.


    In his final start at Doak Field, Carlos Rodon scatters 4 hits over 7.0 innings, giving up 1 run (0 earned) and striking out 9 as the Pack takes down Wake in game one by a 9-1 final.


    Maybe the next time we have a pitcher as good as Carlos Rodon, the team will be better (sarcasm level: high).
    Would be a shame for him to not even get to pitch in the ACC tournament. Here’s hoping for them to somehow at least make it that far. Wufpacker, kudos for continuing the write-ups in a less-than-stellar season for a sport that does not excite the fanbase nearly as much as the other two major sports. Mojo or otherwise, your dedication is truly unmatched (read: you’re a glutton for punishment and deep inside I feel sorry for you).


    Mojo or otherwise, your dedication is truly unmatched (read: you’re a glutton for punishment and deep inside I feel sorry for you).


    Pack9 tops the Deacs again on Saturday, 10-2.
    They go for the sweep Monday evening at 6pm, ESPNU.

    State is now tied with Pitt for the #10 slot (11-15), one game back of Wake (12-14)


    Statistically speaking, we SHOULD make it to the Tourney. However, we have human ball players, as to the other teams, and not statisticians on the field.

    Maybe we got a little luck or help from Valvano and he and Esposito were buddies….

    Maybe Avent is picking up some tips from Gottfried about playing and winning under pressure…..

    Don’t know, but Wake certainly seem jinxed in both games and their errors tipped the scales.

    BC does not seem like a threat. UNC will have it’s hands full trying to keep its record.

    Pitt should have some more losses….so we, HOPEFULLY, will make it.

    Need to run the table to make sure and not depend on the efforts or perhaps, misfortunes, of others for our fate.

    Great game last night….GO PACK….


    Miami (sweep of Duke) and UVa (sweep of GT) continue to roll.
    FSU takes 2 of 3 in Chapel Hill, ND gets the series win vs Clemson.
    And Pitt drops another to UMd, giving the Pack sole possession of slot #10 by a half game, pending tomorrow evening’s finale vs Wake.

    1. Miami 22-5
    2. FSU 19-8
    3. UVa 21-6
    4. Duke 15-12
    5. Carolina 14-13
    6. Maryland 15-14
    7. Clemson 13-13
    8. GT 14-16
    9. Wake 12-14
    10. NCSU 11-15
    Pitt 11-16
    BC 9-18
    VT 8-19
    ND 6-21






    Wake takes game three in 10 innings Monday evening, 8-5 final.

    ldr of the pk 75

    We laid another turd. Fertilizing the field but no game.


    Saw he of the 500+ HR, 3000 hits club at the game last night. Has he been attending many?


    I look at it this way…
    If Avent was given a second chance from past egregious actions, so then, should Palmeiro.

    I mean, Rafey even passed a lie detector test… And from personal experience, is a finer human being than his former Mississippi State teammie, Will Clark.

    They both played under the legendary Ron Polk at MSU, Palmeiro knows the college game…

    So, what’s Yow waiting for? Shoulda pulled his ass right out of the stands, and parked him in the dugout most quickly…for good.


    That’s all I got to say about that!




    CD, I admired the way he was handling himself last night. It’s clear he’s there as a fan and father first, not trying to be in the spotlight, the way it should be. Soft spoken and mild mannered during our brief conversation. Palmeiro was a great hitter, the one one guy caught up in the mess that leaves me scratching my head. Unlike most of the others, I genuinely liked him as a player, and after last night, as a person.


    Here is a pithy article outlining the possible scenarios for the Pack:




    I do NOT dispute your athletic coaching/player credentials…..mine are inconsequential when compared to your real life experiences… However, couple of comments or questions or insights?

    I understand the PINCH Hitter Rule…..I did NOT know there was a PINCH Coach Rule? I guess that is what you are referring to…

    In addition, I have read a lot about Rafael. He seems like a good person despite POSSIBLY making the wrong choice(s)…obviously Jameius Winston is an example of the opposite kind….

    IF Rafael is as intelligent in the sport and as well equipped to coach for the WP, then WHY did he let or permit or perhaps be involved with his son’s decision to come to Raleigh and play for such a buffoon (Fill in the blank) as EA? Now MAYBE, EA’s recent personal issues and his supposed new living environment has “clouded” his mental prowess and he is not as focused as last year. I will add that even my wife screamed from across the room….WHAT IS THAT IDIOT DOING?…when he loaded the bases….the first time….and her words cannot be printed here after the second time.

    SO, If EA is inept…then WHY did Rafael allow his son to play for him?

    I am NOT an EA Rah-Rah person or even a member of his fan club and I do NOT have him in my email contacts….My wife was STILL hostile on Tuesday morning and I offered her DY’s email address so she could ask DY WHY EA was “stupid”? She declined…and I certainly am not going to ask DY for an explanation of a coach’s ineptness…as I KNOW what her curt answer will be….

    Just some thoughts…..and YES, I was disappointed on Monday night and do NOT have a good vibe about our miraculous entry into the ACC Tourney….even the “pool” spots…but hey, that is why the will play the remaining games…

    Exactly, other than the pitching call the other night, WHY should we fire EA and hire Rafael?



    ^I don’t think CD was quite suggesting that, but having RP host a few BP’s and give a few pointers to some of our hitters would be nice.

    A few consistent problems with Avent imo.

    1. He doesn’t have a consistent baseball philosophy. Is he a mash guy or is he a small ball guy? He’s Herbesque in this way.
    2. #1 might not matter that much if you can adapt/coach/call a game to your players strengths and weaknesses. But he doesn’t do this either. Hitting Turner at #3 early in the year was classic Avent. (I understand why he was doing it. I also knew it was a bonehead decision with the returning lineup). As CD has said many a time, get out of the way.
    3. Attention to details distinguishes great teams and rarely have I watched his teams do little things well. You can have all the talent in the world but if you make mistakes, you won’t beat quality teams with comparable talent and better managers. Always plenty of base running mistakes, wtf pitching changes or not, questionable times to sacrifice, etc. Even last year’s great season, you saw some of the same things. We were just that much better in the bullpen most nights than the other guy


    Roo…! Did you miss my smiley face?

    Whiteshoes covered it just about right.

    As to why Jr. is here with Avent? Never looked at his alternatives.

    But…if I’m thinking that I’ve got a shot to play behind Rodon, et al…why not.

    I don’t know how good the kid is in the first place.
    That matters not.

    I personally do not care for Avent’s skippering. That’s it…the crux.

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