#Pack9 goes for 5th consecutive win today

Elliot Avent won his 900th career game on Saturday as NC State downed Coastal Carolina by a 9-2 count to win the Wolfpack’s 4th game in a row. State hosts Coastal today at 1pm in an attempt to extend the streak to five games.

Wolfpack junior shortstop, Trea Turner, has gotten hot as illustrated by going 4-for-4 yesterday including four stolen bases. See video below to view his swiping of home. The Pack has scored 20 runs in the last two days.

Coastal is typically a highly ranked opponent in baseball…but not this year. The Chanticleers’ RPI is #194 as of today, so these wins won’t have the kind of boost the Wolfpack’s resume needs. State is 26-19 with eight games remaining after today, including six winnable conference games against Wake Forest (#85 in RPI) and Virginia Tech (#143). The Pack is currently #60 in the RPI with an 11-16 record against teams in the Top 100.

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    Elliot Avent won his 900th career game on Saturday as NC State downed Coastal Carolina by a 9-2 count to win the Wolfpack’s 4th game in a row. State h
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    Bottom of 7, tied 3-3, runners on 1st and 2nd, with two down, and Austin at the plate. With the 3rd baseman at normal depth, he attempts to bunt for a hit. Why? Not saying this is Avent–probably not–but that’s just stupid, stupid, baseball. Why does a JR hitting 4 bunt in that situation? Every game, I see about 2-3 of these plays, either from the coaches or players.



    ^Yep. A 2 out bunt in that situation is on Austin. Bad thinkin’.

    Now if they had a guy on third, it’s one of my favorite plays…but they didn’t.



    All I ever needed to know about Avent’s coaching came a few season ago in Gainesville, when he held a rested Carlos Rodon out of Game One of the Super Regional.

    He may win 900 more, but it’s doubtful in my mind that his teams will ever sustain any level of greatness.



    Good and much needed sweep this weekend. Probably need to win 5 of 6 ACC games to have a solid chance to make it to Greensboro. 2 games out of the tournament with 2 series left. The two teams in front of us are Maryland (who swept State) and Pitt (who didn’t play State).

    Maryland plays at Pitt this weekend (Maryland’s last series of the year)
    Pitt goes to Notre Dame (cellar dweller) next weekend)

    It is possible, but it is not certain.

    What would be interesting would be if State sweeps both Wake and VT but fails to make it into the ACC Tournament. Would the NCAA pick State as an at-large seeing as they could be on hypothetically a 13 game win streak, finished .500 in the conference, and have star power. The committee would know the team could make some noise in the tournament if they get in. It would be an interesting decision.



    ^ It’s possible, but there’s not much room for error. Including the 2 OOC games left.

    State is currently #59 in RPI, up from #68.
    Wake is #87, VT is north of triple digits at #126.
    Radford #92, Richmond #182.



    I can’t see (I haven’t done the nerd models, I just don’t care that much) that a team finishing .500 could possibly miss the top 10 (if we sweep). I just don’t think it would be mathematically possible in a 14 team league.



    Good point ncsslim. If you look in the Atlantic Division (and divisions don’t matter for the ACC Tournament), the three teams in front of them all have 12 wins. If State plays well and sweeps Wake, State and Wake will both have a 12-15 record in the ACC. And Clemson only has 12 wins too…but with only 11 losses, they are a good chance to make it to Greensboro. If State and Clemson finish with the same number of victories, my assumption/guess is that Clemson would finish above State since they have fewer losses (even though State won the series with the Tigers)…but I could be wrong.

    As far as the sweep of Coastal Carolina, Rodon pitched great and finally got a lot of run support. Turner was a beast this weekend, hitting something like .818. He was on base for 14 straight appearances. Never heard of that before. Kizner hit the ball well. Ratledge and Austin continued their hot bats. Armstrong and Shepard are coming around as well.

    The pitching staff is getting better and the bullpen is not last year’s, but a committee effort. Even little used members earlier in the year are seeing crunch time now, like Beckman and Wilder.

    IMO, the key for the stretch is three-fold:
    1. Turner stays hot. If he is getting on base, State is a pretty tough out. He is the catalyst.
    2. Other starters get to the 5/6/7 inning. If that happens, whether that is Peterson/Peterson/Jernigan/Stone, whoever, would be great.
    3. The defense tightens up and lowers the miscues in the field. Can’t give up extra outs to teams.



    If State and Clemson finish with the same number of victories, my assumption/guess is that Clemson would finish above State since they have fewer losses (even though State won the series with the Tigers)…but I could be wrong.

    You are not wrong. Clemson and UMd are both short a game due to a rain out in their series, thus barring an NCSU rain out against either Wake or VT, we cannot finish tied with either Clemson or UMd. In the case of Clemson that’s probably a moot point anyway since they close out @ND and vsBC.

    But the series win over the Tiggs could still be pertinent, and them finishing against a weak schedule and padding some wins could be a good thing for us. If we do happen to finish tied with Pitt, we’ll need Clemson to finish ahead of both Duke and GT for us to win that tie breaker with Pitt.



    If it means the difference in the ten hole, that rain game will be played.

    I can see no reason not to, unless there’s some wild-ass ACC rule in place.



    ^ That actually hadn’t even occurred to me.
    And honestly, thinking thru all the scenarios is making my head hurt. Hopefully we can take care of business and avoid any scenario where UMd potentially might have one last chance to screw us over before they depart the league.




    Simple – just win baby! If we go 6-0 we are pretty much assured of squeaking in. If we go 5-1, we probably need a little help. 4-2 and we need more than a little help. Just win and let the events sort themselves out.



    *Polite Golf Clap* Bravo Elliot that’s an eye popping number. I wonder what else is eye popping about your career…

    Out of his 901 wins, a whopping 27% are against ACC teams.

    His ACC record is 244-234, or 51% winning percentage.

    His conference record when coaching New Mexico State, 36-72, or 33.3%.

    His overall win/loss record: 901-630. That’s good for 58.9%.

    Hmmmm so how do you have a 49% win ratio in conference yet you have an overall win ratio of 59%???

    Non-conference record: 621-324, or 65.7%.

    Cupcake city baby. But yeah back to 900 wins. That’s a lot ain’t it Faison? 621 of 900 were out of conference. 7 of 10 games this man ever won, were against the likes of the Central and Campbells of the world. I wonder if he sleeps well? Or does he keep wondering how he hasn’t been discovered as a fraud?

    The biggest question, other than how this man was ever hired, is how in the world is he still employed at a school that could contend for ACC titles with a good coach???



    Faison knows baseball…Tell us somethin’ we don’t know.

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