2014 ACC Baseball Tournament

The ACC Baseball Tournament gets underway on Tuesday at Greensboro’s NewBridge Bank Park, and Wolfpack Baseball (32-22, 13-17 ACC) will be there. Having managed to do just enough down the stretch to get past the slumping Pitt Panthers, the Pack was able to claim the 10th and final seed.


Tournament Format

The 2014 tournament will once again feature round robin pool play, but with the expansion of the conference to 14 teams in baseball (get a clue ‘Cuse), 10 teams qualify for the tournament this year instead of just the top 8 as in past years.

A fortunate turn of events for the Pack (and GT too).

The top 6 seeds have already advanced to pool play, which begins on Wednesday May 21st. Seeds 7 thru 10 will have to earn their way into pool play in two elimination/play in games on Tuesday, May 20th.

Final ACC Standings

Atlantic Division
Conference Overall
rank schools W-L-T PCT W-L-T PCT
1.  Florida State 21-9-0 .700 41-14-0 .745
2.  Maryland 15-14-0 .517 34-19-0 .642
3.  Clemson 15-14-0 .517 34-22-0 .607
4.  Wake Forest 15-15-0 .500 30-25-0 .545
5.  NC State 13-17-0 .433 32-22-0 .593
6.  Boston College 10-20-0 .333 22-33-0 .400
7.  Notre Dame 9-21-0 .300 22-31-0 .415


Coastal Division
Conference Overall
rank schools W-L-T PCT W-L-T PCT
1.  Miami 24-6-0 .800 40-15-0 .727
2.  Virginia 22-8-0 .733 43-11-0 .796
3.  Duke 16-14-0 .533 32-23-0 .582
4.  North Carolina 15-15-0 .500 32-23-0 .582
5.  Georgia Tech 14-16-0 .467 32-24-0 .571
6.  Pitt 11-19-0 .367 22-30-0 .423
7.  Virginia Tech 9-21-0 .300 21-31-1 .406


ACC Tournament Seeding

  1. Miami 24-6
  2. FSU 21-9
  3. UVa 22-8
  4. Duke 16-14
  5. Clemson 15-14
  6. Maryland 15-14
  7. Carolina 15-15
  8. Wake 15-15
  9. GT 14-16
  10. NCSU 13-17

Pool A – (1)Miami, (4)Duke, (5)Clemson, (8)Wake/(9)GT
Pool B – (2)FSU, (3)UVa, (6)Maryland, (7)Carolina/(10)NCSU

Pool A

Miami-Hurricanes-8(1)Miami Hurricanes

40-15 (24-6 ACC, 1st Coastal), RPI #11

Miami is back in familiar territory so far in 2014…the top of the heap. Head Coach Jim Morris has never missed the NCAA Tournament in his 21 year tenure. He’s taken his teams to Omaha 11 times, winning 2 CWS Championships. Miami will reach the NCAA tournament this year for a record 42nd straight year.

NCAA Tournament Status: IN, Regional Host.

An ACC Championship game appearance could push Miami into National Seed territory.

blue-devils(4)Duke Blue Devils

32-23 (16-14 ACC, 3rd Coastal), RPI #78

Duke is one of the surprise teams in the ACC this year. Their 16 conference wins in 2014 matches their highest ever, and this is their first ACC Tournament since 2009. The Devils haven’t made the NCAA Tourney field since 1961

NCAA Tournament Status: Bubble, Probably IN.

As one of the feel good stories in NCAA Baseball this year, and with a winning ACC record, if the Devils don’t completely screw the pooch in G’boro look for them to get the bid regardless of their high RPI number.

ClemCapLogo(5)Clemson Tigers

34-22 (15-14 ACC, t2nd Atlantic), RPI #51

Clemson has missed the NCAA Tournament only once in the past 26 years. Head Coach Jack Leggett has taken his team to Omaha 6 times in his 21 year tenure.

NCAA Tournament Status: Bubble, Probably IN.

WakeForest1(8)Wake Forest Demon Deacons

30-25 (15-15 ACC, 4th Atlantic), RPI #69

Wake hasn’t reached Omaha since they won it all in 1955, and the Deacs haven’t made the NCAA Tourney since 2009. If they don’t get past GT on Tuesday, both of those streaks will continue.

NCAA Tournament Status: Bubble, Probably OUT.

GTLogo(9)Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

32-24 (14-16 ACC, 5th Coastal), RPI #39

The Jackets have missed only 2 NCAA Tournaments in the past 29 years, reaching Omaha 3 times during that span.

NCAA Tournament Status: Bubble, Probably IN.

Pool B


fsu(2)Florida State Seminoles

41-14 (21-9 ACC, 1st Atlantic), RPI #3

2014 has been business as usual for FSU and will mark their 37th consecutive NCAA Tournament appearance.  The ‘Noles have never missed the NCAA tournament under head coach Mike Martin (35yrs). What’s missing from his resume? A CWS ring. Martin has guided the ‘Noles to Omaha 15 times during his tenure, but has never won it all.

NCAA Tournament Status: IN, National Seed

8153_virginia_cavaliers-alternate-1994(3)Virginia Cavaliers

43-11 (22-8 ACC, 2nd Coastal), RPI #1

In his 10 year tenure, head coach Brian O’Connor has never failed to guide his team to the NCAA Tourney, reaching Omaha twice.

NCAA Tournament Status: IN, National Seed

MFlag(6)Maryland Terrapins

34-19 (15-14 ACC, t2nd Atlantic), RPI #28

The Terps haven’t made the NCAA Tournament since 1971. That will change this year in their final ACC season, under 2nd year head coach John Szefc.

NCAA Tournament status: IN, Likely #2 seed.

UNCLogo(7)North Carolina Tar Heels

32-23 (15-15 ACC, 4th Coastal), RPI #43

The Heels have reached Omaha in 6 of the past 8 years, but are in mild danger of missing the NCAA Tourney cut for only the 2nd time since Mike Fox took over. But even a Tuesday loss to the Pack probably wouldn’t knock them out.

NCAA Tournament Status: Bubble, Probably IN.

BlockSDecal(10)NC State Wolfpack

32-22 (13-17 ACC, 5th Atlantic), RPI #53

No one who has followed NCSU Baseball this year is unaware of the Pack’s struggles. In the pre-season, players, fans and most of the media touted the ’14 Pack9 as a “can’t miss” for a 2nd straight trip to Omaha.

Then a funny thing happened…they had to play the games.

The Pack has been playing their best ball of the season down the stretch, but if not for some beaucoup help from Notre Dame on the final weekend, the Pack is watching the ACC Tourney on TV from Raleigh this year.

And as of now, their NCAA Tourney chances are still very much in doubt.

NCAA Tournament Status: Bubble, Probably OUT.

Currently, the Pack is on the bubble big time with respect to an NCAA Tourney bid, but if they can get past Carolina on Tuesday they’ll have their chance to up their resume by facing FSU (RPI #3), UVa (RPI #1) and UMd (RPI #28).

Games Schedule

Tuesday, May 20th

  • 11am – Game #1 – (7)Carolina vs (10)NCSU
  • 3pm – Game #2 – (8)Wake vs (9)GT

Wednesday, May 21st

  • 11am – Game #3 – (4)Duke vs (5)Clemson
  • 3pm – Game #4 – (1)Miami vs (8)Wake/(9)GT Winner
  • 7pm – Game #5 – (2)FSU vs (7)Carolina/(10)NCSU Winner

Thursday, May 22nd

  • 11am – Game #6 – (3)UVa vs (6)UMd
  • 3pm – Game #7 – (4)Duke vs (8)Wake/(9)GT Winner
  • 7pm – Game #8 – (1)Miami vs (5)Clemson

Friday, May 23rd

  • 11am – Game #9 – (2)FSU vs (6)UMd
  • 3pm – Game #10 – (5)Clemson vs (8)Wake/(9)GT Winner
  • 7pm – Game #11 – (3)UVa vs (7)Carolina/(10)NCSU Winner

Saturday, May 24th

  • 11am – Game #12 – (1)Miami vs (4)Duke
  • 3pm – Game #13 – (6) UMd vs (7)Carolina/(10)NCSU Winner
  • 7pm – Game #14 – (2)FSU vs (3)UVa

Sunday, May 25th

  • 1pm – Championship – Pool A Winner vs Pool B Winner

TV Coverage

  • Both play-in games and all pool play games will be covered by Regional Sports Networks, though coverage may vary depending upon where one lives (FoxSportsCarolinas will be carrying all games). Click here for game by game RSN coverage.
  • All games will stream on ESPN3
  • Sunday’s championship game coverage on ESPN2
  • NewBridge Bank Park Info and Tickets

And last but by no means least

A recent request from Pack78, for mojo purposes…


Yep…gigantic cat eats the players wearing red.  Seems about right.

Go Pack!!!

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    The ACC Baseball Tournament gets underway on Tuesday at Greensboro’s NewBridge Bank Park, and Wolfpack Baseball (32-22, 13-17 ACC) will be there. Havi
    [See the full post at: 2014 ACC Baseball Tournament]


    ^CAT PIC! The Cheats are toast!


    If only the baseball team would have changed their hat design, perhaps there would have been more interest in the game tomorrow. Looking forward to Carlos getting a chance to pitch the Pack into Pool Play against the Holes.



    Working from home so I can see the season end all live and shit.


    ^Never change BJD, never change. lol.


    Throwing it out there, no pun intended – but does Carlos pitch today on 3 days rest?

    Avent has already said no. But he also said that last year in CWS and Carlos basically told him he was pitching.

    IF you rest Carlos today, there may be no tomorrow. IF you rest Carlos today and we do advance, when does he pitch again? If he pitches Weds (against FSU), would be 3 days rest for Sunday championship. If he goes Thursday, no chance for Sunday.

    Or, would you pitch him today, knowing he could come back Sunday for the championship on normal rest?

    Tough decision but I think today is do or die, and the ace needs to be on the hill. No chance planning for tomorrow if there is no tomorrow. Interested in thoughts and opinions.


    I would pitch Carlos as a reliever in the 8th or 9th to close out the game if its close. Keep his pitch count very low in order to bring him back on Thursday or Friday to start.

    Saying that, I’m no baseball expert by far. Very casual fan here.


    I would NOT start Rodon today. Without him against FSU, we have very little chance. Without beating FSU, we have also no shot to make the final.

    I WOULD then start Rodon on short rest in the final, if we get there. Assuming he feels up to it. Winning a final would be too big an opportunity to pass up. But winning today means nothing if we don’t advance out of our pool.


    That is the tough Q BJD – really need to win against FSU on Weds to have any chance. But if you dont make Weds……….


    I think the mental math gives us better odds of winning the tourney if we save Rodon for tomorrow. Of course, you’re probably talking about a fraction of 1% in either instance.


    Haha, BJD, what is wrong with you? Do I sense some optimism? You are giving us a fraction of 1% but that is still more than normal 🙂

    Agreed our chances are slim either way so I am almost preferring to stomp some Heel tail today. I would rather win today and go 0-3 than lose today to those cheaters.


    Names of actual Hole starters:

    Landon, Skye, Tyler, Parks, and Wood.

    You couldn’t script it any douchier.


    Mike – ha! I suppose I am saving the bulk of my pessimistic energy for my personal life. Sometimes it’s hard to balance one’s allocation.


    Nice start.

    Early and often, please.


    Dunno if that’s reviewable, but they are supposed to be utilizing replay at the tourney.


    Swoffy Cabal alert – no TV replay shown until the league office could confirm that he did stay on the base.


    Creepy stache, Carlos. Registered sex offender creepy.




    Hopefully Eric Peterson can keep doing that for a few more innings.


    I liked the 1st inning better.


    The hot chick in the TJ Graham lasik surgery commercial is my eye doctor!


    Well shit.


    No HD?


    My feed (TWC 318) is HD.

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