Breaking: Athlete advocate group files civil complaint against UNC

Let the depositions and risk of perjury begin!


The Student Athletes Human Rights Project filed a complaint Friday with the federal Office for Civil Rights alleging the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill discriminated against male athletes, especially black, male athletes, in assigning more of them to so-called ‘paper classes.’ In directing athletes to those classes, the complaint says, the university deprived them of the same quality education available to other student-athletes.

“The data suggests black student-athletes are disproportionately enrolled in paper courses when compared to white student-athletes,” the group wrote in its complaint to the United States Department of Education.

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UNC Scandal

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    Let the depositions and risk of perjury begin! Link The Student Athletes Human Rights Project filed a complaint Friday with the federal Office for Civ
    [See the full post at: Breaking: Athlete advocate group files civil complaint against UNC]



    This “death by a thousand cuts” is entertaining, but I wish something concrete would happen. And there’s Willingham in the Twitter feed saying “’05 UNC basketball champs starting 5 +1 took a combined 69 paper classes. truth=transcripts=transparency.” Surely Emmert is following her.



    So is this what brings Sharpton and Jackson to the party? Many of us have been wondering what has taken so long for the figureheads of the minority action organizations to speak up. This could easily be the catalyst for substantially more attention being pointed UNC’s way.

    There’s just no way around it. If you have ever been to a game at the Dean Dome and shifted your attention from the floor to the bench and to the crowd the irony of it all is unmistakeable. The entire scene is disgusting with the jerseys hanging from the rafters of players who have been the unwitting victims of this entire scam. There is a video entitled “I am Tar Heel.” where the parade former player after player who without question were placed in fake classes and given fake grades. The most despicable thing about this video is that it still plays in on the big screen today. They still brag and promote players who likely played every game of their career ineligible when their transcripts are viewed in the light of day.

    But their UNC… it’s the Carolina Way… it’s the open-minded liberal university that teaches tolerance and diversity. It’s absurd to think that while these racists continue to enslave young men to their servitude they hold themselves up as something virtuous.

    This lawsuit is long overdue. Litigation brings with it a process. That process pulls back the curtain. That process shines a light on the darkest corners of corruption.

    We can only hope this entity stays the course and fights the fight as it deserves.



    The biggest kicker so far with this story is that WRAL is using Marcus Paige as their cover boy for the story. That entire BOT shenanigan is Exhibit A in the long line of evidence showing why UNC and the UNC BOT just doesn’t get it.

    Isn’t this like the racist joke teller at a party later saying, “What? I have black friends.” Paige is just the latest to get used by UNC. Sad.



    Wonderful! More discovery! Subpoena power! Fed eyes and ears! The Greatest Show on Earth (relatively speaking!)



    … and it appears the Show was financed, in part, by… Nike ???

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!


    ^ If anyone with any kind of subpoena power did some digging into “C for K”, they would find some very high profile people with some very dirty laundry.



    ^ you mean like… Jim Woodall… the Orange County District Attorney ??

    … it will all come out at the Professor’s Trial… if and when… they have one…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!


    ^key points from the article

    “Julius Nyang’oro was formerly on the Board of Trustees for an African (and heavily UNC-based) charity called “Carolina for Kibera.” A couple of years ago, NIKE made a generous $500,000 donation to Carolina for Kibera.” I followed the link to the charity, the last annual budget listed was for 2007, which was $250,000. So Nike’s donation doubled that. Also note that the Maximum Annual Budget is listed as $275k. I wonder where the extra money went.

    Gov Martin serves on the board for The Institute of Defense and Business, along with Rye Barcot, co-founder of Carolina for Kibera. Conflict of interest anyone?



    This makes me tingle



    Sounds like a job for law office of Dewey Cheatum Anhow!


    john of sparta

    UNX is playing 4 corners.
    corner #1: the NCAA is dead. funeral to be announced.
    2. criminal charges expire with statues of limitations.
    3. the ACC is dead, as well as all other conferences.
    4. ace in the hole: Title IX.



    Keep waiting and waiting for the real punishment to come to the hole. Will wait some more!



    alan justus ? @ AlanJustus9h

    @ AndrewJPerrin How can you say you’ve implemented reforms when no grownup in Chapel Hill will even admit to the cheating? Disengenuous!

    Andrew Perrin ? @ AndrewJPerrin 8h

    @ AlanJustus Easy – I can say it because it’s true. Paper classes well documented, reforms clear.

    Dave ? @ Dpanther12 6h

    @ AndrewJPerrin @ AlanJustus we all agree decades of academic fraud occurred. Is it your position that it wasn’t to benefit athletes???

    Andrew Perrin ? @ AndrewJPerrin 6h

    @ Dpanther12 @ AlanJustus Fact of fraud, need for reforms DEFINITELY. http://******/PU9dJf Doesn’t excuse immoral behavior by @ paperclassinc

    Karamel Korn ? @ BurntKaramel 27m

    @ AndrewJPerrin @ Dpanther12 @ AlanJustus @paperclassicinc Is there excuse for UNCs immoral behavior w/ academic fraud past 20 yrs? # BiggerSin

    Andrew Perrin ? @ AndrewJPerrin 10m

    @ BurntKaramel @ Dpanther12 @ AlanJustus No.



    I thought it might be the athletes themselves but I wondered when the lawsuits would begin. They will probably never get punished because they will settle to avoid the embarrassment but this is going to cost UNC untold millions. And my guess is more lawyers will come out of the woodwork to get a piece of this. It should be easy money as UNC is not going to let any of this go to trial.



    Can I sue for bystander trauma?? What do I know, I’m just a Caveman lawyer. Miss Mr. Hartman.



    As far as I’m concerned they got away with “bloody murder”.

    All this stuff that’s happening now is a janitorial crew just mopping up the blood from the crime scene and pointing out, “OMG! I think I see something the police left missed!”.

    Would make a nice T.V. movie, but that’s about it.

    The kind of pressure that needs to be brought to bear to get well entrenched organizations to reform has not happened. Lord knows how many lawsuits Wall Street firms, for example, get dragged into by the SEC and they still keep on keeping on (making money) doing whatever they feel like they can get away with.

    The stonewalling cooperation of UNC with the NCAA into their football program got them the only punishment they will receive. They kept any and all investigations away from the MBB program.

    As far as the greater public is concerned (a) the NCAA is a joke and (b) who cares, all college programs are corrupt to some degree or the other, so let’s just enjoy us some good Duke-Carolina basketball on ESPN.

    Also, I have a feeling Nyang’oro will avoid going to trial and settle for some lesser crime, so we won’t get to hear him spill the beans on the stand.



    There’s no telling where this will go but the hits just keep on coming. It’s year 5 of the ongoing scandal. I wonder how long it will continue. I really thought it would have sputtered long before now. But it keeps going like the Energizer Bunny.

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