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In case you missed it this week:

Cincinnati’s Mick Cronin — who, himself, is nothing if not pompous — was visibly upset over an out of bounds call the other night, but TV Teddy clearly escalated Cronin’s outrage by lunging into his face. You be the judge.

The Cincinnati Enquirer:

“I don’t appreciate people getting in my face,” Cronin said of Valentine. “Where I come from, you don’t jump in somebody’s face. He apologized. He thought I was coming at him. I wasn’t. I’ve got nothing but respect for Ted. He’s a great official. I’m glad that he’s in our league because he wasn’t in in the Big East. So we have no excuse. But I don’t see people doing that to Rick Pitino.

Zac Jackson (Fox Sports Ohio):

I’ve seen enough of Ted Valentine.

To clarify, I’ve seen way too much of Ted Valentine.

And that’s a problem.

Valentine doesn’t walk into an arena. He struts. What happens from tip to the final whistle is often done on his own terms, too.

The “look at me” stuff is simply a bad look. Even when it’s not totally over the top it, by now, is simply overdone.

Apparently, Valentine is a top official. He clearly thinks he is, but he’s not the only one. He has been getting big games on big stages for years. He has been doing big NCAA tournament and Final Four games longer than this year’s college basketball players have been alive. He has been doing the big TV games in some of the nation’s best conferences because he’s earned his way.

My issue is that the name “TV Teddy” doesn’t come from his initials. He loves being part of the show, often too big a part.

Enough’s enough. This isn’t about one incident, his long history of highly-viewed arguments — many coaches are hotheads and not exactly camera shy in their own right — or even the way he jumped at Cronin. It’s about too much strutting, too much posturing, too much of making himself a part of the broadcast or the storyline.

It might make for good TV, but it’s way past time for TV Teddy to tone it way, way down.

And then there’s St. Joe’s head coach Phil Martelli, who called out Jamie Luckie by name after the loss to George Washington this week (NBCSports.com):

Phil Martelli, the St. Joseph’s head coach, was not thrilled with the officiating. He was so upset he even called out one referee by name in the postgame press conference.

“We are the third-fewest fouling team in America and they shot 24 fouls shots in the second half,” Martelli said. “He will want his name in the paper. His name is Jamie Luckie: He was the referee.

“Shame on us, we fouled. We gave up 24 foul shots in the second half and I am not sure why we would change in our 29th game, but we did.”

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    In case you missed it this week: Cincinnati’s Mick Cronin — who, himself, is nothing if not pompous — was visibly upset over an out of bounds call t
    [See the full post at: Speaking of #ACCrefs]


    Come on guys….

    why are ya’ll trashing and bashing Mr.Dog’s two most favorite SHOWGIRLS ???

    Besides…. it’s FRIDAY and Businessweek has done what few others could do….
    A picture(or magazine cover in this case) is worth a MILLION WORDS !!

    ROFLMAO — all the way….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    What an ass (TV Teddy I mean). How I wish Cronin would’ve just decked him. TV was BEGGING for it

    Keep it up you ass-clown refs, keep it up

    I for one cannot wait for the day when basketball is reffed by robots


    I for one cannot wait for the day when basketball is reffed by robots

    It’ll be sensors with 3D accelerometers and force measurement.

    I can’t imagine the outrage.


    Actually, I bet it would be possible to put reflective patches for different wavelengths of infrared at different points on the uniform, then use cameras surrounding the action to determine the direction, speed, etc. of movement. Then extrapolate from that if contact occurred. You could also use it to detect moving screens and other such violations.

    That might require sleeves and at least headbands though.

    Then put the accelerometer in the ball, and use that to determine carrying, double dribbles, last touch, etc.


    Did you know that Sean Hull was TV’s understudy at one time?

    Not any longer. Nope. He’s got awesome boa feathers, and headlines his own show.
    Even when Jamie’s on the same stage, Sean knocks ’em dead.

    Karl…poor girl, can’t get work in the big town.

    Did you notice that Brian Dorsey left Vegas? Yep. He went back to teaching high school industrial arts, and lectures the dangers of overloaded testosterone to his boys.


    Mr. Dog… did you leave Kearsey out of the dance line on purpose ?

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Makes me long for the days of Lenny “Worst”.


    Yes Mr. Bill..Upon further review, Kersey the Younger is indeed not, the glamgirl that his father was.

    But….again. Don’t take the word of a football guy.


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    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Haha, I just got the same thing.


    Hey..,I don’t have keys to the car.


    Hey..,I don’t have keys to the car.

    Do you have a screwdriver and a ‘can do’ attitude?


    Completely inappropriate for Teddy. Thuggish really but Cincy is a thuggish program.

    One of the biggest issues with officiating is there is no accountability. They are a self-regulated entity. Teddy’s boss has incentive to make his and every officials’ calls seem legitimate.

    Jim Goodnight isn’t a sports fan for a reason…he’s above the pettiness of such a neanderthal human interest. Modern day gladiators.

    Would need to change the bylaws of NCAA for the root issue to change. Until then just bring the lube b/c you don’t have to drop the soap when you’re State. It’s coming regardless.


    Until then just bring the lube b/c you don’t have to drop the soap when you’re State. It’s coming regardless.

    I understand the sentiment, but I’ve gotten really tired of the negative nelly, woe is me attitude NC State fans have adopted.

    I firmly believe that “NC State sh*t” is self perpetuating.

    Bill, it looks like there’s a word filter in place, double check that that’s not why your posts are getting 86’d.


    Not really a fan of Cronin, but his ‘Doesn’t happen to Pitino’ quip was premium.


    NC State shirt is not self-perpetuating. Just look at the injuries to the women’s basketball team over the last few weeks. Major injuries to big time players when they were/are having such a great season.
    As for referee conspiracies, “they do exist”! How else do we explain a ref tossing fans or KH on shoes, or extreme calls or no-calls at the ends of games (and against specific teams). I am glad that this is starting to get attention, especially as some refs are bringing it upon themselves.


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    Sometimes comments go into a “have to be approved” queue. It appears to be random.


    This site doesn’t post my “f”-bombs. The code must be rewritten.

    Our commish should have all referees visit each program in the summer. Go over “this is a foul”, “that’s not a foul”, “travel”, “block/charge”, and whatnot. This is how it’s gonna be called kinda stuff. Kinda like a clinic. If Ref A doesn’t show up at a school, he doesn’t get hired to do that school’s game. We’d see fewer coaches fussing with the refs, better flow to the games, and all around better basketball.


    Like most on here, I also think officiating in the ACC and in college basketball in general leaves a lot to be desired. The biggest problem still seems to be favoritism toward “big name” teams, like the Blues, but other problems are surfacing.

    From my seat at last weekend’s State-Miami game, a game ACC officials probably paid little attention to, I saw what I consider to be just about the worst-officiated game I’ve seen in the ESA since it opened in 1999. The level of incompetence of those 3 referees was off-the-charts bad. You wouldn’t have seen this kind of officiating in a Duke-Carolina game, but it seems that the States and the Miamis of the ACC are having to make-do with whatever they can get from the ACC zebra corral.

    In the second half of the Miami game, Miami was awarded a shooting foul when their player was fouled on his way to the basket. The ball was well below his knees when the whistle blew, and only well after the whistle did he bring it up into a shooting position. But he was awarded two foul shots anyway. On the ensuing possession, our player drove in for a basket but was hammered by the Miami defender. Despite making the shot, the bucket was disallowed and charging was called. And on Miami’s inbounds play, they committed a backcourt violation seen by everybody in the building except the 3 refs on the floor. All of that came in a 30-second span.

    That may not have been as critical as the blown call against Warren in the UNC game a few days earlier, but it came at a time when we needed a lift but didn’t get it.

    The longer I watch ACC basketball, the more convinced I become that when I watch teams like State, Wake Forest, Clemson, Boston College and Miami play on the road in places like Cameron, the Dean Dome, and now the Carrier Dome, those teams might as well be playing the 1990s Bulls in the United Center.


    Miami game?

    Well, looky there. Headlining from the Monte Carlo…
    Sean Hull


    I saw the Miami game on TV. That was NOT a back-court violation. The player did put one foot over but the ball never passed the mid-line.


    Yay….we’re back to the malice vs incompetence argument.

    And 4in12 is correct….it wasn’t a backcourt violation.


    That is correct, it was not a violation. The rule is that all three “points” must cross the half court line. This means both feet AND the ball. So you can strattle the line with the ball on either side of the line and it would not be a violation. Cory Alexander immediately saw it and said it wasn’t, and it wasn’t. Gotta know the rules.


    @pakfanistan – it’s already happening. Mark Cuban gave SMU $100k to study the physics of fouling and flopping with the goal of helping refs recognize one versus the other. Combine their research with your patches and you’re set for life!

    The embedded YouTube vid in the first article is great, check out James starting at :50 in. Classic.



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