National Media Outlets Say “TJ Warren To The NBA” But TJ Says “Undecided”

Yesterday, a story that surprised almost no one who roots for the Wolfpack surfaced about ACC Player of the Year T.J. Warren:

North Carolina State’s T.J. Warren to Enter NBA Draft

North Carolina State sophomore T.J. Warren has decided to enter the June NBA draft, sources told Yahoo Sports.

Warren reached the decision with his family on Sunday and had been expected to inform the N.C. State coaching staff of his decision early this week, sources told Yahoo Sports.

Within minutes, T.J. Warren posted this on Twitter:

tj-undecidedShortly after that, Jeff Goodman of chimed in, saying

NC State sophomore forward T.J. Warren is heading to the NBA, sources confirmed to ESPN.

Goodman, ever the thorough journalist, then added

Wolfpack coach Mark Gottfried told Andy Katz of on Monday that Warren “has not decided yet” and will meet with his family Thursday to discuss the matter.

Curious.  Despite the player and his head coach contradicting them saying that a decision had been reached, Goodman and Adrian Wojnarowski feel comfortable enough with their un-named sources that the Wolfpack superstar has made up his mind and will be playing his basketball in the NBA next year.  Goodman covered his tracks, however, so either way he sounds like he was right all along.

Maybe the writers’ “sources” (whoever they may be) are right, or, maybe TJ Warren should be taken at his word.  He is, after all, the person who ultimately has to make the call on where to go next, and quite honestly, he deserves people to believe him when he says he’s undecided about what to do.  His teammates certainly seem to agree:


And we agree with them.  T.J. Warren should do what’s best for him, and he should be left in peace to decide what that is.  Ultimately, T.J. may indeed be a lottery pick in the draft, and if so, leaving might be what’s best for him.  Or, he could be a lower mid-round pick who’d actually be playing somewhat limited minutes on a mid-tier team with established starters.   If so, another year in school might help him make the case for being a lottery pick, while it allows him to further hone skills like his outside jumper and defense — things critical to not only getting into the pro leagues, but staying there for a second contract once he’s in.

But that’s not for us to decide, not as Wolfpack fans who know we’d have a legitimate top 20 team next year with #24 on the roster, not for sportswriters looking for click-baiting scoops and not for potential agents looking for a payday to decide.  It’s T.J.’s call, period. And all of us should have the simple decency to let him think it through and make his own announcement, himself and in his own way.

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    Alpha Wolf

    Yesterday, a story that surprised almost no one who roots for the Wolfpack surfaced about ACC Player of the Year T.J. Warren: North Carolina State’s T
    [See the full post at: National Media Outlets Say “TJ Warren To The NBA” But TJ Says “Undecided”]


    Hard to be left in peace with the likes of Twitter, etc. Just part of the deal these days. Best wishes to TJ! Your decision will be YOURS AND YOURS ALONE….MADE WHEN YOU WANT TO MAKE IT. Damn “sources”….my ass is a source of gas….


    I’ll be surprised if he stays even though his outside shot isn’t nearly good enough to play regular NBA minutes at the 3. He carried this year’s edition of the Wolfpack farther than I ever thought he could so I hope whatever he does works out for him. I just hope people will leave him alone and let him make the decision with his family. He seems like a really solid young man so I can only wish him the best.


    TJ and his family will make the best decision for him. It’s really funny, many of my NC State friends were texting me, posting on my Facebook etc. about him leaving, but for the first time in a while, I wasn’t worried about a star player leaving. I really think TJ’s a good kid, plain and simple. He had his little mess-up with Coach Gott and Twitter last year, but apart from that, I think he’s got a good head on his shoulders, and I believe in my heart that whatever decision he makes will be one guided by maturity. It’s been a pleasure and an honor to witness the history that TJ made this year. I’m only 24, so I never got to see Corch, the Skywalker, or Gugliatta play in State unis, but TJ is definitely up there with Julius as one of my favorites to ever wear the red and white.

    Best of luck to you, young man.


    I voted ‘no’ in the poll on whether he will come back. However, that in no way reflects poorly on TJ Warren. I certainly don’t know him (most of us don’t), but he is one of my favorite all time players. It’s not just due to his basketball skills……it’s the way he carried himself on the court. Seems to be a very level headed guy. Good luck TJ Warren in whatever you decide. We support you 100%!

    Hawkeye Whitney

    Whenever he goes (probably now), I wish him the best for a long pro career, maybe equal to or exceeding one of my favorite Pack players, Chucky Brown, who played a lot of seasons in the league.


    He still has his one year of “test the waters” I think that he can do. This years draft is so top heavy it’s going to be hard for him to be a lottery pick. Is it worth going pro if you are not a lotter pick? I don’t know the answer to that. At this point there is no guarantee he will even get in the first rd. Hopefully, Gott can get a better answer for him.


    The sources are probably agents or runners for agents. TJ is gonna go in rd 1 which makes him a hot commodity. These agents/runners have probably been in contact with TJ And his family, or at the very least coach Gottfried. They will “leak” info about TJ jumping all day long, because the more he sees his name in print as a pro or a player with good pro prospects the more likely he is to go. Goodman and Wojo are just a means to their end.

    Hawkeye Whitney

    I just wish someone could explain to me how Jabari Parker is a Naismith finalist when he isn’t even the conference’s best player. I’m not even sure he was even the best freshman in the ACC this year…Ennis pulled out some impressive wins for ‘Cuse…


    I think you know the answer to that question but I will answer anyway. He has DUKE written on his jersey.


    Glad to hear Buckets is taking some time to consider everything. My hunch is that it depends on his current stock (which is, to put it mildly, very high) versus the draft position. If it’s lottery this year, then there’s pretty much no chance of seeing a junior season from him.

    On the other hand, if it looks like a mid-to-late first round position in this year’s draft, he could bank on having a comparable season next year and (I’d think) virtually guarantee going as a lottery pick in that draft.


    I wish TJ well whatever he decides. I am hoping one of you gurus does a post on next year. Particularly interested the transfer from Alabama, Lacey. What is his position and what is outlook?


    I would love TJ to return, but IMO he should go, and it is an easy decision.

    If he returns, it would be hard for him to improve his stock, but plenty could happen to lower his stock — injury; shooting slump; sharing more with better teammates and this less of the spotlight… This season, he was ACC POY and leading scorer and 1st team All ACC. No guarantee be matches or exceeds that next season, and, in fact, that is probably unlikely.

    Meanwhile, next year he would be a year older, and the NBA often drafts on potential, so that could hurt his draft stock.

    And it’s not like if he returns State is likely to be a national and/or ACC title contender.

    Going pro now also enables him to get better faster — no limit on practice time, no need to go to class, etc.

    Plus he gets paid sooner.

    Put it all together and this is a nobrainer.


    I do not pretend to know what is the best for TJ. I do trust him and his dad in that regard. If that means time to go I wish him well. If that means one more year in the ACC I’m good with that as well. Unlike some of our recent early leaves I see good things here regardless.


    TJ who? I just want to know if Bartosz Lewandowski is turning pro..


    I don’t know what is best for TJ Warren but I wish him success whatever he does. He definitely has pro potential, but I do believe that his chances for playing any significant minutes in the NBA would be greatly enhanced by staying in school another season, maybe even two.

    Parker, like many future NBA stars, has the media smitten because of his tremendous talent and the potential of that talent. What I saw in Parker, especially in the final stages of the season, was a player who lost sight of his teammates when he had the ball late in the game.

    I think he’s what we oldtimers would call a ball hog.


    ^… or a ‘black hole’… in the cosmological sense…

    as when… the ball goes to “him”… it never comes back….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    ^Reminds me of CJ Leslie last year. No matter how often he was double or triple teamed, he always tried to to put up a shot.

    Compare that to TJ this year, who took his fair share of shots against double and triple teams, but his style of play allowed him to still get good looks.

    Would love to see TJ “pull a Hodge” and fake everyone out at the press conference, but I doubt that will be the case. It all really depends on what TJ wants to do.

    Not being a lottery pick has it’s advantages. You don’t end up on a terrible team with little-to-no chance of competing, you can learn from great players around you and have the chance to contribute on a championship caliber team. For a guy like TJ, I highly doubt it’s all about the money.

    Whenever he decides to go, I’m looking forward to having another (more specifically, a second) member of Pack Nation to root for in the NBA.


    What a great kid. I am really going to miss watching him play at the RBC Center. If he did come back…wow, we would be nearly unstoppable with the development of other players.


    Food for thought – his potential never changes.

    He ain’t a lottery pick this year – he has a better chance of being a top 10 next year.

    He should probably stay.


    Food for thought – his potential never changes.

    His potential can definitely change in the eyes of those making NBA draft picks. Ask C.J. Leslie.

    Alpha Wolf

    I don’t buy comparisons to C.J. Leslie, because T.J. has shown he is willing to do the work he needs to do to improve his game. He lost weight, he worked and improved on his outside jumper and he started showing a mid-ranger that wasn’t as effective as last year. C.J. was always the sort of guy who was going to rely on his athleticism and never someone who was going to be a gym rat until he added new tools to his belt.

    Pack Leader

    Particularly interested the transfer from Alabama, Lacey. What is his position and what is outlook?

    I agree, he has the potential (on paper) to step in to our potential SF whole when/if TJ jumps. My sources say he has a better outside shot than most on the team, which could be refreshing.

    One of the Martin twins should beable to give fill in minutes aswell. I actually have high hopes for next year even with a TJ loss.

    Pack Leader

    And the CJ comparison, thats not even worth discussing.


    johnmac: You may want to pay a visit to – An outstanding look ahead was posted yesterday.

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