HBO Real Sports focuses on UNC-CH

Loved this tweet yesterday after Carolina let a win slip through its fingers —

On that topic, more media attention is on its way to Chapel Hill. Rumors have as many as THREE books focusing on the decades long systemic academic fraud at ‘The Flagship’ being released this summer. So, the HBO Real Sports segment on the topic should only help to raise awareness. See the preview below.

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UNC Scandal

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    Loved this tweet yesterday after Carolina let a win slip through its fingers — The most anti-climactic finish in NCAA Tournament history. Barring al
    [See the full post at: HBO Real Sports focuses on UNC-CH]



    I bet this will get a lot of viewers – I love capitalism!



    Books due out this summer???? Will they released in audio format so that the subject matter can partake?


    Hawkeye Whitney

    Already working on my poster for next season: “Roy, how do you say dadgummit in Swahili?” (I know the direct indictment is against the football program, but I want this stink to spread to Roy’s boys as well).



    In addition to Dan Kane’s reporting on the UNC Academic scandal Please read Paul Barrett’s reporting. His coverage in Businessweek has been going on for sometime now. I believe an accumulation of all his articles were compiled and condensed into the Businessweek cover story on the matter in the March 9, 2014 edition. All of his articles can be found using this link The featured image on this post is from that same Businessweek cover.



    JohnGalt78 made me laugh out loud.

    re: ” I know the direct indictment is against the football program, but I want this stink to spread to Roy’s boys as well.” – It is widely known that the athlete and scholar Tyler Hansbrough took a few semesters of Swahili. The dots are large and easy to connect. I think it’s only a matter of time.



    Friday Meme



    That is amazing but you know the skies would have to open up for the basketball program to be included. The powers that be would never let anything disrupt BB over there. Believe me when I say that!



    Unless a dozen children are molested, you’ll have a hard time dragging the NCAA back to campus. No one outside the state cares…no public pressure will be exerted.

    Great theater though I hope I’m wrong.



    ^You’re probably right 44. But I have to believe that the vast majority of the loud and formerly proud UNCheat alumni that have faithfully supported their school over the past 2 decades, who wrote checks, bought tickets, traveled to games and bragged obnoxiously to anyone in earshot can’t look up at all the banners and feel that pride anymore. Some will remain in denial. But most, I believe, deep down, perhaps never to be shared with anyone, are privately disgusted…and always will be…and that, to me, is priceless.



    The UNC scandal demonstrates how truly exceptional UNC is. Only they can get by with committing practically every infraction a college athletic program can commit. UNC is truly a model of institutionalized corruption. It’s sorta like the government now; it’s nearly untouchable.



    I love those Bloomberg articles. That nine page Mary Willingham deposition was well worth the read. Every UNC Alumni should read that article. If what she describes took place at State, I think the many Alumni would light the torches themselves.



    Bloomberg: The bottom line: UNC has apologized for staging fake classes and changing grades, practices that kept star athletes eligible to play.

    If bank robbers ‘apologized’ for robbing banks, would they be asked to return the money stolen? Or would their proclamation that ‘they had put systems in place’ to see that it didn’t happen again suffice?

    Dean viciously and falsely attacked Mary Willingham to cheers by faculty. And he’s the shining example of UNC leadership?

    Tonight (3/25/14) on HBO 2 athletes lay it on the Athletic Department. It’s not just a few rogue tutors.



    And finally the sports leader chimes in:



    ESPN’s “Outside The Lines” episode at 3:00 PM today really portrayed the academic scandal in the reprehensible light that it deserves, both for the “athlete-students” that were allegedly denied educational benefits promised in exchange for athletic participation and for the athletic scandal that it TRUELY is despite the Flagship’s attempt to portray it otherwise. *NC not only allegedly defrauded the NCAA from an athletic perspective, but they also allegedly defrauded the athletes who were herded through the scam system solely for the purpose of maintaining athletic eligibility.

    1. No question the NCAA must visit UNC AGAIN…or the NCAA needs to close their doors and go home. These allegations, if proved, may be the most overt example of academic fraud for the benefit of favorable athletic exposure in the history of NCAA oversight. If this does not qualify for NCAA investigations, then the NCAA needs to reincorporate as a bank…better yet a money launderer.

    2. I am firmly convinced former *NC athletes have sufficient grounds to initiate litigation against the Flagship for fraud. Both civil and criminal litigation should be in play based on the nature of the charges brought forth and alleged. Both current and former (depending on the statute of limitations) academic administrators and athletic personnel are in legal jeopardy and with the mainstream media attention this is starting to generate beyond the triangle, I think it is only a matter of time before attorneys start booking motel reservations in Chapel Hill for civil litigation and law enforcement and district attorneys should be on campus to see if and how many criminal laws were broken and who is allegedly accountable criminally.

    3. In terms of pure alleged fraud and the potential monetary impact (both favorable for the athletic coffers of *NC and athletic personnel and the adverse monetary consequences for the athletes cheated out of an education) could dwarf the Bernie Madoff financial fraud. What monetary value can be placed on all the degrees not earned and the loss of wages over a lifetime as a result of a curriculum designed to maintain eligibility rather than educate? What monetary benefit did the university reap in ticket sales, TV revenue, NCAA and Bowl revenue, clothing and memorabilia sales,alumni and other contributions, etc. If this pattern of deceit can be proven to have occurred since the early 90’s as has been alleged, the total monetary damages could be in the billions.

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