SI: ACC finalizing Tournament in Brooklyn in 2017

We all knew this was inevitable, even before Boeheim started whining incessantly about Denny’s and Greensboro. Considering Wednesday’s GT-BC game could’ve been played at Page and there’d have been tickets available, this will make for an interesting viewing experience.

Pete Thamel (

The Atlantic Coast Conference is finalizing details for a multi-year agreement to play its postseason tournament at the Barclays Center. The details are expected to be completed by the end of the month, according to multiple sources.

The ACC desires a two-year agreement that could start as early as 2017, the next uncommitted year for the ACC Tournament. (The ACC plays in Greensboro in 2015 and in Washington DC in 2016).

The ACC’s move to New York has been viewed within the conference as inevitable, as it’s expected that the league will rotate through New York and North Carolina locations after 2017. (Maryland’s departure to the Big Ten makes Washington DC a less natural place to hold the tournament.)

The ACC has no chance to move to Madison Square Garden in the immediate future, as MSG has a deal signed with the Big East through 2026. Multiple sources described that contract as “air tight.” A source with direct knowledge of the contract said that Joseph M. Leccese, the Big East’s lawyer with prominent firm Proskauer Rose, spent an inordinate amount of time making sure that MSG couldn’t get out of the deal with the Big East. (The Garden is considered the Big East’s best asset.)

That left the ACC with the Barclays Center as its top option to give the league a presence in New York with its conference tournament. (The Barclays Center has also been in conversations with the Big Ten). While The Garden has more history and a Manhattan location, multiple ACC administrators stressed that they will not have an inferior venue.

“It wasn’t Madison Square Garden or else,” said an official at an ACC school. “People are enthralled with the Barclays Center. If The Garden is locked up, so be it. I don’t think it’s a warm up act. It’s a hell of a facility.”

While the ACC’s traditional roots are on Tobacco Road, the league’s members came to a decision that expanding its reach to bigger markets is a must. The ACC is balancing its past and future by honoring its North Carolina roots by holding the tournament there and rotating it through New York as a sign of its expansion and increased national presence.

John Swofford hinted at this, among other items, in his comments on 99.9 Wednesday. A few comments of note (WRAL):

Conference leaders are also looking at the future of the tournament as a way to maximize exposure. After five straight years in Greensboro, the games will be played in Washington, D.C., in 2016. After that, the location is yet to be determined.

“We will continue some kind of rotation in the future,” said Swofford. “We have a different footprint now, so moving to the north, like New York, is probably in the future. They have amazing facilities there, but it depends on their availabilities.”

Swofford said it’s a good time for the ACC to take a step back and evaluate some things. The new members give the league a lot of new opportunities.

“Moving the championship game back to Saturday night would be back to the future for the ACC,” said Swofford. “We moved to Sunday afternoon in the 80s for television reasons, but time changes, and now Saturday is a better TV moment.”

Swofford and ACC leaders are also taking advantage of a transitional moment to anticipate changes to the football schedule.

They recently announced a deal to keep the ACC Football Championship in Charlotte for the next 6 years.

The ACC is moving to seek an exception to the NCAA rule that requires a conference to have 12 teams and two divisions to hold a football title game. The ACC would prefer to set their own standard of whether and how to feed a football championship game.

“We’ll see if they accept it,” Swofford said. “It doesn’t mean we would change our system, but we would have a chance to decide our own schedule.”

“We don’t want to pay athletes because that would be a disaster,” said Swofford. “We just want to do more for the athletes like giving them better medical care or give their parents the opportunity to come to championship games.”

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    We all knew this was inevitable, even before Boeheim started whining incessantly about Denny’s and Greensboro. Pete Thamel ( The Atlantic Coas[See the full post at: ACCT to Brooklyn in 2017]


    This is about the same as holding the ACC Tournament in DC or Atlanta. Moving it to those two places moved the Tournament to the geographic edges of the schools in the conference.

    I’m just glad the didn’t move the tournament to Boston.


    The first two days will be interesting. GT-BC could’ve been played at Page High School Wednesday and there’d have been plenty of tickets available.


    I’d actually love to see it at MSG, the mecca of bball. Brooklyn would be ok. I’ve been up there and it is a pretty cool place. Brooklyn is a lot of fun. Little bit less of a hassle than Manhattan.

    Pack Leader

    If it HAS to go to NYC, I would much rather have the Barclays….. What I dont want is to become the new Big East in the Garden. NO THANK YOU.

    New ACC – New Venue.

    Alpha Wolf

    The funny thing about the Big East’s agreement with the Garden is that the Garden will be torn down and rebuilt someplace else in the 6-10 year range. The city of New York only gave the Garden a ten year license renewal to continue operations last year with the understanding that would be the last of it because there are plans to rebuild and expand Penn Station, which the current Garden sits on top of.

    The interesting question for New Yorkers is where the new Garden will be. There’s mention of the Chelsea Piers area or possibly up to the north of Manhattan where the Jets once talked of building a new stadium in recent years before MetLife.

    The ACC would prefer to set their own standard of whether and how to feed a football championship game.

    No surprise there considering that the ACC has chosen to concentrate all of its consistent football powers in one division. The Coastal is a bit of a joke save for VT, and they’ve fallen on hard times from a national standpoint of late. It will be interesting to see if they can reclaim their former regular top-10 membership status after Beamer retires. Seems like his style of football has fallen by the wayside in this era of hurry-up spread offenses.



    AlphaWolf wrote:

    The city of New York only gave the Garden a ten year license renewal to continue operations last year with the understanding that would be the last of it because there are plans to rebuild and expand Penn Station, which the current Garden sits on top of.

    I’ll believe that when I see it. A “new Penn Station” was first proposed by the late Sen. Moynihan back in the early ’90s and they’re still “finalizing plans” for it. The project is truly a cluster with all the government entities that have a stake in it (NYC, State of NY/MTA, Port Authority, State of NJ/NJ Transit, and Feds/Amtrak). Having lived in the area for 3 years when talk of the “new Penn Station” was really heating up again when NYC was making its push to get some “shovel ready” stimulus money to kickstart the project, I remember that the Dolans/Cablevision/MSG originally offered to move MSG a few blocks west to accommodate the new Penn Station. Dolans knew current MSG either needed a massive renovation or start over and build MSG V (current MSG is the fourth MSG). However, all the government entities involved kept bickering about location, design, who would have which tracks and where, etc. Finally, Dolans got tired of waiting and set about renovating MSG based on the most favored plan at the time that the Farley Post Office (designed by same firm that designed old Penn Station) would be converted into the new headhouse for Penn Station rather than building a brand new headhouse where the current MSG sits. you are correct that the City Council did vote in 2013 to only extend MSG’s permit 10 years, but they did that over Bloomberg’s objections (City Council is heavily democratic and not as business friendly as City Hall has been under Rudy G/Bloomberg). After 10 years, MSG has to either relocate or reapply for another permit, and I’m guessing that the legal battle will be epic given the amount of money invested in renovating MSG, only to find out it might only be good for a decade. Will be interesting to see the effect De Blasio has on City Hall too…could be a whiplash effect back towards pro-biz candidates after him, which could trickle down to City Council.

    Back on topic – I’ve resigned myself that the “new ACC” will have changes, including the Tourney being held more up north and a lot less in G’boro. Since that’s the case, Barclays is a great option – it’s a first class venue in its own right. It doesn’t have the tradition of MSG, but it gives up nothing in amenities to even the renovated MSG. And IMO, it’s an easier venue to get to than MSG. Same or better mass transit connections (both subway and LIRR), without the hassle of being on top of the busiest train station in the US. Plus, Brooklyn is the “hot/trendy” borough with some great entertainment options, and Manhattan is still just a quick trip across the East River. The other thing is that I believe the Swoff approached MSG during the breakup of the Big East and MSG wanted a long-term exclusive deal with the ACC to ditch the Big East. Swoff (rightly so) decided that would be too drastic and that he still wanted a rotation among traditional sites with a new NYC venue added. Barclays will allow that. I will say that unlike the Tourney’s trips to other far flung conference outposts, Barclays will likely have a huge home-team attendance surge – Cuse fans WILL show up in big numbers (they always did at MSG). I was at the Tourney in 2005 in DC and for all their whining about it never being in DC, when it was the Twerps didn’t exactly pack the arena (of course, they also lost in the first round too…).


    I’m fine with having the tournament in NYC every now and then, but the arena is going to be barren for those early week games. I know there is a strong contingent of Pack fans in NYC, and of course Cuse, Duke, and Cheat will have their fans there. I just can’t see teams like FSU or GT having good showings. How long till we see a midwestern venue to appease the other new additions?


    No more barren than Greensboro has been for these games. Plenty of plain ole basketball fans up there that will go with no allegiance.


    I sincerely hope that the ACC moves not only it’s basketball tournament to NYC, but also it’s football title game and it’s headquarters there as well! PERMANENTLY!!!!!!!!!!

    I have no more allegiance to the ACC. I certainly will keep pulling for State, but I’ve had enough of this conference. I will no longer pull for any other ACC team, period, in anything. Never again.

    I hope we win the ACCT, but if we don’t and don’t get a bid, I hope only 4 teams get NCAAT bids, and I hope all 4 lose out the first game.

    Just rename the GD conference the New Big East Conference. To hell with them!


    I was really impressed with our D the last few minutes of the game.


    edit: wrong thread some how


    It’s convenient for me to get last minute free tickets from an Iron Dukes buddy, drive an hour to just see my game, then leave right before half of the nightcap. But it would be nice to have a cool destination tourney, and this is miles ahead of DC or freaking ATL as a destination point. Once my kids are out of the house, I’d totally make this trip once or twice.


    Watch “Requiem for the Big East” if you didn’t see it. I obviously don’t think the ACC Tournament should have a permanent home in NYC, but I hope that some of you guys can ultimately recognize how good this can be (and how much fun it will be if you can figure out how to take the trip).

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