State-Cuse Postponed to 7pm

Due to travel issues getting out of RDU, the game at the Carrier Dome has been postponed until 7pm. It will be on ACC Network (WRAL locally).

SFN preview of the game here.

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    Due to travel issues getting out of RDU, the game at the Carrier Dome has been postponed until 7pm. It will be on ACC Network (WRAL locally). SFN prev
    [See the full post at: State-Cuse Postponed to 7pm]



    Boo! Now the decisions – do I get up in the middle of the night for this one? Or save myself the misery?



    I heard it was because they had trouble getting the players on the bus. Nobody wanted to get their butts kicked.



    Somehow this must help UNCheat, I just can’t figure out how.



    Good point by Fastback on the preview thread – at least we are less likely to miss the entire 1st half like last week. But I preferred the 3:00 start…



    Headline could read: “Of 200 colleges playing today, only 3 are forecasted to lose in a more lopsided fashion”.

    Herb beat Sean Miller at home. 6 point dogs. Hope they enjoy the desperate will cling to anything.



    Just read that the Syracuse guards are ranked #1 & #2 in the ACC in steals. Oh my.
    There’s a big key to the game. Cat may set an ACC single game record for, “I’m going to try my patented cross-over, now you go lay it in the basket.”
    And Dez is going to be right behind him.



    Well, UVA just helped the Pack’s NCAAT cause at Clemson.

    But sooner or later, State is going to have to quit depending on everybody else for help and help themselves.

    That opportunity presents itself in spades tonight at the Carrier Dome.



    Pretty darn good year thus far for the Cavs.


    1.21 Jigawatts

    13OT, how exactly does UVA beating Clemson help State’s NCAAT chances?

    To me it actually hurts State because State has already played and lost to UVA so that doesn’t help. State still has to play/beat Clemson and if Clemson won today that would give them a higher RPI before State plays them. State needs a win at Clemson period and beating a Clemson team that just beat UVA is better than beating a Clemson te that just lost.



    No offense to the comments or any ONE person….but this entire thread seems a bit negative.

    Now, I DO believe in God, Senator Dodd and Keeping OLD Castro Down, as the Chad Mitchell Trio sang….and I sometimes believe in the tooth fairy and wearing my lucky read Hanes briefs…NOTE…I WILL NOT post pictures…

    I also think that there is a bit of accuracy to the Gott and Staff Shirt color…and have some stats to correlate that…

    The comments about how BAD it will be remind me of the “We GOTTA get Gott to start Cat….Lewis is killing us…” and other past posts….which seemed to take a life of their own. THEN, Tyler was our godsend as Cat was too immature…turned over the ball….studied at the Whittenberg school of assist passing…

    What I wonder…and I can’t seem to find it so the insiders will have to help…Did the team travel YESTERDAY and get in late last night….or are they flying in this morning….going to do the shoot around this pm, have a meal and then play. Even with a charter, as a retired road warrior, you are tired. That is why they fly in the day before…

    Don’t know…but it could have an impact….but if I read the thread….doesn’t matter….we are doomed….the fat lady has done sung her aria and is bowing to the audience with her roses and her bosoms are almost falling out….



    Right now we are last team “in” on dance card.


    john of sparta

    Poor Pitt.



    Well now. Timing is everything.

    2/15/14. 7PM EST

    The moon is in the 7th House and Jupiter aligns with Mars.




    ^Could it be a BIG FOUR sweep today…

    I know all of ya’ll are looking for our neighbors — those Dookies — to give our beloved Twerps some MORE RESPECT as they make their last visit to Tobacco Road before heading off to oblivion.

    I wonder if anybody thought to get LEFTY a seat in Cameron….
    I sincerely hope so for all the right reasons.

    And a little TV time with the Old Lefthander would be classic.
    That would make the Ghosts on the South Smoking Porch smile….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    john of sparta

    Nit Pickerson here:
    the Moon is in the 5th house (Leo)
    and the alignment was in December.
    the Full Moon was last night.
    consulting the stars tells me:
    1. Syracuse will not play well.
    2. We will.
    3. and still lose.



    i’ve already started drinking. i’m determined to enjoy this game one way or another



    has Rick started blaming the refs yet?



    What channel is this on in Winston Salem. It’s not showing on Directv?



    Nevermind found it



    Anyone know if it can be found streaming anywhere on the internet? Not finding it on TV in Central VA. Guess we missed our slot with the ACC Network.



    WBS is in total control of this game. Not to jinx us but we look good.



    WolftownVA81 do you get WTVR 6 extra channel? That is where i am watching in central VA.

    Sorry for the half time post just saw your post



    good ole barber turning the ball over to cost us the game…



    yea it would have been better to have held the ball 5 sec. They would have to throw it in.

    But guys, we have improved. We just need to go 4-2 the rest of the way.

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