College Baseball’s Power Conferences

Determining college baseball’s most powerful conference is an easy task — depending on who you ask, of course…

The ACC is also loaded again, with Baseball America preseason No. 1 Virginia topping a lethal lineup that includes Florida State, North Carolina State, Clemson, North Carolina and Miami (Fla.) among likely top 25 finishers.

“It’s kind of a who’s who of college baseball,” Notre Dame coach Mik Aoki said in an interview posted on the school’s official site.

The ACC is also the one conference of the top four that has a slightly new look this season as a result of realignment, with Notre Dame and Pittsburgh moving from the Big East. While the ACC is always well-represented in the NCAA tournament and at the College World Series, no team from the conference has won the national title since Wake Forest in 1955.

That’s an incredible drought considering the talent that comes through the ACC every year. And this season is no exception with Virginia, North Carolina State and Florida State boasting pitching staffs that are among the best in the country.

“I think it’s safe to say that if we don’t get back to Omaha, it’s pretty much a failure of a season,” said NC State left-hander Carlos Rodon, a possible No. 1 pick in this year’s draft. “That’s our goal. We’re not worried about the draft. We’re about winning.”…

Realignment will certainly make things interesting across the country, with 45 teams playing in new leagues this season and changing the looks of some conferences.


Complete article from Dennis Waszak Jr. | The Associated Press

I know that I’m more interested in college baseball with State doing well over the last several years.    But I’ve often wondered if the move towards the large conferences creating their own channel will increase the coverage on college baseball.

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    Determining college baseball’s most powerful conference is an easy task — depending on who you ask, of course…
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    john of sparta

    I think it’s safe to say that if we don’t get back to Omaha, it’s pretty much a failure of a season……….We’re not worried about the draft.

    that’s bulletin board stuff.

    Alpha Wolf

    The boys finished up their sweep of hapless Appalachian State with a 3-1 win today. Jake Armstrong accounted for all three Wolfpack RBIs.


    I’m going to say something that is a bit inflammatory in ACC country. I don’t believe the ACC is the best baseball league. In fact, I’d put it third behind the Pac 12 and the SEC.

    The reason that I say this is postseason play. We’ll send a ridiculous number to the post season, have 1 (and at most 2) make Omaha, but never take home any hardware. It’s hard to argue you are the best, when you can’t break through as a conference.

    I hate to say it, but more than any other college sport, I see East coast (and specifically Southeast) bias in the baseball polls. I suspect that has to do with the fact that regular season games aren’t widely covered and the fact that at least one of the polls is in NC.

    The Pac 12 is the league that I feel flies under the radar. They typically perform much stronger to seed and are all recruiting out of Arizona and California, which has big time high school baseball.

    The ACC is honestly overrated every year. Yeah, we have a lot of top 25 teams, but I’ll believe that we have a #1 team when we take home a title. Until then, the ACC is a paper tiger.


    Rodon is right about expecting a return trip to Omaha. The pitching staff looks great, especially with the Peterson twins appearing to be as advertised. I can’t wait to finally make it to a game next Saturday to watch them exact revenge on the Bruins.


    I wouldn’t call App “hapless.” I’ll assume you got that from the local media outlet who wrote up the weekend’s games. App had us on the ropes twice, once with Rodon on the mound. They’re 0-for so far but have also had a series with an SEC school, MSU I think. The same local media knucklehead has chalked up a win for UNC this week, but don’t be shocked if App beats the Heels. They’re strong. I watched them play twice this weekend and was pretty impressed.

    EDIT: Sorry. 4 SEC games -3 losss to Arkansas and 1 to UT.

    Alpha Wolf

    App is now 0-7. That’s where my comment came from. They may be playing better than their record, but on the other hand, the record so far does sort of speak for itself.


    ^Agree with Rye, ACC baseball has really improved from top to bottom and boasts some incredible talent, but I’ll take the SEC and Pac10 teams and coaches. THere’s that that little Baseball America bias factor in Durham.

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