UMd Files Suit vs ACC (again)

Future B1G member and perennial pain in the ‘ACC’ just can’t seem to go away quietly.

Big shock there.

Monday, the Terps filed suit for $157Mil, this time in Guilford County, NC….

The suit, filed by the state attorney general’s office on behalf of the University of Maryland in a North Carolina court, alleges that two ACC schools attempted to recruit Big Ten members into switching conferences and the league has violated Maryland Antitrust laws. Maryland claims that the ACC’s actions were “unlawful and tortious” and “constitute an illegal restraint of trade, unfair competition, and unfair or deceptive trade practices.”

Maryland is seeking $157 million from the ACC — according to the suit, $156,799,026 is “three times the amount of compensatory damages.”

The two ACC schools alleged to have done the dastardly deed are Wake and Pitt, btw.  The B1G schools allegedly contacted are not named.

The suit also alleges that the ACC has withheld $16Mil in monies due to UMd since the school announced it’s intended move to the B1G (repeat after me…E-x-i-t   F-e-e), and that UMd President Wallace Loh has been excluded from conference meetings since that time as well.

Perhaps some of our SFN resident legal eagles can weigh in here, but isn’t suing on anti-trust grounds kind of missing the mark here?  I mean, it seems to me trying to stop the ACC from courting other schools is probably closer to legally restricting fair trade.

But, what do I know?

Exit fees and (allegedly) withholding payouts would probably be an interesting discussion as well.

Maryland is scheduled to exit the ACC and wade into the B1G pool this summer, btw.

Good Riddance (if I never have to see those horrible uniforms again, it’ll still be too soon).

If you’re having trouble with insomnia, you can read the PDF of the suit in it’s entirety here.

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    Future B1G member and perennial pain in the ‘ACC’ just can’t seem to go away quietly. Big shock there. Monday, the Terps filed suit for $157Mil, this
    [See the full post at: UMd Files Suit vs ACC (again)]


    I think Swoff should hire several of those unscrupulous bill collection agencies to collect the money against UMd. The could call the President, AD, and coaches (just for fun) house all hours of the day and night and ask them when they are going to send in the check. Then threaten to ruin their credit rating, call the police, and take them to court if they do not get the check within a few days.
    I’m all in for anything to that gives anyone associated with UMd hell.


    Who are they to accuse someone of being tortoise?


    But your honor, I strenuously object!

    A Few Good Men


    Call the bankruptcy law offices of JOHN T. ORCUTT today, Maryland



    Does anyone know if the ACC could have legally told them to go F themselves for the 2013-14 season in all sports and made them spend a year in purgatory scrambling to find games against whatever D-III team was available?

    THAT. Is how this should have gone down.


    I’m not sure I understand Maryland’s standing to sue claiming damages to the Big 10 Conference from the alleged overtures…but i’m not an antitrust lawyer…


    U mad bro?

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