“Russel” Wilson #GoBadgers Billboard on Capital Blvd

Saw this on Stewart Mandel’s Twitter (@slmandel):

Sean Merriman says it’s the work of Wisconsin fans, but this isn’t a contagious case of the Wolpfack. This reeks of a Flagship troll who spent too much time in no-show classes — or more likely, never even went to UNC (BTN.com):

It is no secret that Wisconsin has certainly claimed the Super Bowl quarterback as one of its own. Just take a look at the team’s official Twitter feed, @BadgerFootball.

Then, there’s this: Badgers paid for this billboard on Capitol Blvd. in Raleigh, N.C., the home of North Carolina State University.

The only problem is… They spelled his name wrong. Check it out.

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    Saw this on Stewart Mandel’s Twitter (@slmandel): Seems some Wisconsin fan(s) decided to taunt NC State w/ a Russell Wilson billboard but … oops. http
    [See the full post at: “Russel” Wilson #GoBadgers Billboard on Capital Blvd]


    Opposing fans can suck it.

    Russell still loves State. We still love him. And it worked out best for both Wilson and Glennon.


    I agree with Statefans…..this reeks of UNC trolling.

    IF Russell Wilson cannot be claimed as one of ours, how does UNC explain 41-10, 28-27 and 29-24. Sheesh! Seems like he was present in an NCSU uniform those days!

    Like I read someone post, UNC spells RW’s name like this: RusseLLL.

    for good measure, maybe they should spell it like this: RusseLLL WiLLLson.


    Really? Why? Is UW that desperate for attention and relevance this weekend?

    I guess Seattle’s OC isn’t enough for them, or more likely than not, the guys who put that up are clueless Walmarters who aren’t even aware that a former Badger QB is Seattle’s OC.


    I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess no one from Wisconsin did this. Is this the same billboard that had the ECU trolling message as well? (that one was on Capital just north of Wake Forest. If so, it should be easy to find out who is putting these up. Should be good for a laugh.


    …looking at it closer, is it even real? I am no arborist, but there are green trees to the right of the billboard that don’t look like evergreens. And if this just went up, where is the snow?



    Umm … meh

    Russell went to State. He went to Wisconsin. Whatever, opposing fans.


    Another tale-tale sign that this is not (at least an official) Wisconsin project… They used a photo of a badger and not Bucky the Badger. At least the trolls who did this were smart enough to not get slapped with copyright infringement although not smart enough to spell his name right.



    Let’s see another picture confirming this – I say it’s real only in the world of photoshop otherwise


    The sign itself is real, those trees are evergreens. I used Fairway’s online sign finder to confirm. It’s on Capital Blvd., near Sunset. It’s a digital sign, so I imagine that there will be a typo correction forthcoming since they can be updated easily. As far as the design being real, it does look like a photo of a digital board.

    Do I care about the “dig”? Nope.


    Little insecure there. Emphasis on little.


    Oh, this clearly reeks of the purple methheads. Obvious trolling, plus the poor spelling.

    I’ve never gotten the impression that WI folks have issue with each school “sharing” the love for RW as an alumnus.

    And YES, troll nation, RW most certainly DOES have a diploma from NC State. Got it in 2.5 or 3 years, IIRC. Dude is smart as f-ck.


    We claim Steven Hauschka as one of our own. That doesn’t mean we reject Middlebury as his alma mater. It’s the same with Russell. He graduated and went to a different school for grad school. It worked out very well for him. Anyone trying to get a rise out of me over that situation is barking up the wrong tree.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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