NC State Wolfpack Represented Well in the Super Bowl

I’ve been saving up these links and images over the course of the week to show how well NC State is represented in this year’s Super Bowl. The Wolfpack has 4 former players (RW, Sweezy, Nate & Hauschka) and even a former coach (Pete Carroll) in the game, which is second to only Tenn. Vols.

Richard Sherman also gave a shoutout to his former coach, Clayton White who used to coach Sherman at Stanford before White returned home to coach for the Wolfpack

NC State Athletics posted this on their Facebook page recently.

It’s going to be a PACKed Super Bowl! Let’s make sure Steven Hauschka, Nate Irving, J.R. Sweezy and Russell Wilson know that Wolfpack Nation is behind them. Tweet a congratulatory/good luck video to @PackFootball and use the hashtag #PACKedSuperBowl or email it to [email protected] We will compile the videos on post them on

A little known fact is that Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was a coach at NC State in 1980 under Monte Kiffin and some kind twitter user was able to dig up this photo.

And finally, the reason I’m pulling for the Broncos is this guy, who has always represents NC State well.

Here’s more from about NC State’s Superbowl connections

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    I’ve been saving up these links and images over the course of the week to show how well NC State is represented in this year’s Super Bowl. The Wolfpac
    [See the full post at: NC State Wolfpack Represented Well in the Super Bowl]



    I remember a couple of weeks ago before the NFC Championship game, one of the networks (I think it was either Fox during their pre-game show or ESPN) was doing a story about how the Seattle DBs play so physically and use their hands as much as they can. They showed a comment from Pete Carroll where he basically said, “That’s how we’ve always taught our DBs to play. That goes all the way back to my days at NC State.”

    I thought it was a pretty cool shout-out of sorts.



    I can’t find a way to choose between Russel and Nate, so I’m just hoping for a good, injury free game.

    Go Pack!



    Go, Nate go! There will be plenty of time for RW and Hauschka to win it all, but PeyPey’s clock is ticking.

    Nate, RW, and Hauschka are three of my very favorite all-time Wolfpackers, and I couldn’t be happier for them.



    Did not know of the Carroll connection.

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    Sorry, I don’t know how to post links better. 3 articles Thursday on State Players in the Wall Street Journal

    Wall Street Journal Nate Irving:

    Wall Street Journal Russell Wilson:

    Wall Street Journal Steven Haushka:



    As much as I love RW, Peyton takes the cake for me. What a story it would be if he came back from those surgeries and won it all to shut all the critics up. What courage. And what brilliance. If he is on the tube I make it a point to watch closely as he very well could be the greatest.



    This is one game where I can be happy whichever team wins.



    Yep, I would be overjoyed with RW and Hauschka getting rings. Would take quite a bit of the personal sting as a Bronco fan.




    Manning’s top 1-2 in the HOF in his era with or without another ring….

    I don’t expect a whole lot out of Russell Sunday… as we know he has had the good fortune to play with a team where he doesn’t have to do it all by himself….

    The main thing for him is just to be ready to play and not make any costly mistakes early on… (How many 24 yr kids get to go to the Super Bowl in their second year?).

    After the ‘new’ wears off… we’ll should see some vintage Russell in the last 20 minutes or so.

    Wonder if the SeaHawks could trade for Nate….
    That would make old TOB smile…
    And then they could get Glennon for the backup QB….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!
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