Malik Abu can jump

Back in September we got the great news that Abdul Malik Abu was going to play basketball at NC State. Please click here to read more.

Regardless of what happens with an impending NBA decision by TJ Warren, the addition of Abu, the Martin twins and Trevor Lacey next year is only going to make the Wolfpack more formidable in the near future.

This was from Kimball Union Midnight Madness a few nights ago. Abdul-Malik Abu is a NC State commit for next season and he’s going to be a big time front court boost. While jumping over another human to dunk a basketball is always awesome, the best thing about this video is the fact that he’s got on NBA short shots circa 1980 and a throwback Danny Ainge jersey on

If you are looking for a little more on Wolfpack sports today then please click over to our forums to get ready for a big day in college basketball. Also, while we are talking about the future of NC State Basketball we might as well update out projected roster configuration for the next few years.

2014-2015+ NC State Basketball Program Configuration

Senior Class
(1) Ralston Turner (Wing)
(2) Desmond Lee (2G / Wing)

Junior Class
(3) Tyler Lewis (PG) – appearance of discontent fuel potential transfer rumors
(4) TJ Warren (F) – is the NBA calling before Warren can solidify himself as an all-time Wolfpack legend?
(5) Trevor Lacey (combo guard/wing) – transfer from Alabama; Top 25 HS player

Sophomore Class
(6) Anthony Barber (PG)
(7) Kyle Washington (4F/5C)
(8) BeeJay Anya (5C)
(9) Lennard Freeman (4F)

Freshman Class – 2014 Commits
(10) Caleb Martin (wing)
(11) Cody Martin (wing)
(12) Abdul Malik Abu (PF)
(13) Scheduled departure of Vandenberg

2015 Commits
(1) Scheduled departure of Ralston Turner
(2) Scheduled departure of Desmond Lee

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    Back in September we got the great news that Abdul Malik Abu was going to play basketball at NC State. Please click here to read more. Regardless of w
    [See the full post at: Malik Abu can jump]



    6’8″ and 230 as a HS senior, and can jump out of the gym. He’s going to have a heck of a year.
    Like all HS players, he needs to add muscle but he’s got a great frame.

    As long as transfers don’t cripple us, next year should be a stellar year. Even w/o TJ.



    We can be a heck of a team next year. Need to keep our guys in the fold.



    Mow that our NIT fate is almost sealed, Mark should start playing Lewis much more. Three reasons.

    1- so he doesn’t transfer which is a real possibility (over 50%) from what I’m hearing.

    2- the dude is at an athletic and physical disadvantage to his peers. More than others he needs grooming and acclimation to the speed of the game. This doesn’t happen without minutes.

    3- Cats superiority is exaggerated. He turns ball over and doesn’t shoot the 3 well. (Lewis hits shots in practice but not in game which screams…get me minutes!!)

    Mark has shown poor player development and personnel/ego management since he’s been here. This won’t change. Some people have the skill and some don’t.

    What he lacks in coaching however, he makes up in recruiting. If he keeps pipeline up there is sufficient hope. If Roy and Calipari have shown anything, talent wins championships.

    Anya Malik and Washington are talented enough to be an enviable front court in 2-3 years. Cat is most talented guard with nba all star potential. When did any coach ever convince a Trevor Lacey type of talent to transfer here??

    Gott pisses me off bc he sucks at coaching but I would be even more pissed with Bennett who will tease UVA fans until they tear their hair out.

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