John Skipper’s ESPN to feature UNC Scandal on OTL tonight

Will wonders ever cease?

Outside the Lines will run a report this evening on ESPNnews at 6pm. The question will be if the report will be designed to genuinely ask questions and seek truth, or will it be designed to run interference for the precious Tar heel basketball program which has sent dozens of key players through the African American Studies Department over the last 20+ years.

See video by clicking here

When watching the report, please never forget who “Tarheel of the Year” was year —

Tarheel of the year - John Skipper

…and what his biases may be…

John Skipper on Dean Smith

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UNC Scandal

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    Prowling Woofie

    Was definitely more revealing than I thought Skipper would allow it to be, but they should have come out with a full disclosure that ESPN’s head honcho is a UNC grad, and thus the four year delay in actually covering this story at all.

    I agree, WilmWolf – they need to come back with a full hour (or even a series) on this. Sounded like Mary Willingham wanted to just keep on sharing her ‘data’. Bring Jay Smith in next time and let’s have a Roy Roast !!!


    The real story has yet to be reported on, to my knowledge. It has been inferred, and hinted at, but not directly stated. The real story is not that UN* admits athletes that can barely read, it is that these very same individuals GRADUATE from UN*, most of them in FOUR YEARS!!! This is what the Heel fans can’t seem to understand. I saw it said by one of the PTB that UN* isn’t the only school recruiting these kids, and that is very true. BUT UN* is the ONLY school GRADUATING these kids!! NOT ONE SINGLE PLAYER HAS EVER BEEN DECLARED ACADEMICALLY INELIGIBLE PRIOR TO THIS SCANDAL BECOMING NEWS. Not one. That is the story here. That is the proof of the fraud that has been perpetuated on the public for the last four decades.


    I’m glad, in retrospect, the national media did not jump on this earlier. I think there is so much tangible evidence now implicating the MBB program that Cheater Hill will be under the cross hairs for a long time.

    The original scandal was Marvin Austin hanging out with agents in Miami.

    The basketball program was officially not involved.

    Now that Prof Nyang’oro has been indicted for fraud and will be giving testimony under oath, there will more and more coming out about the basketball program.

    The football program was already hit with a post-season ban and reduced scholarships for all the stuff with agents and impermissible benefits, which it turns out has been just the tip of the iceberg, with regards to the corruption on Orange County.

    I do not think the national media would have been comfortable questioning the MBB program before Nyang’oro’s indictment because it was supposed to be the one program that had been doing things “the right way” for over 50 years, on the heels of the Dixie Classic point shaving scandal, Frank McGuire being forced out and Dean Smith being promoted supposedly with the mandate to run a clean program and win if you can.

    Knocking down the facade of the “the Carolina Way” that has been built up over more than half a century will not happen overnight, but it is happening.

    Every story, every article and the eventual trial of Nyang’oro is going to knock more and more bricks out of the “the Carolina Way” facade, until it can no longer stand up to scrutiny, whether or not the NCAA gets off its ass and does anything.


    Like others, not convinced anything will come of it. Too many power brokers with too much to lose. NCAA has no credibility. SACS, not much either. IMO, the whole education industry in this country is shot to hell, and this is just one sad example. Still, I hope the pompous asses over there fry.


    Someone should send John Skipper a sympathy card so the realization will sink in that his entire collegiate identity fostered in the great Dean Smith and how he “did things the right way” has been murdered before his very eyes. He needs to get over the denial phase and start dealing with the other stages of grief.

    He’s been had, just like every other gullible dolt to ever turn a blind eye to the bullshit flowing out of their alma mater.

    If they had an iota of sense they’d move to a stage of anger and sit on it for a while.


    Boomer Esiason even alluded to the academic scandal at UNC-CH in his 30 second blurb this morning. I know the NCAA isn’t going to do anything, but it would be nice for the conventional wisdom to become one where UNC-CH played a bunch of illiterates and always managed to keep them eligible through a system of sham courses. I see support for that view just starting to build across the country. We won’t know for another 3-6 months if the national opinion of the cheaters will change. Stay tuned.

    wolfmans brother

    Given the deafening silence from ESPN regarding coverage of the topic over the last several years, I was actually pleasantly surprised with the reporting. The piece was critical, direct, addressed some of the more glaring aspects of the ongoing scandal, did not shy away from calling out UNC for their attempted cover-up and whitewash, and was similarly critical of the NCAA for turning a blind eye. There was a decent interview of UNC whistleblower, Mary Wilingham, as well as an entertaining discussion with a panel of talking heads, including the N&O’s Dan Kane, who they praised again and again for his reporting. In short, there were no UNC apologists in sight, just the objective facts, and the results were damning.

    Probably being too optimistic here, but I can’t help but feel like the tides are turning now that more attention is being directed to this. The best hope, imo, for anything to come of it (other than negative pub for the cheaters –which I thoroughly enjoy) is for a connection to be made between the corruption of UNC and the corruption of the NCAA, such that the average, divested sports fan, and public at large, become outraged by the disparate treatment of sanctioning schools and the sham educations of student athletes.


    Ok here it comes! This is what we have been waiting for almost three years. Someone on the inside to finally speak out. At one time we thought it would have been any one of the athletes (Austin, etc) but Ms Willingham has decided to do it. She states in he above article that EVERYONE knew of the sham classes. Now it will be on the administrators and coaches to prove they didn’t know. NCAA will be back before the end of the summer if not sooner!


    ^ At the bottom of that article is a the blurb for this segment on tonight’s news at 6: “Willingham outs the GPA of UNC players in the 2013 Belk Bowl”

    I can’t watch so someone please post the deets after it airs.


    Found this on Dan Kane’s twitter feed @dankanenando:

    <p>Willingham: 17 starters/regulars on 2013 UNC FB team had 29 F's, 53 D's and 10 semesters of academic probation.</p>— Jon Solomon (@jonsol) January 14, 2014

    <script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>

    Probably what the segment tonight is going to be talking about.

    *Edit: Ok, so the quoted Tweet didn’t show up like I wanted. Any mods that feel like fixing that, go right ahead.


    Loved the snippet with the student body president, Christy Lambden (misidentified as Christy Lambert in WRAL interview), “I’ve been in a number of classes with student athletes and every single time, all of those student athletes impressed me academically.” He probably hasn’t because he did not have Basketball, Baseball or Football players in his class. He is a junior majoring in philosophy and political science and is from England.


    Folt speaks…. i just got an email from a UNC friend with her letter. She seems to be questioning Willinghams info, then she throws out the 2012-2013 academics info as a beacon of their academic intergrity(like it wouldnt be good in 2012-13 considering the pressure theyre under), then finally rounds it all out into a larger indictment of the entire college sports scene (ie, everyone is doing it).

    SFN admin, let me know if you want me to forward you a copy of the email.


    It is obvious to most of us that this has become criminal in nature – People like former UNC system Presidents Bill Friday and Erskine Bowles, former UNC-CH Chancellor Holden Thorpe, and former Governor Jim Martin tell us that UNC-CH has been cooperating and at every turn new and old public figures tell us that we are supposed to let the investigations play out and how the university is on top of the situation. They say that we should trust all of the public officials involved and how they are trying to get to the bottom of the scandal of the day. It is obvious that if there had been all of this “cooperation”, then there would not be this constant drumbeat of further corrupt practices exposed, that we have seen over the past four years.

    UNC Chapel Hill Criminal Fraud exposed in Athletics and Academics


    Of course she questions the info. Rather than seeking the truth, dodge, deflect, and point fingers elsewhere. As the head of the school, one would think she would want the real truth but that is not the Carolina way.


    i tried to post the email but cant get it to come through

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