Coach McNutt Out from NC State?

A rumor has been floating around the message boards for a week or two now and it looks like it finally made it to Twitter that Defensive Backs coach Richard McNutt is no longer with the football staff. The very reliable Pete Roussel tweets:

If true, and we at SFN believe that it is, we should expect something from State’s SID tomorrow.

McNutt is a very lively personality and is well known for his social media prowess and being an aggressive recruiter so when he was silent during the most recent #RedLight excitement of DB Mike Stevens’ commitment we knew something was up.

We’re sad to see McNutt go but I’m sure Coach D will find a suitable replacement. I just hope he is able to entertain us on social media like McNutt used to. Here’s a collection of his finest moments

Good luck coach, thanks for your time here.

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    A rumor has been floating around the message boards for a week or two now and it looks like it finally made it to Twitter that Defensive Backs coach R
    [See the full post at: Coach McNutt Out from NC State?]



    I heard that as well.



    Is he leaving State for another program or was he let go?


    john of sparta

    let go.
    get used to it.
    he is just the first.



    Interesting. Do NOT have any info or insight. However, he was one of Coach D’s hires at NIU and stayed there two years. He coached in the Orange Bowl that Coach D “missed”. Then then followed Coach D here. His bio is still on

    I do believe that John of Sparta is correct, there will be lots of new name plates on doors and lots of NCSU athletic apparel for sale as the coaching carousel gears up….and some will feel like they were on the Vortex at the State Fair.

    You can NOT have the season that we had without making some changes….hopefully they are well thought out and effective.

    Here is another article on personnel changes.

    Wonder is Huxtable will be at Spring Practice….that is JUST a question and not any speculation….



    Was not impressed with the DBs this past season.



    I take no joy in seeing the man fired, but I expected that changes were coming. The DBs were pretty young and inexperienced, so I couldn’t tell if that was lack of talent, experience, scheming, etc..

    On some level, this says something for DD. He’s not going to be loyal to a fault like the last staff. Now, we can’t have this place become a revolving door like Amato, but some pressure to perform is a good thing.

    I know the most hated man on every coaching staff is the OC. I am not one that thinks that I can do better just because I can light it up on Playstation. At the same time, we just seem to have some schematic issues there that I don’t think are going to get us where we ultimately want to go. Canada has also been a bit “weird” and “polarizing” in previous spots. I suspect he gets one year with Brisset at least, but I wouldn’t be sad to see him moved on either.

    I’m a little surprised that we’re seeing any of this before signing day. I thought all assistant moves happened almost immediately afterwards.



    So, he is being fired and not leaving for a better (or lateral) job?



    As expected, the microscope was put on the D side of the ball. Doeren is a D guy, after all.

    As for Canada, does wresting offensive control from Bielema, and turning Wisco into a top 12 offense count as polorizing? …Or did I miss something? Maybe doing the same for NIU was weird?

    Not starting a bar fight …Just seeking clarity.



    I agree with your view that Canada has a record that makes you believe he can coach. I just hope we can get enough talent on campus to take advantage of what he can do.

    I was very critical of Huxtable this year, but if the talent pool was as shallow as a lot of people contend it was, he may have been in a pick your poison situation all season. He gets another year for sure. The defense could look bad enough in 2014 to cost him his job. We’ll have to wait and see.



    IMHO, we’re lucky yo have Canada. I hope he stays around a long time. The “polarizing” at Wiscy was due to Coach B hamstringing him. We all saw what happened once Coach B let go of the reins.



    This whole thing doesn’t make sense…Doeren thought enough of him to bring him with him from Northern Illinois…why fire him after one year, if, indeed, the primary problems with the team this season were personnel (or lack thereof). Is there something else to this that folks just don’t want to publicly discuss?



    Classof89: You’re saying what I’m thinking. It doesn’t make sense to me either. The only other argument is maybe that DD was closer to the defense, saw this wasn’t working and made a change.

    tjfoose/Cow: I don’t know if we’ve seen the real Canada because I don’t know who Canada really is. Was the real Canada the guy who was “unleashed” against Nebraska? That was an impressive victory indeed, but I would argue that it is easy to surprise a team when they expect one game plan and you trot out a completely different one. I’d also suggest Nebraska’s defense really hasn’t been that good.

    Was the real Canada the guy who lost in the bowl game immediately following that? It didn’t take a team long to prepare to bog them back down.

    What was Canada’s role in the absolute dysfunction that resulted in the OL coach being fired just a few weeks into the season. It’s easy to pin that on Beilema, particularly given he made the hire, but I kind of see the OC as the line manager who wasn’t really getting it done. Regardless, that was a situation that rarely ever happens in college football.

    Was the OL really that bad, or schematically was Wisconsin doing something different (and flawed) enough that Beliema had to step in. I have a Wisconsin fan whom I trust and he suggested it was the latter, and that was AFTER BB left them for Arkansas. He has no love lost for BB for leaving Wisconsin, but was more thankful that Canada didn’t stay.

    Canada was OC at Indiana and they had 5, 7, 3 and 4 wins while he was there. Yeah, he had the great year in 2011, but Jordan Lynch covers a lot of sins. That’s why I think he gets a chance with Brisset, and maybe he’s good enough to be a Lynch.

    I find it really odd that Huxtable gets all the heat, but he’s produced good defenses at multiple stops. When I watched the team this year, I thought the defense was solid, but would run out of gas (well, other than that last game). The offense though was putrid and put them in bad spots seemingly every possession. I’m not sure what more we really expected from the defense given the personnel, field position, no sustained offensive drives and constant turnovers.

    How does Canada get a free pass when the offense was the worst I have ever seen at NC State? Yes, I know there was no QB, and I defended that position because it was truly awful from a personnel perspective. Still, I think there should be some scrutiny there. All those pre-snap penalties were directly do to some of the motion we were trying, and that never got corrected.

    Anyways, rant mode off.



    Dude, like most of your posts…
    well conceived, and now fully explanatory.

    Beer’s on me. (BTW. Alvarez did not want him plucked.) FWIW.




    Cowdog: Thanks, and I know that Wisconsin made a strong push after we made our hire to try and get him back. I know that Alvarez has forgotten more football than I will ever know, so there must be something there.

    I probably was looking for a problem on that side of the ball early. Someone on another site who I trust told me before the season that the over/under high water scoring mark for our offense against a BCS school would be 23 this season. It was telling……



    So noone is willing to spit out the real reason he was let go? I am skeptical that this was an entirely job performance-related decision.

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