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It’s been highly speculated since the beginning of the season that 2 or 3 of the biggest jobs out there could be opening at Texas, USC, potentially Nebraska and Florida. If any combo of those jobs end up open the dominos could fall throughout the the college football landscape.

USC has already fired Kiffen and replaced him with Washington’s Steve Sarkisian which to me seems like a highly underwhelming hire when you think of yourself as one of the top programs in the land. Sark is a safe hire but if you are USC, you don’t need safe.

Washington had to replace Sarkisian who went to USC and absolutely got the better end of that deal when they picked up Chris Peterson from Boise St. Over the years Peterson could have had his pick of jobs around the country but always chose to stay at Boise St which makes the move to UW a little curious.

Texas has rumors swirling around Twitter that Mack Brown will be stepping down on Friday but more interestingly are the rumors that Nick Saban is interested in the Texas job. The question is whether Saban, who seemingly uses every big job opening as a chance to milk Bama for money, is doing that again or would he actually leave for what many consider the best job in the country. Texas has better recruiting, better alumni, more money and in a much better city.

Other options who would be a good fit at Texas would be TCU’s Gary Paterson, Louisville’s Charlie Strong and Stanford’s David Shaw. I’ve heard Bob Stoops’ name and Mike Gundy, but don’t think either of those guys would leave OU and OSU. If Larry Fedora would have had a better year at UNC, I could see his name being tossed around there, he’s a guy with Texas roots who would jump at the chance to get back to the Lone Star State.

Florida has held off firing Muschamp by using offensive coordinator Brent Pease as a scapegoat and sending him packing. Muschamp has too much talent on his Florida team to suck as bad as tehy did this year. Muschamp has one more year and he better win.

Wake Forest made a solid hire by snatching another MAC coach in Bowling Green’s Dave Clawson. Clawson who has a history of turning around bad programs has his work cut out for him at Wake which has the potential to be a career killer. Grobe probably should have left after the 2006 championship season but instead stuck around too long and was never able to repeat the magic. Clawson won’t make the same mistake if he’s able to win at Wake.

It doesn’t look like Nebraska is going to fire Bo Pelini or they would have done it by now, so it is up to Texas to set the coaching dominos falling.

If you were Saban would you take the Texas job?

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    Saban has a contract extension sitting on his desk – it has gone unsigned for several days. I do believe it is real (his interest in Texas).

    Art Briles might be a good fit at Texas as well.


    Petersen to Washington is not surprising. Washington is a very good job and desirable by many in the coaching community. Mack Brown is gone they are just working out details of payments and if Brown will stay on in athletic dept. Nick Saban is who they are going after. Saban was given an extension last Friday that he has not signed yet. If Saban does not work out then the dance begins with about every coach that Texas will be pursuing will be in a big bowl game. Saban has expressed interest in the Texas job behind the scenes last year.


    Heard one of the ESPN talking heads say that they’d talked to Mrs Saban. She said there was no way Nick was moving to Texas. She acknowledged that they are at a frustrating state, of their own making, at ‘Bama where anything less than a national championship is perceived as failure. But she said there was no chance they’d move to TX.
    We’ll see who’s wearing the britches at the Saban household.


    One of the women who works with my wife has a friend in Austin who showed houses to Mrs. Saban a couple of weeks ago. I’m pretty sure Mack is gone. A BCS Bowl bid or a share of the Big 12 title were his minimum standards for this year and he missed them both.

    Mack Brown is the only coach in Texas history to lose at least 4 games in 4 consecutive seasons. Is there a coach in NC State history who has gone four straight years without losing four games?

    Art Briles will not take the UT job.

    The most interesting name being floated is Jim Harbaugh.

    Herb Sendek has said that he is staying at ASU.


    Herb Sendek has said that he is staying at ASU.

    I don’t care who you are, that’s funny (as long as you’ve been a State fan for >10 years).


    ^Has to be said for every major opening.


    Interesting, I thought for sure Briles would want the UT job, and was just going to suggest throwing money and effort at him instead of taking a gamble on Saban’s intentions (I think he stays, he’s a deity there).

    Some bloom is off the TCU guy’s rose at this point. I’m sure TX will get someone high profile, but it’s a little trickier than first expected.

    UW is arguably the best job in the Pacific NW, and maybe Petersen likes that area of the country (and may have learned from the cautionary tale of his predecessor’s time in BIG TWELLLLVVVE country).


    Follow the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    Ain’t no place in America with more money than Texas, home of “big oil”.

    I’d prefer ‘Bama, but if it’s about money, it’s about Texas!


    Petersen showed a bunch of interest in the UCLA and USC jobs, but U-Dub fits him perfectly. Not a glamor boy, and recruiting in some of the same territory. Word is it wasn’t even an interview when the AD and Petersen met, they both wanted the other.

    As for Saban, what else can he do at Bama? Sometimes, you just get the itch to challenge yourself and do something new. He can rebuild Texas in no time and retire on the upswing. His system is tried and true, and much easier to win in Big 12 than the SEC. He would own that conference. Plus, Austin ain’t a half bad town. Yea, you’ve got to please the Misses first. I’m sure all the cash coming his way will go a long way.


    Briles is a football guy. He’s not enough of a politician to be happy in Austin. Briles is THE QB guru at the college level. (Kolb, Keenum, RGIII, Florence, Petty)

    Shaw is probably the perfect candidate.


    With Saban it is simple. It’s not about the money (did I really just say that….) because Bama will pay whatever Texas can pay. Doesn’t matter how much money Texas has because Bama will pony up the cash to keep him. Second, he is doing comfortably awesome at Bama with solid recruits flowing in.

    So in my opinion it is a simple question of whether he wants to live and work in Texas vs Al. Both are awesome jobs with the highest money in the business.


    Nobody likes money more than Nick but they are going to pay the same in the end of a bidding war.


    Nick makes 5.5million now and is being offered 7million in his extension. Texas has a larger athletics budget but they spend much more money on non revenue and basketball. Their fans are much more rational and hence less passionate. The notion they can simply outbid Alabama is false. Alabama AD would disband the soccer and swim teams and Wall Mart fans and alumni would sell their virgin daughters before being outbid.


    ^yep… but they can afford a couple dozen HWNSNBN’s …

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    WHOA now, PackAlum44….

    I thought that the WM fans and the Alums that got them PRIME SRO tickets done signed up their daughters for the “I Bleed for Bama” plan….

    The young ladies are the equivalent of the Sweet Carolines and were SUPPOSED to be reserved for the 5 star recruits as signing and performance bonus.

    They sure can’t use cameo appearances on Duck Dynasty as bait.

    How are they honor their recruiting commitments?

    BTW….if Saban goes, he needs to TOP Mikey’s number so that the Dookies will start a fund raiser and that could cause ole Roy so much emotional stress that they would have to hide his Red Ryder BB gun, lest he inflict injury onto himself….


    Strictly HUMAN INTEREST….

    Cade Foster, the AL kicker that missed 3 FG and was pulled for the Frosh who had his RUN BACK (Since Saban has several rings…..was that a Gutsy or Stupid call???) is receiving hate email and tweets from the LOYAL AL fans.

    Cade, #43, did get a letter of support from a guy that got kicked around pretty bad and his reputation defamed….George (#43) Bush.

    Pretty classy….


    Texas can outbid Bama. You can take that to the bank. There is a reason Saban has yet to sign he extension. Bama is very nervous he wants the Texas gig. It is pretty obvious he does.


    In other Breaking News: Mandela Memorial Sign Language Interpreter says he is NOT a fake, has a UNC degree in African Languages to prove it.


    I think there are two items that I have heard mentioned by the talking heads that have not been mentioned here that would factor into Saban’s decision. First Texas has a lot more big money donors that Saban would have to accommodate. From what I’ve heard, Brown was masterful at pressing the flesh and glad handing those donors. Second, it sounds like Texas is going through an internal identity crisis. The administration is going through one of those phases where they are trying to decide how much emphasis should be placed on athletics. Everybody knows football is number one in Tuscalosa; is Saban willing to take a chance football could take a back seat to academics at Texas (which I don’t think would ever happen).


    I think Saban would find the atmosphere in Austin really annoying. He’s better off in a small town like Tuscaloosa where everybody leaves him alone and kisses his ass.


    Reports surfacing….all speculation but Twitter is a Tweet…

    Mack Brown quasi endorsed in an Ad Lib comment at a football banquet…..said to be around for many years….as Coach? As Special Fund Raiser? As assistant to the AD? Who knows….

    Saban said that his buddy Jimmy Sexton (you recall one of HIS clients….the Butcher of UNC fame) done got him a powerful raise…..gone from around $5.0 – $5.4 to $7.0 to $7.5 MILL…..

    Understand that Coach Williams had to be medicated. Or was THAT because of the little incident with one of his tenants? Don’t know.

    Mikey is supposedly UPSET in that Saban is getting a little TOO close to his $10 Mill and Duke will have to pony up….especially if that give Dave (First Dave) Cuttcliff a raise.

    Boosters and fans GONNA pay….

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