Pack9 vs Heels – Pt IV


It’s almost time.

Rodon vs Emanuel.

Not much more to say.

ESPN2, 3pm.

Later (8pm, ESPN2) LSU and UCLA will play the second game of the day.

Go Pack!!!

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  1. Wufpacker 06/16/2013 at 2:51 PM #

    And in the interest of mojo (and making BJD smile) here ya go BJD….

  2. bill.onthebeach 06/16/2013 at 2:59 PM #

    “Not much more to say.”

    That’s right….

    Mr. Dog has butterflies ????

    Don’t know which will be more entertaining…. the Game or the SFN-Pack9colorcommentators…..

  3. BJD95 06/16/2013 at 3:04 PM #

    Woohoo! The fat cat is Carlos, and the feathers represent a decimated Hole batting order.

    Kill, kill, kill!!!!!

  4. BJD95 06/16/2013 at 3:09 PM #

    No Mike Patrick, which is good. But the pregame feature used “Rodan.” FFS, he’s only the top prospect in all of amateur baseball. Spell his f-cking name right.

  5. packpowerfan 06/16/2013 at 3:10 PM #

    Beej, they spelled “College World Series” wrong on the dugout roof. It is Colllege, so I’m not too mad that they made him Rodan.

  6. Wufpacker 06/16/2013 at 3:12 PM #

    Leadoff walk for Trea Turner in the 1st..

  7. Wufpacker 06/16/2013 at 3:14 PM #

    Unfortunately,that’s the correct call….Fincher out for interference, Turner back to first instead of the steal.

  8. BJD95 06/16/2013 at 3:15 PM #

    Terrible mistake by Fincher. Just devastating.

  9. packpowerfan 06/16/2013 at 3:15 PM #

    Pretty blatantly obvious call there.

  10. BJD95 06/16/2013 at 3:16 PM #

    So unnecessary too. He could have stolen second standing up.

  11. Wufpacker 06/16/2013 at 3:17 PM #

    Yep, Turner had that one stolen easily unfortunately.

  12. Wufpacker 06/16/2013 at 3:18 PM #

    Austin Ks looking…

    Turner goes ahead and takes 2nd on the little delayed lead steal…

  13. TheCOWDOG 06/16/2013 at 3:18 PM #

    Jake .. Jake …Jake. Listen to the voice inside your head boy.

  14. Wufpacker 06/16/2013 at 3:20 PM #

    Senay with the 2 out RBI single to left, Turner scores from 2nd….1-0 Pack

    Nice start…

  15. BJD95 06/16/2013 at 3:20 PM #


  16. TheCOWDOG 06/16/2013 at 3:21 PM #

    Sennay picks up two teammies …sweet

  17. packpowerfan 06/16/2013 at 3:22 PM #

    2 more runs, and I will relax a little bit. Planned on shotgunning beers per run (assuming they come at a premium). Would love for the Pack 9 to put me on the floor this afternoon.

  18. Wufpacker 06/16/2013 at 3:22 PM #

    Nice to see Senay go with the pitch and take it to left…nice piece of 2 out hitting if I do say so myself.

  19. bill.onthebeach 06/16/2013 at 3:22 PM #

    don’t mean much but….
    the team that scores first wins 57% of the time…

    If Jake had turned back to third instead of in the catcher’s face… that’s a no-call…

  20. Wufpacker 06/16/2013 at 3:23 PM #

    Grant Clyde HBP…two on two out for the Pack….

  21. Wufpacker 06/16/2013 at 3:25 PM #

    Brett Williams Ks looking to end it…1-0 Pack after a half inning.

    Heels coming to bat.

  22. TheCOWDOG 06/16/2013 at 3:28 PM #

    In that situation, you don’t turn anywhere. You just give it a half ass duck. That’s it

  23. BJD95 06/16/2013 at 3:29 PM #

    Please don’t be wild. Not today.

  24. Pack78 06/16/2013 at 3:29 PM #

    Lotsa pitches in the top of the 1st.

  25. Wufpacker 06/16/2013 at 3:29 PM #

    Four pitch walk issued by Rodon to start things off…

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