Ralston Turner Hungry to Contribute

Former LSU guard Ralston Turner is among the new faces which Wolfpack fans will be getting used to, and hopefully seeing good things from, in the ’13-’14 basketball season.

More about him, as well as how he dealt with sitting out the ’12-’13 season from Bret Strelow of the Fayetteville Observer here

RALEIGH – Ralston Turner’s redshirt season was trying.

As a transfer from LSU, Turner couldn’t contribute to N.C. State in 2012-13. Watching rather than playing proved difficult.

“I can tell you numerous times I was sitting over there (on the bench) like, ‘Man, I just want to play two minutes,’ ” Turner said. “I knew it wasn’t going to happen, but I was cheering for them and patiently waiting.”

The wait will be over in about six months.


“Ralston, I thought, took advantage of a redshirt year as well as you possibly could in the weight room, strength and conditioning, practicing,” N.C. State coach Mark Gottfried said during the program’s season-ending awards banquet. “I think (he) is kind of flying under the radar a little bit right now, even around the league, as far as what kind of impact Ralston can have.”


In 2012-13, 6-6 senior Scott Wood attempted half of N.C. State’s 3-pointers and accounted for 56.5 percent of the team’s makes. Three-fourths of his career field-goal attempts were 3-pointers, and half of Turner’s shots in two seasons at LSU came from long range. He hit 34.6 percent of his 3s, going 99-for-286.

“Three-pointers are probably the best thing I do, but I’ve tried to work hard on expanding my game a little beyond the 3-point line and do some other things,” Turner said. “When I first got here, I was a shooter. All-around, I feel like I’ve gotten better in a number of areas.”

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3 Responses to Ralston Turner Hungry to Contribute

  1. Dogbreath 05/07/2013 at 7:07 AM #

    He’s a legitimate high ankle sprain candidate.

  2. PoppaJohn 05/07/2013 at 8:18 AM #

    ^ That made me laugh (and probably true)

    Well, if he considers himself a shooter (“Three-pointers are probably the best thing I do…”) then he’s in a bad situation following the best one we ever had. But definitely something we need.

  3. BJD95 05/07/2013 at 2:39 PM #

    Players like Turner are the backbone of programs like ours going forward. We recruit too well to rely on classic four year types, but can’t roll out a new team each year like Calipari.

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