Pack Edges Charlotte, 2-1


I hadn’t planned to write a recap of last night’s road win vs the Charlotte 49ers, but then I remembered something a wise man once said….

“You don’t f**k with a winning streak”.

So what if the man in question was completely fictional and also had some heavy duty ulterior motives at the time?  He was still quite correct.

(And yes, that is a Crash Davis reference).

The Pack’s winning streak reached a season high 11 games last night thanks to a career performance by State starter Ethan Ogburn (3-2) who carried a perfect game into the 7th inning vs Charlotte.  He would end up going 8.1 innings while giving up 1 run (0 earned) on only 2 hits.  He also struck out 5 and walked 0 on the night.

State and Ogburn would carry a slim 2-0 lead throughout most of the game and into the bottom half of the 9th inning, when it would almost come undone.  With Grant Sasser on the mound in relief of Chris Overman (who had come on in relief of Ogburn with one away), the 49ers had runners on first and third with two out.

On the game’s final play, a Wolfpack fielding error would allow one run to score, but the would be tying run would be caught in no man’s land between third and home and would be tagged out by catcher Brett Austin to end the rundown and the game.

The Pack’s scoring on the night came on single runs in the 1st (Brett Williams sac fly scoring Trea Turner) and the 2nd (Sam Morgan RBI single scoring Grant Clyde).

Logan Ratledge (2 for 4) and Tarran Senay (2 for 4, double) would each record multi-hit efforts.

With the win the Pack takes the season series vs Charlotte 2-0, and is now 29-10 overall (11-7 ACC).

No. 15 Pack Wins 11th Straight Behind Ogburn’s Gem (

Box Score

The Wolfpack will hit the road to Atlanta this weekend to take on GT for a three game conference series (All three games on ESPN3), and will then return home for an extended 11 game homestand which will include visits from Coastal Division leader UNC-CH and Atlantic Division leader FSU.

Big opportunities, both.

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14 Responses to Pack Edges Charlotte, 2-1

  1. 44rules 04/17/2013 at 11:20 AM #

    Unfounded observation here: It seems to me that Pack baseball games seem to be low-scoring affairs compared to the average college game. Do folks who follow college baseball more religiously than the casual fan see that as well, or am I imagining it?

  2. ruffles31 04/17/2013 at 12:20 PM #

    The Pack has won games 13-4, 8-7, and 7-3 as well as lost 24-12. So I wouldn’t classify it as low scoring.

    College games are tending to score less since they reworked the way the bats are made, making them more wood like.

    However, this year the Pack doesn’t have a definitive home run threat every time they are up to the plate, like they had with Ryan Matthews and Danny Canela last year. This year is a little more manufacturing of runs, although multiple guys have 4-5 HRs.

  3. WolftownVA81 04/17/2013 at 3:17 PM #

    Thanks for the update. I’ve been working in Turkey the last two weeks and haven’t seen any TV, news or sports. Nice to get the recap. Go Pack.

  4. Wufpacker 04/17/2013 at 6:59 PM #

    OK, the whole “this is a baseball thread” issue aside for the moment, how about we follow basic decorum and we DON’T post anything personal about anyone on a whim (Gott, CJL, TL….or even your freaky Aunt and Uncle).

    And just remember that though a picture is worth 1000 words, about 999 of them are often misleading, especially when taken out of context.

    My point is that “interesting” photos from AT BEST a 3rd party, without proper and RELIABLE context, is nothing more than hearsay.

    If that shit starts (on this thread or any other) you can assume it will be deleted.

    Now, if you wanna discuss this, I would suggest moving this to the forums as there are multiple threads there much more suited to this topic.

  5. TheCOWDOG 04/17/2013 at 7:17 PM #

    I’ ve got better ( real ) shit with Avent than that smj dude.

    Lord, that guy has a penchant for showing his ass each and every single time he bloats on the site. Every freakin’ time.


  6. TheCOWDOG 04/17/2013 at 9:00 PM #

    I was gonna take it further than the intention of 3P and Wuf, but in the end we need people like smj to come on in and attempt to blow up a perfectly good post.

    Especially with completely unrelated, 60 degrees of separation, attention grasping floundering.

    It’s an MO of this character, and the moron tdouble. I ignore them…wouldn’t even go out of my way to acknowledge them.

    Now, if either one had any baseball sense, I might consider giving either one the time of day. BTW, VTpackfan, I owe you a sort of apology from your RF faux pas. I was too rough, almost. You follow the game.

    Wuf…they need to bring back the train from Baltimore to Saint Louis, boy. Club car writer.

    You and DBP coulda’ plied guys like me all night long.

  7. GAWolf 04/17/2013 at 9:06 PM #

    Guys… I deleted the post above about basketball. This is a baseball post. The baseball team doesn’t get enough attention as is, so let’s keep this one on baseball.

    I’m almost scared to post anything right now substantive about the Pack 9 for the same reason this post was made originally. Sometimes there’s no need to mess with a good thing.

    HUGE couple of conference series coming up including a timely match up with UNC. Unfortunately this is the same weekend as Merlefest so I’ll be following the best I can via the web between sets of bluegrass.

    Keep it up, Pack!!! LOVING what this team can do when healthy and playing good ball. Don’t kid yourself about the importance of Trea Turner to this ball club. For a such a baby-faced underclassman, the kid carries the weight of a critical year for our program.

    Go Pack! Play some quality ball down the stretch!

  8. GAWolf 04/17/2013 at 9:11 PM #

    Last thing… I’m PROUD of these guys and how they’re gutting out wins of late. With the middle week guys like Ogburn pitching well, this squad can write its own legacy. It’s those middle guys that get a program over the hump in brutal post-season play. While Carlos needs to be sharp, it’s just as important that we pick up the games he doesn’t pitch. Having Turner healthy to help generate runs hopefully gives this pitching staff the confidence they need to go out and battle their asses off each and every night. Even when the bats aren’t hot we can generate runs, and that’s something we haven’t had of late. LOADS of potential here. Keep it up, Pack. Seize this opportunity.

  9. TheCOWDOG 04/17/2013 at 9:15 PM #

    GA woulda’ been my agent

  10. Wufpacker 04/17/2013 at 9:18 PM #

    Kind words ‘Dog, but at this point I’d rather be on the train headed toward Baltimore (and points south of course) than away.

    And if it’s all the same to you, I’ll restrict my “plying” to folks a little fairer than yourself 😀

    But I’d still be more than happy to get ya hammered.

  11. Wufpacker 04/17/2013 at 9:29 PM #

    And thanks to GA for the assist, as it were.

    My gut was to delete and ask questions later, but I decided to leave that judgement up to someone else so as not to appear heavy handed and/or whiny.

    And I agree with your assessment re: Turner and the pitchers not named Carlos. Was thrilled with Wilkins and Stone this past weekend, and of course Ogburn last night. Workman-like bullpen seems to be holding together as well.

    I’m looking forward to the stretch run.

  12. GAWolf 04/18/2013 at 7:17 AM #

    Our bullpen has been knock-on-wood ridiculous. If that group stays dominant, we can put a special year in the books despite the downswing w/o Turner in the lineup.

  13. vtpackfan 04/18/2013 at 7:31 AM #

    The “what if game”. Wilkens and Sasser out of lasts years bullpen. Probably wouldn’t have been enough to beat UF in their backyard whiffle ball stadium.

    Ethan Ogburn is the kinda guy that gives you a great chance of extended the year after advancing through a losers bracket. He is one of the great “dead bat” pitchers of his era.

    Hey, great pitching has proven to earn some hardware-ask San Fran. With Wilkens and Stone we could keep it rolling along.

    Question: had Austin caught almost every pitch? His game had impressed a lot this year.

  14. TheCOWDOG 04/18/2013 at 7:26 PM #

    I ‘m guilty of not seeing when and where Austin has gotten his rest, ’cause I ‘m too lazy.

    However, his hands have become softer judging strictly on the games I ‘ve viewed.

    Because my kid’s season runs side by side, I just don’t get enough good takes. I wanna say that Austin has also settled young Carlos down to where they’ve begun to work better together …but again, I can’t attest outside of a few games.

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