Early season ACC Basketball developments

It is hard for me to stay on top of the performances of all of the ACC Basketball teams so early in the season. So, I like to have a little help setting the table on early season developments to get prepared for conference play.

Rush The Court has five ACC articles for you today if you want to do a little reading that will include the Fayetteville Observer’s article on NC State.

Richard Howell may be the most important player on NC State’s roster this season. He’s definitely not the most talented, but the senior consistently outworks everyone on the floor. Most people expected Lorenzo Brown or CJ Leslie to take the helm of this Wolfpack team, but Howell has been the guy who refuses to quit — he’s the guy that sparks the team and steps up in the big moments. This isn’t to say Howell is perfect, as he still attracts fouls at an alarming rate and lacks the polish to really be an offensive centerpiece. But he’s the type of guy who could bring the talented freshmen into the fold and build on the success Mark Gottfried’s team had to end last season.

This link will take you to an ACC Blogger’s view of the current power rankings in the conference. I share this more because of the background information that you can glean from the capsules than because I agree with the power rankings (that I find to be a little inconsistent).

Lastly, please jump into some current NC State sports conversations by spending a moment on our message forums linked here.

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4 Responses to Early season ACC Basketball developments

  1. mak4dpak 12/11/2012 at 7:29 PM #

    Living in Fayetteville, glad to know our newspaper sports writers have such clout. And also like to say I feel we have a promising season ahead of us. Oky State was a bad one, but we had every chance to beat a Michigan team on their on court, and they are ranked 3rd in the nation. So with continued improvement from our freshmen, ready for some ACC basketball. And just maybe this time around we won’t blow a 20+ lead against the Dukies. We are at home this time. We can not let anyone beat us in the PNC. Hopefully the boys are up for the challenge.

  2. PackerInRussia 12/12/2012 at 2:42 AM #

    When the issue of leadership came up a while ago, several guys talked about needing to be a leader, but Howell stood out to me as one who was taking responsibility. He talked about needing to lead “my team.” He’s certainly backed it up with his level of play.

  3. Prowling Woofie 12/12/2012 at 6:40 AM #

    mak4 – we get ’em home and home this year with the revised schedule. We’ll take ’em twice !!!

  4. ryebread 12/12/2012 at 10:16 AM #

    That blog is how I see it as well, though I’d swap Virginia Tech with Maryland in the 2/3 spot. No team has been a bigger positive surprise in the ACC (and possibly nationally) than Va Tech. UVa is probably the second biggest positive surprise.

    Florida State is the league’s most disappointing team. They’re just bad. It looks like if you stop Snear, then they’ve got nothing offensively (even worse than most Hamilton coached teams). We need them to continue stinking come league play time.

    Duke has to be the prohibitive ACC favorite at this point. They should win the regular season (which was my prediction) and may win the ACC tournament as well. They look like a legit #1 seed right now and the best Duke team in years.

    The ACC has more depth than I’d predicted. The bottom two (WF and BC) are still bad, and Clemson and FSU are not performing as I expected, but the rest of the league is fairly solid. The Big 10 is more top heavy, but I am not sure there is a deeper league (outside of potentially the A10).

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