Glennon searching for wins, recognition

Andrew Jones at had this article the other day about Glennon having his chance to shine without sharing any spotlight.

Mike Glennon spent his first three football seasons at N.C. State patiently playing behind stat-sheet-stuffing quarterback Russell Wilson. An Elite 11 signal caller in high school, Glennon was getting a bit antsy toward the end of his redshirt sophomore year. He wanted to play. He was ready to play.

Wilson, though, wasn’t prepared to announce any football intentions for his senior season, as he was still trying to decide if he would return to the Wolfpack or continue chasing his dream of reaching the major leagues.

Of course we all know what happened next, Wilson headed off to Wisconsin.

NCSU started poorly and Wilson was generating plenty of national hype, certainly more than he did when at N.C. State. There wasn’t much Glennon could do to make folks zero in on him without mentioning his predecessor.

That’s all changed, though. Glennon can finally flap his wings without clanking into Wilson comparisons or simple mentions. He’s free to be the QB his fiber can muster.

“I’m ready,” the 6-foot-6 senior said. “I’m ready for us to have a big year.”

Like Wilson, Glennon speaks about the team first and almost always. But perhaps unlike Wilson, who eventually made it more about himself than it should have been by annually holding the program hostage, Glennon’s sincerity isn’t questioned.

Ask him about individual honors and Glennon touts the team’s terrific secondary or its young-but-talented wide receivers. Ask him about throwing touchdown passes and he praises his offensive line, which he defends without hesitation.

Sounds like a complete team first young man. Exactly in the mold of TOB.

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5 Responses to Glennon searching for wins, recognition

  1. Pack78 05/18/2012 at 10:11 AM #

    Our teams in a variety of sports are now winning much more often and making NCAA playoffs-they are being led by athletes like Mike Glennon. Meanwhile, over at Chapped Hole…

  2. newt 05/18/2012 at 12:34 PM #

    “There wasn’t much Glennon could do to make folks zero in on him without mentioning his predecessor.”

    ironic as heck

  3. Hungwolf 05/18/2012 at 6:11 PM #

    Glennon needs to make quicker reads and be more mobile in the pocket. His height and arm strength are NFL quality.

    Word out of Seattle is Wilson turning some heads in rookie camp. I hope Wilson gets a good shot to show what he can do!

  4. blpack 05/18/2012 at 9:29 PM #

    I would expect Glennon to improve the little things that separate good from great QBs this fall. He still has a ways to go, but he could be one of quarterbacks ESPN talks on and on about next April. This team is ready to have a great season, just have to stay healthy.

  5. choppack1 05/19/2012 at 8:34 AM #

    I thought Glennon handled himself really well last year.

    He put up solid numbers and improved as the year went on. Hopefully, he can pick up where he left off.

    I agree with blpack – if he makes some modest improvements, he’ll be drafted in the first 4 rounds next year.

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