[3:30 update] Roy Williams discusses shooting NC State fans

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Don’t know what is wilder — (a) Roy’s comments or (b) the fact that the News & Observer didn’t feel compelled to even mention the comments in their headline – “Roy Williams disgusted with UNC fans selling tickets in Las Vegas”

“You know you get tired of that. But it’s something that’s always bothered me. It will always bother me. A hundred years ago I’m watching in Lawrence, Kansas, and North Carolina’s playing North Carolina State and there were five million red shirts in the crowd. And if I’d had a BB gun, five million red shirts would have had a burned rear end. Because I just don’t like those kinds of things. I mean, seriously.

In CLASSIC UNC fashion, these comments ring through with hypocrisy, insensitivity and an inconsistent application of standards that really can ONLY happen in Chapel Hill. Only in the BASTION of liberalism where extreme gun control laws are cheered would the most popular man in town get away with advocating the malicious use of ANY kind of fire arm against another human being (thank God he didn’t suggest shooting an animal…that would have been worse).

I can only wonder what the families of the victims of Wendell Williamson (link) must be thinking right now?

Of course, the other part of Williams’ comments are not without hilarious hypocrisy. Leave it to our friends at Pack Pride to point out that STUB HUB, the online ticket re-seller, is a sponsor of UNC Basketball and athletics.

@PackPride wonder if Roy is going to make UNC take down all of the @stubhub signage

I’m guessing UNC-CH’s new (so called) “Athletics Director” now knows how is REALLY in charge in Chapel Hill!

Of course, it didn’t take the old Twitter feed to fill up with both serious and hilarious commentary. A couple of pictures that have been posted have been hilarious.

Link to ‘Introspective Roy’

Link to Roy shooting

Link to the red rider

Suitable for framing in Roy’s office (click for a larger version):

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53 Responses to [3:30 update] Roy Williams discusses shooting NC State fans

  1. HPWolf 11/30/2011 at 2:13 PM #

    Roy Williams you’re a whiny ass little bitch. I hope we ride you like a two dollar whore when you come to the RBC Center.

  2. Howler 11/30/2011 at 5:04 PM #

    Always liked “Ratboy” better. In fact, there is no comparison. He was a good friend to V during the illness, and things like that shouldn’t be forgotten.

  3. heavy 12/02/2011 at 12:32 PM #

    Typical Tarhole, always trying to shoot something up someones rear end…

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