NC State Football By The Numbers – Post Maryland Edition

Here are the end of the regular season stats after the big Maryland comeback.

Team Statistics

Points Per Game: 28.0 (ACC Rank: 6, Nat’l Rank: 58)
High: 56
Low: 0

Rushing Yards: 108.2 (ACC Rank: 11, Nat’l Rank: 108)
Passing Yards: 238.0 (6, 52)
Total Offense: 346.2 (11, 93)

Points Per Game: 24.8 (ACC Rank: 7, Nat’l Rank: 56)
High: 45
Low: 0

Rushing Yards: 132.4 (ACC Rank: 5, Nat’l Rank: 41)
Passing Yards: 219.5 (7, 54)
Total Defense: 351.9 (4, 39)

Offense: 11 fumbles, 11 interceptions, 22 total
Defense: 12 fumbles, 24 interceptions, 36 total
Turnover Margin: +14

More Team National Rankings
Passing Efficiency – 52
Sacks Allowed – 99
Interceptions Thrown – 62
Fumbles Lost – 72
Turnovers Lost – 72
Tackles For Loss Allowed – 62
First Downs – 93
3rd Down Efficiency – 42
4th Down Efficiency – 42
Red Zone Efficiency – 31
Time Of Possession – 31

Pass Efficiency Defense – 31
Sacks – 12
Tackles For Loss – 35
Passes Intercepted – 1
Fumbles Recovered – 27
Turnovers Gained – 2
First Downs Allowed – 25
3rd Down Efficiency Defense – 52
4th Down Efficiency Defense – 3
Red Zone Efficiency Defense – 77

Special Teams
Net Punting – 82
Punt Returns – 22
Punt Return Defense – 19
Kickoff Returns – 64
Kickoff Return Defense – 67

Turnover Margin Per Game – 5
Penalties – 11
Penalty Yards – 3

Total Attendance (394,008) – ACC Rank: 4, Nat’l Rank: 32
Average Attendance (56,287) – 4, 34
Percent of Capacity (97.8%) – 3, 30

Toughest Schedule (FBS Only)
Cumulative Opposition: 48-51 (.485) ACC Rank: 9, Nat’l Rank: 73

Individual Statistics

Rushing Leaders
James Washington: 212 carries, 852 yards, 4.0 avg, 7 TD
Tony Creecy: 99 carries, 366 yards, 3.7 avg, 1 TD
Curtis Underwood: 45 carries, 235 yards, 5.2 avg, 1 TD
Brandon Barnes: 3 carries, 10 yards, 3.3 avg

Receiving Leaders
T.J. Graham: 39 catches, 641 yards, 16.4 avg, 5 TD
Tobias Palmer: 35 catches, 448 yards, 12.8 avg, 4 TD
Jay Smith: 36 catches, 347 yards, 9.6 avg, 4 TD
George Bryan: 30 catches, 302 yards, 10.1 avg, 4 TD
James Washington: 39 catches, 300 yards, 7.7 avg

Mike Glennon: 262-420, 2790 yds, 28 TD, 11 Int, 62.4% Comp Pct, 139.94 rating
Tyler Brosius: 8-13, 66 yards, 1 TD, 0 Int, 61.5% Comp Pct, 129.57 rating

Tackle Leaders
Earl Wolff: 99
Audie Cole: 98
Brandan Bishop: 77
Terrell Manning: 70
David Amerson: 54

Tackles For Loss Leaders
Terrell Manning: 13
Audie Cole: 9.5
Markus Kuhn: 8
Art Norman: 7.5
Darryl Cato-Bishop: 7

Sacks Leaders
Terrell Manning: 5.5
Darryl Cato-Bishop: 5.5
Art Norman: 4.5
Audie Cole: 3.5
Markus Kuhn: 3.5
Brian Slay: 3.5

David Amerson: 11
Brandan Bishop: 5
Earl Wolff: 3
Terrell Manning: 2
C.J. Wilson: 1
D.J. Green: 1
Darryl Cato-Bishop: 1

Mike Glennon: 6 fumbles, 3 lost
T.J. Graham: 6 fumbles, 2 lost
James Washington: 4 fumbles, 2 lost
Curtis Underwood: 2 fumbles, 2 lost
Jay Smith: 1 fumble, 1 lost
Team: 2 fumble, 1 lost

Field Goals
Niklas Sade: 10 of 15, long of 45

Extra Points
Niklas Sade: 42 of 44

Wil Baumann: 64 punts, 37.4 avg, long of 62, 20 inside 20 yard line
J. Ellis Flint: 3 punts, 35.3 avg, long of 38, 0 inside 20 yard line

Niklas Sade: 64 KO, 62.0 avg, 3 touchbacks, 4 out of bounds

Kickoff Return Leaders
T.J. Graham: 41 returns, 22.5 avg
Tobias Palmer: 3 returns, 16.0 avg
Dean Haynes: 2 returns, 15.5 avg
David Amerson: 1 return, 25.0 avg
C.J. Wilson: 1 return, 21.0 avg
Mario Carter: 1 returns, 10.0 avg

Punt Return Leaders
T.J. Graham: 16 returns, 12.1 avg, 1 TD
Rashard Smith: 2 return, 6.5 avg

Individual ACC & National Rankings (Nat’l Top 100)
James Washington (Rushing) – ACC Rank: 8, Nat’l Rank: 77
Mike Glennon (Pass Efficiency) – 8, 54
Mike Glennon (Total Offense) – 8, 62
David Amerson (Interceptions) – 1, 1
Brandan Bishop (Interceptions) – 3, 10
Earl Wolff (Interceptions) – 7, 80
Wil Baumann (Punting) – 10, 85
T.J. Graham (Punt Returns) – 1, 12
T.J. Graham (Kickoff Returns) – 5, 76
Niklas Sade (Field Goals) – 8, 70
T.J. Graham (All Purpose Runners) – 3, 19
Terrell Manning (Sacks) – 7, 54
Darryl Cato-Bishop (Sacks) – 10, 87
Earl Wolff (Tackles) – 8, 69
Audie Cole (Tackles) – 10, 74
Terrell Manning (Tackles For Loss) – 2, 26

Top 10 Active NCAA Career Leaders
C.J. Wilson:
Interception-TDs: 1

David Amerson:
Interceptions Per Game: 1

T.J. Graham:
Punt Returns: 6
Punt Return Yards: 8
Punt Return TDs: 4
Kickoff Returns: 2
Kickoff Return Yards: 5
Kickoff Returns Per Game: 10

Terrell Manning:
Fumbles Forced: 9

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Graduated from NCSU in 1996 with a degree in statistics. Born and inbred in West "By God" Virginia and now live in Raleigh where I spend my time watching the Wolfpack, the Mountaineers and the Carolina Hurricanes as well as making bar graphs for SFN. I'm @wvncsu on the Twitter machine.

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10 Responses to NC State Football By The Numbers – Post Maryland Edition

  1. baxter 11/30/2011 at 2:25 PM #

    Tell you what, its amazing to see the defensive stats and how they improved as the season went on when we were at full strength. What could have been.

    Also, Baumann’s #s are a bit deceptive, he was excellent at pinning teams down this year inside the 20, and especially in the 10. I was impressed with the freshmen ST unit this year.

    Overall, lot of positives to build on, but clearly, a more established run game and less sacks is a must next year. Word is, we may see some staff turnover, but it may be due to health concerns. Other than Rice, he is gone from S&C, will be interesting to see who they hire.

  2. TruthBKnown Returns 11/30/2011 at 2:52 PM #

    Word is, we may see some staff turnover, but it may be due to health concerns. Other than Rice, he is gone from S&C, will be interesting to see who they hire.

    It sounds like you could be talking about Bible (health concerns). Just curious if you’ve heard anything. Any word on Archer, by any chance?

  3. WuffDad 11/30/2011 at 5:09 PM #

    Interesting what statistic can show.

    According to the Bowl Subdivision (FBS) National Player Report Passing:

    Rank 20: Robert Griffin III, Baylor

    Rank 22: Mike Glennon, North Carolina St.

    Rank 23: Andrew Luck, Stanford

    Rank 69: Russell Wilson, Wisconsin

  4. TruthBKnown Returns 11/30/2011 at 5:45 PM #

    WuffDad, do you have a link to the webpage that says that?

  5. Greywolf 11/30/2011 at 6:57 PM #

    Re: the running game
    We were missing 1st string RB (Greene), 1st string FB (Gentry) and you could say 1st string QB (Wilson) who was a first class running QB when he wanted to be. Just getting Greene back will make a huge difference next year.

    Sorry about Bible’s health, not sorry if we replace him with someone who is a little more up to date with offensive schemes. Archer? Hard to go against his results when he had healthy linemen. Those DB’s will be just short of awesome when we get the 4th starter back — Jarvis Byrd. Brandon Bishop should be 1st team All ACC next year. Don’t know about Earl Wolff (but I bet the rbs he’s laid the wood to do.)

  6. Prowling Woofie 12/01/2011 at 9:08 AM #

    Saw where we’ll have 17 off 22 players returning off the current two-deep on both sides of the ball next year. 34 of 44 players with extensive experience is a pretty stellar starting point.

    I’m sure those numbers didn’t include Moose or Byrd, as they aren’t currently listed.

  7. WuffDad 12/01/2011 at 9:33 AM #

    Sorry about the delay, just got back to the computer.

    Re: the running game:

    Although Greene may bring something a step above, I give James Washington a huge amount of credit this year. For a small guy he ran hard inside, and helped us RAM the ball down the UNX throats down the stretch. When the line gave him somewhere to go, he made the most of it. If the line doesn’t show up then Mustafa won’t fair any better. Together with Creecy, we’ll have great RB talent next year – just get us a line to play behind.

    I’ve begun to skip worrying about the skill players being recruited and only look for the O and D linemen. They can make marginal talent perform acceptably well. One big concern I do have re: recruiting is the absence of any Linebackers.

  8. WuffDad 12/01/2011 at 9:42 AM #

    Have to agree with Greywolf:
    “Archer? Hard to go against his results when he had healthy linemen. ”

    I’ve spent my share of the season disgusted with our defense – especially the pass coverage (although statistically we are “surprise” above average). Early on in the season a friend who knows one of the ACC statistical people who is on the sidelines said that that guy reported that the Def schemes being called were correct but the players were not following the plan. Combining that with the injuries, missed tackles, blown assignments, we had a real mess. It appears that once those things were corrected, we actually had the defense we all heard about preseason. I’m not so sure that Archer is or was the problem.

  9. baxter 12/01/2011 at 11:36 AM #

    The health in question is not Bible. Its premium info on the other boards, so I won’t detail it, but if you look at somethings that happened before the season, it kind of adds up. That being said, sounds like most of the info sites are waiting for things to be officially said, if they are publicly, because its a private matter.

    I really don’t get the hating on Bible. I think he calls the best game he can for the guys we have. The Clemson game was fantastic and he exploited everything, so was the Maryland game. Lets be real, the Maryland game was us shooting ourselves in the foot with 3 wtf fumbles and a pick 6. Thats not on coach. He worked that Maryland defense in the second half, especially when he stacked Creecy on GB and exploited their linebackers.

    Would I like to see Bible not coaching receivers? Yes. I think that should be a position with a dedicated coach, or TE/WR lumped together. But as far as QB coaching and OC, I think Bible is legit. He also signed an extension last year, so he’s going nowhere.

    I believe Archer did as well. I hate on Archer pretty hard, but when he has his players, man does that defense rack up stats. Combined with the LB coaching of Tenuta, I think we are set for years to come, barring unusual levels of injury. Archer never got the right guys in at Kentucky, and clearly his scheme doesn’t adapt well, but it will be interesting to see what we do next year, I wouldn’t be surprised to see 4-2-5 and 3-4-4 coverages.

  10. jwrenn29 12/03/2011 at 12:27 AM #

    WuffDad: the stats you linked to were simply completions per game, not a ranking of proficiency (as evidenced by the fact that Glennon trailed Luck in nearly every statistical category on that link).

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