Swofford in Indianapolis?

Mark Armstrong

@ArmstrongWTVDMark Armstrong
Just ran into UNC group. Understandably, no one’s talking tonight. Swofford is here as well.
I wonder why he would be there.  Certainly he must also have been on hand personally to help out Georgia Tech when they had their hearing and plans to be there for Miami when they have business in and around the NCAA headquarters.
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  1. smile102 10/29/2011 at 10:02 PM #

    so is there a fire John Swofford site yet?

    Lupus, what would be the grounds of that dismissal? He’s receiving rave reviews around the league for his Syracuse-Pitt coup. He negotiates billion dollar contracts on behalf of us all. Tell me why an objective boss would want to fire him. Facts please. Trying to protect the ACC’s Golden Goose that is UNC is expected and required of whomever is commissioner. The Schadenfreude from watching UNC get hammered by the NCAA will be delightful, but I don’t see where it is helpful to the conference.

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