UNC still witholding records

UNC has long publicized itself as the “university of the people”. However, with UNC’s court battles and delays in cooperating with the various NC media groups in releasing documents that are clearly public records, I wonder if the state’s “people” are starting to see the university in a different light:

Link to today’s N&O article from JP Giglio:

North Carolina did not fulfill requests Monday for information on its internal investigation into parking tickets for a dozen football players or for football coach Butch Davis’ cell phone records.

UNC’s claim is that all of the issues with the parking tickets were investigated and that there were no issues found in terms of the ownership/registration of the vehicles.

So why the stonewalling? Why is UNC delaying the release of the details of their investigation?

One has to assume that UNC’s investigation was completed months ago since they have been witholding records from the people of North Carolina for almost a year. Also, surely the investigation was thorough and covered all potential violations/ethical issues in relation to the parking ticket and vehicle prongs of the scandal in Chapel Hill.

Why not release the records “of the people” and let us see how deep and thorough this internal “review” was of the parking tickets and vehicles? There can’t be anything they want to hide from the public.

Or maybe the people of NC should just trust them that there is nothing to see here and move along?

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  1. VaWolf82 06/21/2011 at 9:52 AM #

    The “why” is obvious, or at least I think that it is.

    Once you release information, you now have given people/media something concrete to talk about…especially when there are so many things that aren’t necessarily issues, but certainly don’t look good:
    – insane number of parking tickets
    – revolving tags
    – a coach that doesn’t use the phone/lines provided by the university

    None of these things are direct evidence of wrong doing. However, they certainly don’t fit the story that UNC is trying to spin.

  2. Pacobee 06/21/2011 at 12:52 PM #


    This was forwarded from a friend of mine. It had our entire office laughing like crazy…the state fans at least. enjoy!

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