It’s a trap!

Things have been pretty serious around here for a while…and, we don’t want to run the risk of “Yow Fatigue”. So, I wanted to hit the blog tonight with some summer comic relief.

If you haven’t followed the death of Colonel Reb at Ole Miss, then you most definitely have missed the movement to replace the Colonel with Star Wars’ Admiral Ackbar.
Friends of the Program has attacked the nomination list with a classic entry I thought we would link.

The Ole Miss Mascot Selection committee has rendered its verdict and has finalized a list of potential mascot replacements for the unceremoniously removed Colonel Reb. The list is long, unfortunate, and predictable. It lacks any creativity, foresight…or mention of the gosh damn Admiral! An obvious ploy by the Empire. Disappointment in the lack of Ackbar aside, it is still necessary to review the choices that stand before the Rebel faithful. The entire list of possibilities is here, but for some reason, there are no examples of what the mascots would look like to accompany the list. I’ve always been a visual learner, so FOTP has taken the task upon itself to offer up an artist’s rendering of each of the choices…