Calling WRAL! UConn students commit recruiting violation for CJ Leslie

Over the last year, we have found two different ways to almost insure that a topic gets covered by WRAL’s blog:

(1) First – create a thread on our message board. Often the topic of thread doesn’t even have to be NC State related; can just be something from Deadspin or somewhere else. If the topic is interesting, it usually doesn’t take long after a thread a hits our boards – or some other NC State message forums – before it magically appears at WRAL. (Tip: ‘Hat tips’ to sites that originate your awareness of a topic are such an easy thing to provide)

(2) Second – Have the topic be related to NC State fans, recruiting, and/or the internet. If Tracy Smith has dinner with his friend, CJ Leslie, it is news at WRAL. If someone who has ever driven down Wade Avenue says the words John or Wall or Leslie on their FaceBook page, it is news at WRAL.

With ^this said, we can’t wait for the investigative journalistic energy that will go into the recruiting violation committed by UConn students as highlighted here.

According to the UConn forum, a group of students made up white T-shirts that read, “CJ Leslie Please Commit To UConn.”

How many times have we been told that any kind of group co-ordination, communication, and/or pre-planned overture or solicitation by boosters or students towards a recruit is a no-no? Could you imagine the horror if these kids would have started a nebulous FaceBook page proclaiming their love of Leslie?

May our media-watchers have no worries!!! You will get as much coverage of this story from our local media as you did the stories about Wayne Ellington’s crib in Chapel Hill. What? Don’t remember WRAL and the N&O providing any insight into that? Well…you just wait until the next time a local basketball player goes to dinner at Bojangles! You won’t be able to get enough of it!

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11 Responses to Calling WRAL! UConn students commit recruiting violation for CJ Leslie

  1. NCStatePride 04/26/2010 at 7:55 AM #

    Sounds like an NCAA Tournament-barring offense, to me!

  2. rtpack24 04/26/2010 at 9:04 AM #

    Also he was interviewed by a student for the school paper which I believe is against the ncaa rules.

  3. Alpha Wolf 04/26/2010 at 9:30 AM #

    It’s a secondary violation, to be sure, and no doubt the local media won’t care about it because it isn’t a local school.

    Seems like they only take secondary violations from one school seriously anyway.

  4. packbackr04 04/26/2010 at 9:38 AM #

    they should care if it means the possibility of a local recruit ( a Micky D local recruit) leaving to go to school elsewhere. Adn the fact that these violations could have something to do with his decision should definitely be reported by someone.

  5. StateFans 04/26/2010 at 10:31 AM #

    Interesting…does anyone have a link to the school newspaper interview?

  6. Derek Medlin 04/26/2010 at 11:00 AM #

    I just did a quick search on the paper’s web site. No link that I could find.

  7. rtpack24 04/26/2010 at 11:55 AM #

    Sorry it was a local paper the Stamford Advocate staff writer that did interview which I believe is a violation. Not student paper my bad.

  8. Derek Medlin 04/26/2010 at 11:56 AM #

    Here’s a video interview with Leslie from last week.

  9. stejen 04/26/2010 at 12:13 PM #

    As much as I hate to say this I am starting to think that State would be better off without Leslie. The guy obviously craves attention which makes me think he is not going to be much of a team player so even if he does sign with State there will be chemistry problems next year as he will be wanting all of the attention to prepare himself for the draft next year and I think it is a foregone conclusion he is a one and done player-or at least he wants it to work out that way.

  10. Pack Leader 04/26/2010 at 2:30 PM #

    You better believe if NC State students did this ESPN would have ran an article THAT DAY about how State is cheating to get a local product.

    Unfortuantly, I was born in the State family so these things dont suprise me, just make me chuckle and rip my eyes out.

  11. PhoenixWolf 04/27/2010 at 5:51 PM #

    Back when I was in AZ I considered going to the Tuscon airport with a sign for Mustafa Shakur on his flight in for his official visit with UA. I contacted the athletics department and got a response from Herb thanking me for my enthusiasm, but explaining that the university is not responsible for uncoordinated efforts and that it would not be a violation had I done so without the knowledge of the athletics department. But since my email informed them of the plan it would be a violation.

    Based on that response I would think a group of non-booster students wearing t-shirts (if not coordinated by athletics department or boosters) would not be a violation.

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