Statistical Analysis of Player Development under Sidney

…from one of our All-Star message board posters…

“I was curious to see how players developed under Lowe looking strictly at their numbers from each season under Lowe. Some players that played for both Lowe and Sendek I included their last season under Sendek just for information purposes, Grant was the only one to play significant minutes under both Lowe and Sendek.

Considering that NC State’s non-conference basketball schedule every year is very weak I decided to use only stats from games against conference opponents, regular season and tournament games. I used the 2009/2010 Media Guide to get the players stats for previous seasons and GoPacks individual game stats for the current season.

Instead of using stats per game to evaluate each player I decided to use the per 40 min formula to balance out each year. For example, player A could play 10 minutes per game (mpg) in year 1, 20 mpg in year 2, and 30 mpg in year 3. Because of more playing time his individual game stats should automatically be higher each year due to more playing time though he may not have improved on a per 40 minute basis. So I calculated Points Per 40 Minutes (PTS/40) by taking their cumulative points against the ACC season and dividing it by the total amount of minutes played (giving you a PTS/MIN result) and then multiplied it by 40 to weigh each season’s results the same. KenPom does a better job by using tempo free stats to develop his comparison stats but not everyone is comfortable (or familiar) with his stats. This “should” be easier to everyone to see the difference, though it may not be the most accurate due to tempo.”

…now that you’ve got the set up, you need to click here for the detailed statistics, observations and conversation. (We are going to close the comments to this entry so that the conversation doesn’t take place in two forums)