N.C. State’s Tradition Coordinator – Who knew???

After posting (erroneously – sorry and thanks!) about the Pep Rally that will be held at Harris Field on Wednesday night, I was contacted by the Director of Traditions for the Alumni Association Student Ambassador Program.

Call me disconnected if I’m the only one without knowledge of this group, position and/or effort by the University. I honestly had no clue. I think it’s a fantastic effort to improve alumni relations with the University as well as encourage the continuity of quality traditions that will amplify the magnitude of the student experience. We here at SFN have often criticized our University’s lack of efforts to further and improve the student and alumni experience. I am thrilled, absolutely thrilled, to know that this sort of grass-roots effort is out there. We are also excited that we can hopefully help assist them in their efforts.

KumarPack’s self-described goal “this year is to team up with NC State blogs and sports websites like (Statefansnation.com) so that we can get better access to the alumni base and community in addition to students.” Bravo to KumarPack and his organization!!!! It’s fantastic to see that at least some of the folks at our University embrace the technological advances that others have deemed something just short of “the devil.” As described by Chris in the comments section if you take the jump, the “Lunatic Fringe” seems to be gaining some momentum, and we’re glad we could be of assistance!!!

Statefansnation is where the hard core, most knowledgeable fans are. It is the “lunatic fringe” that the top of the NC State athletics department worries about. Very thoughtful analysis of the big picture of NC State athletics and detailed insights on every issue relating to football and basketball. They are the most devout of one of the most devout fan bases in America.

We’re pleased to have the chance to team with this faction of the University to hopefully provide you with more information in the future that will help enhance your experience as alumni. Should you be in need of any information regarding a University event, feel free to contact KumarPack via the message boards or relay your question directly to me. I will gladly send an email to KumarPack and get back to you as quickly as possible. I cannot stress how impressed I am with this effort. Despite the regimes of the past, it seems with Tom O’Brien and interim (hopefully not for long) Chancellor Woodward at the helm there is a new day dawning in Wolfpack Nation. This is a new day that will hopefully help rejuvenate the sometimes-waning pride for our North Carolina State University. (And unless you have been living under a rock for the last three months, there have been plenty of reasons to be concerned about the direction of our University.)

I’d like to publicly and graciously applaud KumarPack and his group for their part in helping to restore the connection between alumni, students and the NC State experience. I have requested more information about the origin of this group and I will share it all with you as soon as I hear from him.

Here is the message that KumarPack wanted me to pass along to you. (I will also paste under the USC Pep Rally entry.)

KumarPack private messaged the following information for me to share with the group:

Hello Wolfpack Fans!

Just a few reminders about the Pep Rally:

-It will be starting at 7:00pm Wednesday @ Harris Field! We hope to see all of you there.

-The Koozie’s will be available on a first come basis. In order to minimize chaos, Koozie’s will not be handed out until after the Pep Rally. As you arrive you can stop by the Students Today Alumni Tomorrow table and pick a Koozie Voucher. After the pep rally ends you can bring your voucher back to the table and pick up your Koozie.

-Campus Police will be on hand to handle anyone who gets out of hand, so make sure you don’t do anything dumb!

-Loyalty Points will be available to all students who attend the Pep Rally, Student Government will have a table out at Harris Field where you can go and get your ID Scanned in order to get the Loyalty Points.

-Various media outlets have been contacted so make sure you get there early, stay the whole time, and are loud so that we can show everyone how much NC State pride we all have.

-Here is a link to the Alma Mater:

Coach O’Brien and the Band will be closing the night with the Alma Mater, it would be great if you don’t them already to learn the words!

Alumni Association Student Ambassadors

Alums Campus News NC State Administration Tradition

16 Responses to N.C. State’s Tradition Coordinator – Who knew???

  1. GAWolf 08/31/2009 at 12:12 PM #

    I’ve traded some information via email with KumarPack about this program. We’d like to share the following with you:

    This effort is a part of the AASAP or Alumni Association Student Ambassador Program. Apparently the program has been around for approximately six years now. We’ll still credit TOB and Chancellor Woodward… that just helps us further our overall “agenda”, right?

    The group is made up of students who have to apply and be selected to participate. Our own KumarPack is currently an NC State student and the Director of the program. He as well as the other students involved volunteer their time. The adviser for the program is Jeramy Blackford, Director of Student Programs with the NC State Alumni Association.

    The Mission Statement:

    “The purpose of AASAP is to engage the NC State community by fostering traditions. AASAP strives to provide opportunities for the active involvment of students and to promote a vibrant campus culture. Chosen through a closed membership process, the Ambassadors are a diverse group of student leaders passionate about their alma mater and committed to bridging the gap between past and present Wolfpackers”

    KumarPack adds this interpretation of the Mission Statement:

    “Basically we want people to love NC State, we want them to enjoy their time here. We want to work with alumni, with students, and the community around us to making sure that people on campus can get excited about the amazing place that we all love, NC State. Our goals this year are to expand the Pep Rallies [one start was by contacting blogs like yours that reach out the community] grow Founders Day in the spring, and make the Fall and Spring Ram Roast one of the Marquee events of each semester in accordance with Homecoming.”

    I asked KumarPack if SFN readers and other folks can contact them directly. KP excitedly replied:

    “Definitely! we are finishing up our Website which will have a place to contact me and anyone else in AASAP. We will each have e-mail addresses linked with the website. [email protected] [it’s not up yet, but will be by this friday] our website is: http://www.ncstatealumniambassadors.com

    I also asked KP if they would be interested in your suggestions. Again, the reply was excited and cordial:

    “LOVE IT! I want to know what people want to see happen at NC State. How can we engage the alumni, what do they want to happen, are there old traditions that we could bring back? Positive and Negative. After our events if you guys think we can improve things let me know how, we’d love that!”

    I know I’m going to head out to the Pep Rally on Wednesday night… and I have yet to score a ticket to the game! If you live in Raleigh, I would think it would be worth your while, especially if you have a young kid who might one day go to NC State, to head out as well.

    Please share your thoughts with KumarPack and his group. Again, I couldn’t be more impressed with the guy and his effort to reach out to SFN and other NC State focused blogs. This is the sort of thing that can only improve the NC State brand, image and

  2. Alpha Wolf 08/31/2009 at 12:58 PM #

    What a concept, working with instead of fighting arrogantly against blogs.

    We’re not saying give them credentials to cover games, but treating them with respect and inclusiveness is something that AMV and her gang over at WSM could learn from.

  3. GAWolf 08/31/2009 at 5:29 PM #

    Alpha: I heard from Jeramy, the advisor from the Alumni Association, as well. These folks are on the ball, and I admire their efforts to promote the University. It’s a great concept, and they’re really going after it. I’m impressed.

  4. Pack84 08/31/2009 at 5:48 PM #

    Sweet! I too had no idea such a group existed. Please pass along to your contact that some of us “old folks” would be glad to assist if we can – all they have to do is ask.

  5. KumarPack 08/31/2009 at 6:38 PM #

    Hey guys,

    please feel free to contact me at [email protected] I’ll be able to reply in the evenings after class. I’d love your help on things and would love to hold a round table discussion on traditions new and old that people would be excited about if people are interested. PM me on here or shoot me an e-mail.


  6. GAWolf 08/31/2009 at 7:06 PM #

    KumarPack: I’m pretty sure Coach Kiffin rode in on a horse at some point.. That’s one we DON’T need to try again There were the “wolves” that turned out to be coyotes. Don’t forget the red shoes and sunglasses at night You’ll have to forgive some of us old grumpy fellows for being more in tune with the negative. There was Sendek’s awful dance at the Red/White game, and the unitard. Jeez… maybe we should start narrowing down the bad to widdle down to the good.

    Good traditions: Wolfstock was awesome but I’m not sure that’s eve possible anymore. Widespread Panic headlined one of those if I recall correctly. I think the on-campus pep rallies, especially for big games, is a great idea. It would be awesome to see Gameday back on campus as well…though I know that’s not your niche. I look forward to seeing how Wednesday night turns out. Good luck! Maybe some of our readers have some good traditions they remember and enjoyed while at State. Please share if you do…

  7. TOBtime 08/31/2009 at 7:48 PM #

    Thanks for the effort!
    GAWolf, Wolfstock was awesome! The part I remember.

  8. KumarPack 08/31/2009 at 7:51 PM #

    We are working on a spring band day in the brickyard, its going to take a lot of help from various people, sponsors and businesses. Again a round table discussion would be great. Also I am not the director of the entire program that honor goes to our president Shanna Rose [[email protected]] but I am the director of traditions one of the 4 major committees in AASAP.

    All the committees are:
    Traditions, Homecoming, Membership, and Students Today Alumni Tomorrow. We also over see the Senior Class Council and an Ambassador is always selected to serve as Sr. Class VP.

  9. Wolfpack Nation 09/01/2009 at 12:21 AM #

    I apologize changing subject, but this is my first time posting.

    Wolfpack Nation…help me get the word out!
    I have been selected to lead the charge to begin a New Wolfpack Tradition at Thursday nights game against “The Cocks!”
    A new ERA shall begin with the chant of:
    For years the ringing of WOLF — PACK has echoed the halls of Carter Finley. And it will never be replaced.
    But with all great things, there does come a time to take the next step & add to what has gotten us here.

    So let us begin on Thursday night…(National ESPN Style)
    A New Tradition Begins…
    Be ready when the time is right!
    Carter Finley will Roar!

    GO PACK!

  10. crackdog 09/01/2009 at 8:27 AM #

    Whenever I read a whitepaper or article that says something NEEDS to be done, I look for the justification. In doing that with your request, I want to know- how is this a “next step”? What does it get us that the old chant doesn’t? Why do we need a “New Era” chant? If its new, doesn’t that mean that its not a tradition at all?

    Don’t just ask me to do it- tell me why! If its a good reason, people will pile on board.

  11. GAWolf 09/01/2009 at 8:48 AM #

    Perhaps the better one to change would be the tough cadence of Nnnn Cccc State, N C State. That’s one that most folks have bickered about for some time. It’s just too hard to get everyone together. WOLF – PACK, admittedly, is pretty easy and people have in fact been doing it for as long as I’ve been of age to understand it.

  12. Wolfpack_1995 09/01/2009 at 12:19 PM #

    Kudos to KumarPack..

    Hopefully the info is passed on at the wolfpacker and packpride sites on their general forums!

  13. GoldenChain 09/01/2009 at 1:20 PM #

    KumarPack, here’s my suggestion for an old tradition that needs to be brought back:
    be sure Harrelson Hall is unlocked when important sports events take place.

  14. GAWolf 09/01/2009 at 10:14 PM #

    And the TP is left unguarded.

  15. KumarPack 09/01/2009 at 10:14 PM #

    Pack Fans!

    It’s almost time for the big day. We are so close to football season we can almost taste it? Are you ready?!? We are going as scheduled tomorrow night 7:00pm sharp. Be ready to get loud and stay loud. Let’s give Coach O’Brien and his men a taste of what to expect at Carter-Finley Thursday Night. A final few reminders:

    1. There will be 400 Koozies Vouchers given out to the first 400 People who stop by the STAT Tent. Only people with Vouchers can get a Koozie at the end of the night. Anyone who is caught cutting or pushing and shoving in line will be handled by Campus Police [We don’t want people getting hurt.]

    2. We will not begin handing out Koozie Vouchers until 6:45. You can wait in line or start lining up before then but no one will get a voucher until 6:45.

    3. We are ending with Alma Mater check the facebook site for a link to the lyrics. Learn the words!!

    4. Student Government is assisting AASAP with Loyalty Points. Stop by their tent any time during the Pep Rally to get your ID Scanned. No Need to all go before or after, just stop by through out the Night.

    5. Campus Rec will be having NFL type passing contests, there will food for STAT Members, people who purchase class rings before the pep rally can also get food, and Campus Rec will be hosting a corn hole tournament that will be going on from 5:45 till 6:45 at Harris Field before the Pep Rally.


    -Alumni Association Student Ambassadors

  16. Wolfpack Nation 09/01/2009 at 11:05 PM #

    WOLF — PACK is not going anywhere!

    It’s just time to add a new play to the play book.
    You can’t just pass to the Tight End every time.
    Sometimes you gotta go deep & some times you have to run up the middle.

    Point being…it’s time for Carter Finley to have another play in the playbook. There is nothing wrong in adding to the tradition NC STATE has.

    Trust me….give it all you got when the chant starts & we’ll make the WOLFPACK NATION proud!

    GO PACK!

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