The State of State 2.0 – Football

Last year I did a series of entries with summaries of ACC records and titles(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5). This year I will be posting entries by sport and at the end of the school year I am planning on doing some overall summaries for the athletic department. I will start things off with football.


I. Records

ACC Record: 189-178-8 (.504)
ACC Record Pre-Fowler: 157-138-8 (.518)
ACC Record Under Fowler: 32-40 (.444)

State’s all-time ACC winning percentage has dropped 1.4% since Lee Fowler has been AD. Our ACC winning percentage in the 9 years under Fowler is 7.4% worse than the preceding 47 seasons but is not statistically significant (Z test with a p-value of 0.3197, p-value less than 0.05 would be significant).
Note: Red points are ACC championship seasons

II. Championships
ACC Titles: 7 (1957, 1963-1965, 1968, 1973, 1979)
ACC Titles Under Fowler: 0

All-Time ACC Titles
1. Clemson – 13
2. Florida St – 12
3. Maryland – 9
t4. Duke – 7
t4. NC State – 7
6. North Carolina – 5
7. Virginia Tech – 3
t8. Georgia Tech – 2
t8. Virginia – 2
t8. Wake Forest – 2
11. South Carolina – 1

All-Time National Championships (as listed on NCAA’s website)
1. Miami – 5
2. Georgia Tech – 3
3. Florida St – 2
t4. Clemson – 1
t4. Maryland – 1

Current ACC Champ: Virginia Tech
Current National Champ: Florida

III. Lee Fowler’s Tenure (2000-2001 to 2008-2009)

ACC Records by Team
1. Virginia Tech: 32-8 (.800)
2. Florida St: 51-21 (.708)
3. Boston College: 21-11 (.656)
4. Georgia Tech: 43-29 (.597)
5. Clemson: 41-31 (.569)
6. Maryland: 40-32 (.556)
7. Virginia: 39-33 (.542)
8. Miami: 20-20 (.500)
9. NC State: 32-40 (.444)
10. Wake Forest: 29-43 (.403)
11. North Carolina: 28-44 (.389)
12. Duke: 4-68 (.056)

ACC Titles
1. Florida St – 4
2. Virginia Tech – 3
t3. Maryland – 1
t3. Wake Forest – 1

Bowl Games
t1. Boston College – 9
t1. Florida St – 9
t1. Georgia Tech – 9
t1. Virginia Tech – 9
t5. Clemson – 8
t5. Miami – 8
t7. Maryland – 6
t7. NC State – 6
t7. Virginia – 6
10. Wake Forest – 4
11. North Carolina – 3
12. Duke – 0

Head To Head Records
1. Duke: 5-0 (1.000)
2. Miami: 2-1 (.667)
t3. North Carolina: 5-4 (.556)
t3. Wake Forest: 5-4 (.556)
t5. Virginia: 3-3 (.500)
t5. Virginia Tech: 1-1 (.500)
7. Florida St: 4-5 (.444)
8. Georgia Tech: 2-5 (.286)
9. Boston College: 1-3 (.250)
t10. Clemson: 2-7 (.222)
t10. Maryland: 2-7 (.222)

ACC Finish by Year

As usual, I look forward to comments, observations and questions. Up next: Men’s basketball.

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Graduated from NCSU in 1996 with a degree in statistics. Born and inbred in West "By God" Virginia and now live in Raleigh where I spend my time watching the Wolfpack, the Mountaineers and the Carolina Hurricanes as well as making bar graphs for SFN. I'm @wvncsu on the Twitter machine.

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23 Responses to The State of State 2.0 – Football

  1. Daily Update 06/08/2009 at 8:45 AM #

    Amato was running the program straight into the ground and basically Fowler/Oblinger were fine with allowing him to do it. The hiring of TOB should have happened a year earlier.

  2. wpackman33 06/08/2009 at 9:20 AM #

    This is great stuff. This is one reason why i love SFN. The diligence and hard work that goes into things like this is great. If things like this could be presented to the BOT or Fowler i would love to see what there reaction is. i know it will look a lot worse when the mens basketball analysis comes out. Anyway…

    When i was reading this i was wishing i was alive in the early 70’s. when we won a conference football title in 73, went undefeated in basketball that year and won the national championship in basketball the following year. Man, that would’ve been awesome to experience. i’m about to be 26 and i’m hoping that before i die, we will win a national championship in football or basketball.

  3. ruffles31 06/08/2009 at 9:22 AM #

    Virginia Tech has won as many conference games in 5 years as we have in 9 years. WOW!

    And the scary part of this is our initial goal is to be the best of the Big 4, which we have done. The problem with that is the Big 4 has the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th best records in the ACC during the last 9 years.

  4. whitefang 06/08/2009 at 10:59 AM #

    Great work
    And wpackman33 your comment is why many of us “gray hairs” expect so much more than we have been recently told is realistic. When I entered State in ’75 we expected to compete at the highest level in basketball and football in the ACC based on the results of the previous few years. We thought we were as good as or better than the blue teams in both, and when we lost to either we were sure we got screwed.
    We were playing Penn State in football “regularly” and if we didn’t win, we gave them all they wanted. We beat Florida in “Carter” Stadium at night…
    Oh the memories

  5. ryebread 06/08/2009 at 11:11 AM #

    Great data based approach. The complete analysis needs to be pinned at the top of the site. This is a numbers based approach that can’t be denied.

    The one defense of Fowler would be the operating budget of the various athletic departments. Sadly, it’s not just how we’ve done, but how we’ve done against how much we’ve spent. My guess is that the administration is fine with bottom tier results as long as we’re spending at the bottom too.

  6. CStanley 06/08/2009 at 11:33 AM #

    This is stating the obvious, but for whatever reasons, the hires of Amato & Bunting were disasters for both us and Carolina. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever that either one of us should be showing the kind of results we’ve been showing.

    Fortunately (and unfortunately), that will improve for both of us in the coming years.

  7. BJD95 06/08/2009 at 2:00 PM #

    ^ That begs an interesting historical question – have State and UNC ever had a more incompetent, concurrent coaching duo than Bunting and Amato?

  8. skitchwolf 06/08/2009 at 2:33 PM #

    I would like to echo whitefang as I did my first turn at State that same year. I returned to NCSU during the years ’87-’89 as Jimmy V was giving the blue boys all they wanted, too. There is no reason that State should ever settle for mediocrity.

    On a lighter note, after reviewing the first bar graph, I think we could greatly improve our lot by simply adopting a darker shade of red for one of our colors. Maybe “brick red”?? It would be appropriate. (Just kidding!)

  9. Alpha Wolf 06/08/2009 at 4:04 PM #

    The football team is near the cusp of a very solid era, IMO. And with no true powerhouse teams in the conference (no Alabamas, Floridas, Penn States, etc.) we have as good a shot at 4-5 other teams to represent in the Orange Bowl.

    The thing is, TOB and staff are nearing completion of restocking the cupboard with solid players in the three-deep. Heck for the first time since Olin Hannun was here we have a second QB capable of leading the team to victory. The OL is young but improving (and a year away IMO) DL the same, etc. This year could be a decent year, but next could be very special.

  10. Greywolf 06/08/2009 at 4:08 PM #

    Daily Update Says:
    June 8th, 2009 at 8:45 am Amato was running the program straight into the ground and basically Fowler/Oblinger were fine with allowing him to do it. The hiring of TOB should have happened a year earlier.

    This is interesting news. I had no idea TOB had contacted NCSU about the head coaching position the year before he was hired.

  11. whitefang 06/08/2009 at 4:53 PM #

    Perhaps DU meant that the hiring of someone like TOB should have happened a year earlier.
    In any case I am presently happy with who is holding the football reins no matter how or when we got him.

  12. ryebread 06/08/2009 at 7:33 PM #

    BJD: I’d argue that Torbush and O’Cain in 98 and 99 were worse than Amato and Bunting — particularly given that both UNC and NC State had been MUCH better under their immediate predecessors. I actually feel there was more hype, interest and hope under Amato/Bunting than Torbush/O’Cain as well. Both schools stunk under Torbush and O’Cain and knew they stunk.

    Historically, the combination of Barclay (UNC) and Henderson (NC State) in ’53 was probably the worst when both were in the ACC. Barclay’s 3 seasons at UNC (of which ’53 was the first) netted a .383 winning percentage. Henderson’s 2 at NC State (of which ’53 was the second) netted a .200 winning percentage.

  13. wolfwarrior 06/08/2009 at 8:33 PM #

    Excellent, excellent, excellent work.

    What a great site, especially lately.

    You know, I would like to see some type of season attendance records in a bar graph over the years (% sold out, comparision with other ACC teams, etc.). Even though we have not won an ACC FB conference championship since 79, our loyal fans have still bought the tickets and been there to support the Wolfpack.

    Keep up the good work.

  14. choppack1 06/08/2009 at 9:29 PM #

    “This is stating the obvious, but for whatever reasons, the hires of Amato & Bunting were disasters for both us and Carolina. ”

    I’d have to disagree – both Amato and Bunting improved the immediate fortunes of the football program – taking the squads to bowl games after disasterous prior campaigns from both staffs.

    And both turned out to be the real “bridge” coaches for the program – as both schools ended being able to hire coaches with proven track record. Like it or not, this was not the case w/ MOC or NasCarl.

    However, I do think MOC deserves some credit for proving that NC State could compete w/ big time schools. His wins vs. FSU and at Texas are probably the most impressive wins for the school in the last 30 years.

  15. WV Wolf 06/09/2009 at 10:03 AM #

    One thing I’ve noticed, and it shows up with several of the other sports, is that we can beat up on the bottom feeders and it inflates our record.

    Here with football, our ACC winning percentage over the past 9 years is .444 (32-40). But if you take out that 5-0 record against Dook, it drops down to .403 (27-40) against the rest of the ACC.

    If you take it a step further, we only have a winning percentage of .347 (17-32) against ACC schools outside of the state of North Carolina. And as you can see in the graph, the Big 4 schools have the worst records in the conference.

  16. Texpack 06/09/2009 at 5:03 PM #

    Whitefang, IIRC we only beat Penn State twice over the course of the long home & home we played with them. The ’79 game (my freshman year) was a heart breaker though.

  17. whitefang 06/09/2009 at 9:39 PM #

    Tex you are correct and I too was at the “79 PS game, my last game as a student. Man that field goal was one painful MF’er. I still remember standing there in shock. What I SEEM to remember was sitting in the stands with a tie on. Have asked this here before: Was this homecoming? Surely it could not have been, but since we weren’t Virginia I still can’t understand why this alcohol blurred memory has me wearing a tie.
    In any case yes we beat Penn State only twice, but our losses to them in the 70’s by what records I could find were by 32, 15, 6 (at PS to an undefeated team), 21, 4 (to an 11-1 team), 9 (another 11-1), and 2. In the 70’s we also beat non-conf teams Florida, West Virginia, Arizona State, Miami, Auburn, Pittsburg and tied Michigan State. Fun years.

  18. VaWolf82 06/09/2009 at 10:16 PM #

    I still can’t understand why this alcohol blurred memory has me wearing a tie.

    Do your hazy memories include standing with a bunch of other people with ties…standing with their backs to the game? If so, then you were standing with a bunch of frat rats in block seating….shameful, but nothing that we can’t overlook. 😉

    PS: I was a soph in ’79 and was at the PS game as well.

  19. choppack1 06/09/2009 at 10:47 PM #

    WV Wolf – isn’t that the hallmark of mediocre programs? I mean, I think everyone has a great record against Duke. How many ACC games have they won the last 5 years?

  20. whitefang 06/10/2009 at 9:17 PM #

    I was DEFINTELY standing with frat rats, but I can assure you my back was not to the game since one of my brothers was playing.

  21. VaWolf82 06/10/2009 at 9:35 PM #

    I can assure you my back was not to the game

    Good man. The worst seats I ever had at a State game was in the section in the lower deck that allowed block seating…which was usually filled with the fraternities. I had never sat that close to the end zone and hadn’t heard about block seating.

    Anyway, everyone stood up for the opening kick-off and I think that was the last play that those groups saw. After that, they were standing up in a group, talking, drinking, etc. But they were definitely not watching the game….while making it difficult for everyone else to watch/enjoy the game.

  22. whitefang 06/11/2009 at 2:10 PM #

    VaWolf I understand what you are saying, but my fraternity actually drank AND watched the games. Hell we all went to a WF game in the pouring (and I mean POURING) rain that was televised. Virtually no one was in the student section or any other section for that matter. Girlfriends stayed home that day.

  23. GoldenChain 06/12/2009 at 10:35 AM #

    Jed’s answer is obvious: change from red to maroon!

    In 7 seasons MOC had wins over 9 ranked teams, 4 out of conference, a #2 being the highest: #2FSU ‘98, #16 Texas ‘99, #13 ‘Cuse ‘97, #11 ‘Cuse ‘98, #16 Miss St ‘94, #16 UVa ‘93, #22 Clemson ‘94, #18 Duke ‘94, #13 UVa ‘94.
    In 7 seasons CtC had 7 wins over ranked teams, one out of conference, #9 being the highest: #10FSU ‘01, #14 FSU ‘02, #11 ND ‘02, #24 GAT ‘05, #9 FSU ‘05, #20 BC ‘06, #17FSU ‘06.
    (FWIW: TOB #25 holes ’08, #15 ECU ’08, #24 Uva ’07)

    WF, VAW, I was a senior and elected not to sit with my frat but got 50yl seats for my dad and I (since it was the last game of my senior year). The travesty is that we had them what? 4th and 26? and they converted to get in FG range. Off the post and bounced in! I think at that moment it was a record at 50something yards.

    BTW, as an alum I was at that ‘rain game’ with Wake. Similar wash-out with Clemson two years later!

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