“What’s a Wahoo? A Fish?” — UVA Pre-Game Discussion

wahooTomorrow at 1pm in the RBC Center, it’s the Game of the Week Year once again for NC State as they face off against the suddenly-hot Virginia Cavaliers.  State’s fate in any potential post-season scenario hinges on winning this game.

Virginia beat Clemson 85-81 in OT at home last weekend, and then Virginia Tech 75-61 on their home floor.

UVA 9-13 72.3 73.2 8-6 1-7 W2
NCSU 14-10 73.8 68.7 12-3 2-7 L1

Virginia has struggled on the road, and of course, the Wolfpack will be happy to be within the friendly confines of its arena,where it has gone 12-3 so far this season.

09-10 Basketball

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  1. txpack 02/20/2009 at 9:51 AM #

    State will win this game if we play the same way we have been playing in past 4 games. Ofcause, this is a big “IF”. Go Pack, and make this season meaningful!

  2. wufpup76 02/20/2009 at 10:46 AM #

    A loss here hurts you so much more than a win helps you.

    That’s exactly why a game like this is so important for the program. Are you going to be a program that wins games that it needs to at home against beatable competition? Are you capable of sending a message to everyone that your season’s not done and you’re still fighting for something?

    Or are you going to collapse when the other team fights back? Virginia is not going to roll over. Do you have the resolve to beat them and try to make a run at something? Or are you going to lose and have all of that negativity come right back?

    We saw plenty of the latter in the previous era. It’s just one game, but a loss could define the type of team you’ll see at NC State under Sidney Lowe. That’s why a win is so important.

    How do you define Florida State under Leonard Hamilton? Up until this season, I would say potential unrealized. Always loses the key games they need in order to make the NCAA tournament. Some talent, enough to make the tourny – but always comes up short. Can’t count on them to be tough down the stretch win it counts.

    ^That’s a label on a program. And it’s probably how a majority of folks have viewed Florida State under Hamilton. It’s tough to get out from under that. I don’t want to see that type of thing happen to NC State under Sidney Lowe.

  3. BSIE80 02/20/2009 at 10:48 AM #

    I haven’t watch Va much this year, but from what I have, we should be able to beat them on the inside. We need Ben/Costner/Tracy to put up big numbers, make FT’s, etc.
    We shouldn’t have to settle for outside jumpers all day.

  4. Alpha Wolf 02/20/2009 at 10:51 AM #

    ^ We won’t have to settle for outside jumpers if our guards can get dribble penetrations and draw defenders away from the bigs. If UVA chooses not play help defense, then putting the ball in the hole until they choose to slough off of McCauley/Costner/Smith, etc.

    That and get the ball to the forwards for easy lay-ins or high percentage short jumpers.

  5. RSP123 02/20/2009 at 10:52 AM #

    I mentioned this in a previous thread prior to the UNC game, but it is as true now as it has ever been. V said you need the “3 Es” to consistently win games: Emotion (play the game like it is your last, be proud of the school you represent), Effort (maximum effort needed always on both ends of the court) and finally – Execution (the right emotion with the right effort with talented enough players will pay dividends on the court) This team will be truly tested Saturday not only by Virginia that has nothing to lose, but just as importantly by themselves. This game,I think, will more accuratley measure this team for the remainder of the season and possibly the future of a Lowe coached Wolfpack basketball program. Go Pack! Beat the Hoos!

  6. Gene 02/20/2009 at 11:56 AM #

    Ga. Tech was a huge game, which could’ve been a let down after the big win against Wake Forest and the UNC game looming.

    We took care of business in Atlanta.

    Here’s hoping we do it again in Raleigh.

  7. GAWolf 02/20/2009 at 12:06 PM #

    I need help. I’m in Boston without quality internet (phone is tragically slow). Is the game on television, and if so do any of you have an idea of where I might could catch it near Copley Square in Boston?

  8. Daily Update 02/20/2009 at 12:28 PM #

    Gawolf: Go to the sports bars around Fenway Park. There is a chance that the game is carried on Raycom in that market since BC is a part of the conference. I am partial to Boston Beerworks right across the street.

    How was the Fenway Park tour? Well worth it IMO.

  9. wufpup76 02/20/2009 at 12:31 PM #

    ^The game will be carried by Raycom, but I’m unsure about the Boston area

    As a matter of fact, I’m glad I have a ticket b/c the satellite guide is saying that WRAL locally here will be carrying Tennessee – Kentucky instead of NC State – Virginia

  10. Gene 02/20/2009 at 12:36 PM #

    Boston Alumni Network: NC State vs. Virginia Game Watch
    Event Information
    Date: Saturday, Feb. 21, 2009
    Start Time: 1 p.m.

    Location: DJ’s at the Garden by North Station, 222 Friend St, Boston


  11. GAWolf 02/20/2009 at 12:37 PM #

    We got up at 730 hungover as billy goats, got on the T, walked to Fenway in the ice, and the construction workers standing around like fans on gameday should have been a hint of the disappointment awaiting me. The place is partially gutted for renovation and the “tour” is now just sitting in a luxery box and watching a slide show. I grabbed a shirt and we got back on the T. ‘Twas disappointing to say the least.

    Wonder how we could check if Raycom is carried up here? I’ll call the Beer Garden. Thanks.

  12. GAWolf 02/20/2009 at 12:46 PM #

    Good work, gumshoes. Many thanks. Any ideas on how best to drink away a Friday afternoon in lieu of being dragged back and forth between Neiman Marcus and Saks? Like….say….is there a bar in Boston with Skeeball? Just a thought….

  13. choppack1 02/20/2009 at 1:22 PM #

    Gawolf – the PourHouse may have the game on – and has a good atmosphere. As for today, if I was you I might hit some bars around Harvard or Cheers. Yes, Cheers is touristy – but it list they’ll be some folks in there having fun until happy hour begins – round 4 pm.

  14. PoppaJohn 02/20/2009 at 1:55 PM #

    I believe THIS is the game that really tells us something. We pulled off a big upset, we followed that by struggling to beat a lesser team on the road, and then we lost a game in which we were over matched.
    In my opinion, they haven’t showed us reason to think there is a light at the end of the season tunnel – yet. I agree they seem to be playing better, but we need to see consistency to have reason for optimism.

    The season turns one way or the other after this game. If they win this, they will have a run of 3 out of 4 going, and be on a high going into Winston-Salem. That kind of confidence might be enough to get it done against the Deacs.
    If they lose this, they’ll have lost two after barely surviving beating GT, likely lose at W-S and be on a three game losing streak.

    We either look like a team that has found itself and is living up to its potential, or we start hoping for an ACCT miracle.

    No matter which way it goes, I am encouraged to see improvement. I wish it had come sooner, but clearly Sid has improved his team as the season progressed.

    GO PACK!!!!

  15. 4in12 02/20/2009 at 2:02 PM #

    I always pronounce it YAY-who. The UVa fans love that.

  16. Otis 02/20/2009 at 2:45 PM #

    A bit off topic but – Otis’ recipe for grilled Wahoo – equal parts tequila and lime juice, marinate the fish for 1/2 hour then rub a little sea salt on it, then grill till medium rare – time is dependent on the thickness of the steaks.

  17. primacyone 02/20/2009 at 2:56 PM #

    Will be a real nice treat, and somewhat of a defining point, if Javi continues his very strong play and discovers a whole new gear of confidence and attackability.

  18. Gene 02/20/2009 at 3:17 PM #

    we followed that by struggling to beat a lesser team on the road

    I’m as dour as the next NCSU fan, but beating a team by 20+ isn’t struggling. We had some bad moments and a slow start, but we had our biggest margin of victory on the road, in a conference game, in ages.

  19. PackMagic83 02/20/2009 at 4:15 PM #

    I had posted this at the end of the State-Unc game thread, but I realized that I had become the Courtney Fells of the blog, I had made my points to late to matter. Here it is and it is also a reply to a previous poster:

    As I was watching the game and Javi was doing so well and had so much fire in his eyes, it all made sense to me. He was finally getting the monkey off his back.
    Think back to last year. Javi had to start, with little experience, replacing an injured Degand in the first ACC game, on the road against a strong Unc team.
    It was a recipe for disaster and it was a disaster!! I wonder whether when Javi has been pressed this year and his eyes have glazed over, whether he was having a flashback from that game.
    That was the beginning of our point guard nightmare last year. I hope this puts that in the past for the rest of the year.

  20. bradleyb123 02/20/2009 at 5:04 PM #

    RE: I need help. I’m in Boston without quality internet (phone is tragically slow). Is the game on television, and if so do any of you have an idea of where I might could catch it near Copley Square in Boston?

    This webpage lists all the Raycom Affiliates by region:

  21. W0LFPack 02/20/2009 at 5:48 PM #

    Well after the death spiral post, I swore I wouldn’t post here again…but I feel like this needs to be said.

    Brandon Costner’s grandfather apparently passed away Wednesday morning. Before anyone gets too hard on him for the Carolina game, or this game, think about it first. He’s been a hell of a player this year for us, and hopefully for next year. Hopefully he’ll make his way through this. Keep him and his family in your thoughts.

  22. highstick 02/20/2009 at 7:41 PM #

    I liked the title “what is a wahoo”. I love to harass some UVA partners of mine by confusing it with “what is a yahoo”, “yeahoo”, not to be confused with the search engine!

  23. BSIE80 02/20/2009 at 9:49 PM #

    Didn’t know about Costner’s gf. Can’t believe he played and no press on it. Should have been identified.

    We will beat Va. by 15. We are playing at a very high level and don’t see it changing.

    WF may beat us in WS only because they are a very good team.

    This team will finish 4-1, 8-8 in conference 18-11 overall. They will be mentioned on the bubble. We will win 1 game in the ACCT and get an invitation to the NIT.

    That’s our potential.

    That’s my hope at this point.

    Realistically, we will finish 6-10, 16-13, lose first ACCT game, go to NIT and lose the first game.

    But, we will win tomorrow.

  24. redfred2 02/20/2009 at 10:07 PM #

    I wonder if anyone can guess who I’m thinking about, when I say that I fully expect to see this one player having a big game tommorrow.

    One hint, the first letter, of his first name, is the same as the first letter in the word, “consistent”, which definitely he is not, and will again prove so, tommorrow.

  25. Classof89 02/20/2009 at 11:19 PM #

    I am really worried about this game…From some of the comments since the UNC game from players and coach, I think they may actually be overconfident (hard to belief a team as bad as we were two weeks ago could be overconfident). They better not think they can deliver any less of an effort than the game in CHapel Hill and waltz out of there with a win tomorrow. A loss would, I think, just about kill our NIT hopes.

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