ACC Tournament game entry: NC State v. Miami

Well. All good things have to end. So do bad things. This season, for example.

ACC Tournament games on Thursday are like … eh. I can’t even care enough to think up a good analogy.

We are all hoping, of course, for a repeat and follow-through of what the Wolfpack did last year. And Washington is hoping the ‘stimulus package’ will save the economy. Don’t hold your breath for either.

As I see it, Miami has won 6 of its last 8 games. NC State has lost its last 8 games. Miami beat Duke. NC State almost beat Duke. Miami thinks it needs to win at least one to lock up an NCAA tournament bid. NC State has sounded for the last two weeks that it was going to magically get it together at the ACC tournament.

These to me are ingredients for a long day. But maybe I’ll be wrong. I forecast last December that NC State would do better in the second half of the ACC season than the first half, after all.

So here’s your game thread. Please know that tempers are short and this long season has taken its toll on every Wolfpack fan, whether you think the coach is solely at fault or, like me, you can theorize about a whole bunch of factors and even they don’t fully explain the colossal cluster[] that this season has become.

Just deal with the game as it comes. Any extraneous junk will be deleted regardless of relevant matter elsewhere in the post.

*Update: 4:17 p.m. Just for the record, I don’t think I have ever been wrong when I have flat-out predicted a Wolfpack defeat.*