Rock Bottom. ECU Gets First Victory Against an ACC Team; Lowe’s Honeymoon Over

Where to start. Poor preparation. No defense. No rebounding. Poor coaching in a game that should have never been played.

After compiling a 17-0 historical record over the Pirates, NC State loses the program’s first game in history against East Carolina. Prior to tonight, ECU was 0-57 against ACC opponents. Most ACC opponents weren’t dumb enough to discount their program and put themselves in an un-necessarily risky position to play on the road. Of course, most ACC programs haven’t historical been steered by a man more interested in political gain and avoidance of conflict than what is best for his athletics program.

In games that mean everything to one team and nothing to another, a random guy can get hot (like Hinnant) and strange things can happen.

Now you know why smart Athletics Departments don’t schedule out of conference, in-state games on the road. Lee Fowler may think he knows basketball, but he doesn’t know dick about management or how to steer NC State.

Fowler BETTER have had his lazy ass at the game and not at his lake house or off on some golf excursion.

Coach Sidney Lowe’s honeymoon is over. This team is inexcusably bad.

As Mr. O said in a previous entry:

This team isn’t going to do anything this year until Brandon Costner and Ben McCauley show up. I have no clue what happened to those two guys in the off-season, but they are horrible. Costner in particular because he is certainly getting his opportunities. Airballing free throw? Hardly drawing iron on layups and wide open three point shots? Maybe last year was just a fluke. At this point, he is the next Marcus Melvin in Europe….wow he just turned it over again.

Why the hell do other teams get tons of offensive rebounds against us but we hardly ever get one? Rebounding is positioning and hustle. We are severely lacking in both.

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  1. Astral Rain2 12/10/2007 at 4:53 PM #

    If you’re wondering about home issues with Sid- yeah he has some involving his kid- who’s looking at jail time. I am wondering if that is affecting his performance, you never know.

  2. Primewolf 12/10/2007 at 7:38 PM #

    ———That’s ashame. The game should’ve never been scheduled in ECU. I will never, for as long as I live, forget nor forgive what happened last night. It’s inexcusable and there must be accountability. I’m cancelling my Wolfpack Club membership until they can prove to me that they’re worth my money. They have to make some senior leadership changes (above head coach) to earn my money back. Wolfpack athletics (not just football and basketball) is rife with disappointment and downright failure. If I hired someone to do a job for me that failed as miserably as the Athletics senior leadership, I would’ve fired them back in 1999.”

    This should be relevant to all who visit this site. If so many are visiting here that the server continually crashing the site, then maybe we ought to put our collective thoughts together (whether anonymous or not) and come up with some worthwhile ideas of how he can help crash our Athletics Dept.
    ————————– vtpack

    You need to realize the WPC has nothing to do with the Athletic Department. They don’t have any say in who the coaches are–that is Lee’s job.

    The game was a disaster. Our guys lost whatever confidence they had. We have no guards than can penetrate or shoot effectively.

    We have absolutely no quickness at the 3, 4 or 5 position. They are much slower than other teams and, hence, aren’t great rebounders.

    I was surprised how little we used he 1-3-1 zone. Lowe called it once and ECU didn’t even get the shot off. He never went back to it. We will continue to lose with our defenders getting so easily screened and no switching on defense.

    Our offense is bad and our defense is bad, esp against teams with quick guards.

    We need a real PG. It is going to be a long season, but don’t give up

    The main laughs I got while watching the game was the ECU fans. It looked and sounded like a high school gym and the kids looked almost homeless. Who would want to go to school in Greenville and attend that dump of a college.

  3. Trip 12/10/2007 at 8:48 PM #

    Listened to the Lowe Show (Or whatever they call it) on the radio… I’d have to say at least 70% of the callers were people from Greenville telling Sidney (With a thick southern accent) That they had a tough time at work today as a nc state fan. I seem to remember Sidney saying something to the effect that his #1 thing is that he wants our fans to be able to go out in the morning, and grab the newspaper with a smile beside our neighbors who happen to be Duke/UNC/Wake forest fans. I guess he forgot to add in ECU.

    Well, so far Sid has failed miserably when it comes to that, so far it’s made my life a miserable event grabbing the newspaper.

    But I can’t help but love the guy, he says good things, and he sounds like he knows whats going on. But the #1 thing that I heard that bothered me was when some guy asked about the passion on defense.

    Sidney: “Well, I have to say it, but a lot of our guys are laid back, they play hard, but they don’t get fired up emotionally, heck, I have one guy who I just tell “Man, you don’t have enough emotion for me””

    3 guesses as to who that one guy is, and his initials are probably BC. Passion seems to be whats missing from our game, and other than that, Lowe said multiple times that we need a leader on the floor.

  4. turnoffthetv 12/10/2007 at 8:58 PM #

    sidney lowe did things that were unthinkable and unimaginable with that ball club last year. who would have thought the team would have won 10 games much less 15 or what eventually happened—winning 20 games!! And some great W’s along the way including the Win against UNC. And guiding that team through the ACC Tournament beating DUKE and carrying the team all the way to the ACC championship game. Then making a valliant effort in the NIT winning a couple of games.

    And now I’m left in disbelief at this point in the season. The exact opposite up to this point. Who would have thought only a couple of guys on the team would act like they really care to play basketball for the WolfPack of NC State University. Who would have thought the Media would have tagged us with a TOP 25 stamp and a #3 in the ACC spot. Who would have thought we lose to New Orleans at HOME. Then get waXXXEd by MSU at their place. And then the same 99 percent that figured at the beginning of the season we would easily take care of business with ECU, We FFFFing lose.

    No Expectations last year. Visions of an ACC Championship or a BIG Run through the NCAA Tourney this year. Realistic goals for this year would be to get back in to the NCAA Tourney. Just like I thought the NIT would have been a goal for last season. I mean sure everybody wants to never lose but hay lets get real.

    The problem is that us pack fans are so sick of the last 15 years or so we want to get it all back at once. We are ready to bail out on the coach, WPC memberships, switch teams we pull for after any little BAD streak of PLay. My wife has been telling me for years that I need to pull for another team. But I will nevver convert. It just wouldn’t be right. How do you go from pulling for a team for 25-30 years and then instantly converting to another.

    This loss to ECU isnt JACK$hit to me compared to the feeling that SID lowe and that team gave me last year after we beat UNC’s A$$ and then beat the dookies in the ACC tourney. In other words, SID blessed me last year with WINS over DOOK and UNC. There is absolutely nothing WORSE than losing to DUKE and UNC—-NOTHING period IMHO. So we were the 1st ACC team to lose to ECU. HEck it was gonna be someone, might as well be us.

    I am thoroughly pissed with the team’s effort up to this point and have been let down. But I’m not gonna hop on Sid’s case too muich yet .

  5. TomCat 12/11/2007 at 9:55 PM #

    Get over it. This game was lost for the same reasons we have lost our other games this season: LACK OF REBOUNDING and HORRIBLE POINT GUARD PLAY. We looked slow and lost against ECU’s guard play. Mac McCarthy is a good coach which took Virginia Commonwealth and UT-Chattanooga to the NCAA tournament multiple times and won games in the big dance. The talent gap on the court however- especially with the interior guys- absolutely no excuse for playing so poorly. Must give McCarthy and his players credit- they confused the Pack most the game with changes in defense and took advantage offensively with their strengths in guard play to expoit ‘lights-out’ three point shooting and win this game.
    We sucked and ECU was prepared. Bottomline. Now- GET OVER IT. This team will be measured on it’s body of work and must improve from here. NAMELY in our approach on the offensive glass… and evern more importantly TEAM CHEMISTRY. Addition thru subtraction may be the approach with this lineup in terms of who gets minutes going forward. We need five guys who will pass the ball to the open man and dive for loose opportnites. That hasn’t happend thus far this year.

    All the excuses for playing in Greenville, losing to ECU are b.s.. We can look no further with the excuses and whinning than a clear view of ourselves. GET OVER IT. Other teams play Davidson and other NC programs periodically on the road. Gives great regional exposure and in reality ‘should’ serve as another ‘home game’ for NCSU fans in the area. Minges Coliseum was packed with Wolfpack fans. Our basketball team just didn’t take care of business. Going forward we need to than ECU- its good to get tested under fire early and be exposed in areas which we need to improve if we plan to live up to expectations by season end. Getting taken to the woodshed and pulling out a 3 point win purely on our athleticism wouldn’ve been my preference but that didn’t happen- so we will have to get over it and move on. Whose next? Game can’t get here soon enough.


  1. Ralph Wiggum - 12/26/2007

    Ralph Wiggum

    Hats off to you my good man.

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