Hot Coaching Updates: CUTigers reports Bowden to stay / Paul Johnson to GT?

* Arkansas-Tommy Bowden-Clemson: Clemson fans may FINALLY get their wish. It is being reported that Tommy Bowden has been offered the vacant Head Coaching position at Arkansas for a considerable raise.

Bowden was offered the Arkansas job Monday night, a source familiar with the proceedings said. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported in today’s editions that incoming Razorbacks athletics director Jeff Long met with Bowden to try to broker a deal.

Arkansas is believed to have offered Bowden substantially more money than Clemson, which announced last week its intent to offer their ninth-year coach a contract extension

* But, CUTigers is reporting on Tuesday morning that Bowden is staying at Clemson.

* First, allow me to say that I think Tommy Bowden is much better coach than most Clemson fans. However, I must admit that the inconsistency of the performance of the Tigers is inexplicable and would drive me almost as crazy as it does most of the Clemson fans I know. With this said, I can’t help but scratch my head at Arkansas’ decision to run out a solid coach whom they thought was underachieving to then offer their job to a solid coach that everyone else thinks is under-achieving?

* Important factoid: Tommy Bowden has a $2.5MM buyout in his contract this year. NEXT YEAR that buyout reduces to $500k. This buyout works both ways. So, if Bowden leaves instead of gets fired then he will owe this money to Clemson.

* Interesting factoid: Excluding South Florida’s Jim Leavitt and Connecticut’s Randy Edsall — whose stints began with their programs in the Division I-AA ranks — 12 coaches from the six BCS conferences had been with their school for at least nine years entering this season. Houston Nutt and Tommy Bowden were the only two who had never won a conference championship. If Tom O’Brien had remained at Boston College, that number would have been three.

* Duke-Paul Johnson-Others: Not that anyone really cares…but the local media is interested in who is talking to Duke?. The N&O reported this morning that Duke is wooing Navy’s Paul Johnson.

Duke officials spoke with Navy coach Paul Johnson about its football head coaching vacancy on Monday, according to league sources.
Attempts to reach Johnson, a North Carolina native and Western Carolina graduate, and his agent Jack Reale of Atlanta were not immediately successful.

Duke athletic director Joe Alleva is looking for a replacement for Ted Roof, who was fired on Nov. 26 after going 6-45 in four-plus seasons with the Blue Devils. Johnson, 50, is also considered among the candidates for coaching vacancies at Georgia Tech and Southern Methodist.

Johnson has been a popular, possible interviewee for such jobs in recent years. His name recently was mentioned along with Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe as a candidate for the Nebraska job. A year ago, he was among those considered when N.C. State and North Carolina went searching for new coaches.

Among other possible candidates for the Duke job, Tennessee offensive coordinator David Cutcliffe said Monday that he would listen if Duke or any other school came calling with a job offer.

* Georgia Tech: Initially pursued UCon”s Randy Edsall but was spurned when Edsall staying at UConn. A lot of people, including some of us, believe that Paul Johnson would be a great fit at Georgia Tech. Johnson has a history of refusing to speak to schools’ if he is not told that he is either #1 or #2 on their list – just as he told NC State last year. ‘Coincidently’ look who has emerged as ‘leading candidate for the SMU job’?

* Dennis Dodd is reporting that Georgia Tech ‘could’ be snagging Johnson with a late offer:

Get ready for the flexbone. Navy’s Paul Johnson seemed set to be set to become SMU’s new coach this week but it looks like Georgia Tech came back with a late offer and could be snagging the hottest coaching commodity on the market.

If Johnson does leave after defeating Army 38-3, he will leave a legacy of a 10-1 record against the two other service academies and a Navy-record five consecutive bowls. Johnson’s triple option flexbone in the ACC? Johnson won’t outsmart himself. Expect him to use at least some spread.

* Just yesterday we commented in this very entry:

Note that you are not hearing a lot of Jimbo Fisher speculation this year? Would this be because he is already guaranteed the Florida State job when Bobby Bowden hangs them up?

* Allow me to turn your attention to Tommy Barnhardt in the AJC this morning:

Word on the street is that Florida State will announce a contract extension for coach Bobby Bowden some time this week. The contract will not set a date specific for Bowden’s retirement. But it will, I’m hearing through the coaching grapevine, stipulate that whenever Bowden retires, offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher will become the new head coach of the Seminoles. Fisher has been courted by a number of schools with openings and this was the only way that Florida State could get him to stay put.

* Speaking of Bowdens, Terry Bowden had made it clear that he wanted to get back into coaching this year and spoke with SMU in November. His name has been pretty quiet and we haven’t heard it much. If I were Georgia Tech and whiffed on the next couple of names on my list then I think Terry would serve as a decent move to ‘save face with a name’.

* UCLA-Norm Chow?: Karl Dorrell is out at UCLA. You can feast on links by clicking here. Former NC State assistant coach Norm Chow could emerge as a leading candidate for the Bruins. Other names being mentioned are Boise State’s Chris Petersen (mark him off the list) Texas Tech’s Mike Leach and former NFL coach Steve Mariucci.

* Michigan-Les Miles-LSU-Jim Grobe?: Late last week ESPN reported that a a powerful combination of Les Miles and John Tenuta were heading to Ann Arbor and starting fueling rumors of a Steve Spurrier jump to LSU.

On Saturday Coach Miles held a press conference that seemed designed to announce he was staying at LSU but semantically left the door open for him to speak to Michigan. But, Miles got more specific and emphatic with CBS’s Tracey Wolfson in an interview before the SEC Championship game where he specifically stated that he was returning as the LSU’s coach next season.

CBS says today that Miles is definitely staying at LSU — unless he doesn’t and Fox Sports provides a little more insight into the semantics of there this thing stands today.

AD Martin has said he is looking for the next Carr, who led Michigan to the 1997 national championship and five Big Ten titles while keeping the school above even suspicions about NCAA violations.

Martin has said he had 20 candidates in mind, and now he’ll need them. Possible choices might include Rutgers coach Greg Schiano, Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe, California coach Jeff Tedford and Missouri coach Gary Pinkel.

* Jim Grobe says that he would listen to the right schools. This isn’t the best news in the world for Wake Forest fans no matter how you want to spin it. Dennis Dodd reports that Grobe did a little more than just listened at Nebraska this week

Wake Forest’s Jim Grobe dropped out of the running at Nebraska after being told he would have to hire certain assistant coaches. If a guy is going to make a career move like that, he ought to be able to hire his own staff. Bo Pelini, though, will hire several old Nebraska assistants.

* No suprise that Nebraska hired Bo Pellini. after Grobe dropped out.

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71 Responses to Hot Coaching Updates: CUTigers reports Bowden to stay / Paul Johnson to GT?

  1. ncsu96 12/01/2007 at 2:36 PM #

    can’t believe this was leaked before SEC championship… Fat Phil must be doing the happy dance.

  2. vtpackfan 12/01/2007 at 2:37 PM #

    It’s so hot off the press that the editor has not proof read it. It still has Miles getting an extension at LSU, Pellini leaving as D coord. for Nebraska, and to mention of Tenuta.

  3. ncsu96 12/01/2007 at 2:37 PM #

    not so fast…

    or is it a smokescreen?

  4. geojim1990 12/01/2007 at 2:47 PM #

    As of Saturday AM the article still read this way:

    LSU coach Les Miles will meet with the media at the Georgia Dome before the SEC Championship Game to announce that he is staying at LSU, a source told

    LSU associate athletic director Herb Vincent said Saturday morning that ESPN reports that Miles had accepted the head coaching position at Michigan were “inaccurate.” Miles agreed to a contract extension Saturday with LSU.

  5. PackerInRussia 12/01/2007 at 4:28 PM #

    What will be funny is if he Sabanizes LSU and winds up at Michigan anyway. Of course I guess the contract extension makes that unlikely.

  6. RBCRowdy 12/01/2007 at 4:48 PM #

    ESPN News reporter puts TOB in list of 5 for Michigan job.

  7. MatSci94 12/01/2007 at 4:53 PM #

    They played his statements during one of the games. For a “I’m not going anywhere” speach, he was not very committal. It almost sounded like “I’m staying here (for now).” He didn’t say “I will not be the next coach at Michigan” or “I will coach here next year”. One of the crawl reports at the bottom of the screen claims that the extension from LSU has not been signed yet. This whole thing seems very strange at this point.

  8. noah 12/01/2007 at 5:09 PM #

    Someone at the world-wide leader failed to understand, “This story has to be embargoed for X hours…”

  9. RBCRowdy 12/01/2007 at 5:09 PM #

    Andre Ware just said on ESPN that it is not over and more is going to come. Is Miles leaving, IDK, but there is more behind this story and should keep football in the news before bowl season starts.

    However, the intention of the post was to say why is TOB is having his name tossed around. Who has the interest (him or Michigan?) or is the reporter saying he is a good candidate.

  10. packpigskinfan23 12/01/2007 at 5:48 PM #

    hahaha! one of the commenters on the Michigan boards says “I will drink myself to death with 5’clock Gin if TOB gets hired!”

    dont worry pal!! you can save your $7 and cry yourself to death 10 years from now when you realize that would be the next best thing too Les Miles!

  11. PacknSack 12/02/2007 at 1:27 PM #

    Michigan has made it clear they want someone with school ties. As far as I know TOB has zero ties to Michigan and to put his name it the mix is both irresponsible and damages the credibility of the report.

    I guess it’s like Doyel floating the Chuck to Penn State theory a few years back simply because HE felt Chuck “would be a good fit” there. They just throw it up to get message board links and page hits.

    In that vein, I say Jerry Moore to Michigan. Les Miles can go to the soon-to-be-vacant West Virginia job (because Rodriguez is going to be strung up by his thumbs after losing a national title shot to a woeful Pitt team AT HOME).

  12. noah 12/02/2007 at 2:13 PM #

    If I were Bill Martin, I’d be looking at someone like Jeff Tedford.

  13. RabidWolf 12/02/2007 at 5:15 PM #

    I guess it’s like Doyel floating the Chuck to Penn State theory a few years back simply because HE felt Chuck “would be a good fit” there. They just throw it up to get message board links and page hits.

    Doyel…another media whore.

  14. roandaddy 12/03/2007 at 12:16 PM #

    Herbstreet has mad a lot of enemies in the past with his OSU love fest.. so no surprise either Michigan or the SEC made him look like an idiot. (which by the way, I LOVE!!!) Herbstreet is a good announcer, but ESPN is blurring the lines pretty bad between reporting news and creating news.
    I think FSU did NOTHING on offense this year.. so you have to wonder.. is Jimbo that good of a coach, or was his talent just that good at LSU?

  15. RedTerror29 12/03/2007 at 12:52 PM #

    Not a huge Jimbo supporter…but I think their offense will be much improved next year. One year is too long to fix the absolute mess that was their offense.

  16. StateFans 12/03/2007 at 3:06 PM #

    Dr. Jerry Punch thinks Jimbo is a future superstar in the coaching ranks. That is good enough for me until I have more oppt to make a more educated decision.

  17. noah 12/03/2007 at 5:10 PM #

    You have to ask yourself…did FSU struggle on offense because of crappy schemes? or did they simply not have the talent to run those schemes?

    They don’t really have a great QB. Their line is questionable and they don’t have a big back that can between the tackles. They have really good receivers and they have a couple of super-quick small running backs.

  18. packbackr04 12/03/2007 at 6:05 PM #

    wait, i thought Chuck was the heir apparent in tallahasee???? no?

  19. LRM 12/04/2007 at 11:26 AM #

    Bowden: Clemson = Herb: State.

    I agree that it is a head-scratcher that Bowden woud be given an opportunity to compete against the tougest conference in college football and be expected to win regularly when he’s been unable to win the lowly ACC with one of the best teams for the past decade.

  20. Pack92 12/04/2007 at 11:27 AM #

    And man, are U of A people hot about that rumour! You can’t really argue with their logic. “If he can’t win the ACC, THE FRIGGIN ACC, why in the world do we want him in Fayetteveille”. I also think Tommy is a decent coach but one who has had maddening inconsistency.
    Paul Johnson at GT would not be good…for us. The thought of what he could do with real talent is scary.

  21. Trout 12/04/2007 at 11:28 AM #

    SFN: “If I were Georgia Tech and whiffed on the next couple of names on my list then I think Terry would serve as a decent move to ’save face with a name’.”

    Trout: If I were GT, I”d stay as far away from Terry Bowden as humanly possible. GT is a stable program, not one that needs to take a HUGE gamble on Terry. Terry Bowden does not fit in at a school like GT, IMO.

    About 18 years ago or so, Clemson hired the Arkansas coach (Hatfield) to replace Danny. I guess what goes around comes around.

    Except that Bowden won’t win an SEC title, while Hatfield did win an ACC title at Clemson.

    Clemson and Arkansas have a thing going with football coaches. Clemson hires Hatfield to replace Danny Ford. Danny Ford eventually becomes Arkansas’ head coach. Now Arkansas will hire Clemson’s Tommy Bowden.

    Shame Ole Miss has already hired Houston Nutt. The 2 schools could have simply swapped coaches.

  22. noah 12/04/2007 at 11:34 AM #

    The people in Fayetteville, errrrkansas are apparently unfamiliar with how college coaches get hired.

    Notre Dame hired a former OC. Florida hired some guy from some rinky-dink school out in Utah. Miami hired their DC. And before that, they hired their OC. And before that, they hired the OC from the NFL. Oklahoma hired some DC from Florida. Nebraska just hired some guy from LSU. LSU hired some guy from Oklahoma State who couldn’t even win the Big 12!! USC hired some out-of-work washed-up ex-NFL guy.

    Who the Eff-you-see-kay does errrrKANSAS think they are??

  23. Texpack 12/04/2007 at 11:51 AM #

    The Pouting Pigs would all be Happy Hogs if Gus Malzahn were the top choice and he’s only been an OC for two years at the college level so it’s not all about names for them. They don’t see themselves as a middle of the pack SEC team which I think they pretty clearly are…..3rd in the west behind LSU & Auburn and clearly behind both Florida & Georgia. They fall into a group with Tennessee & Alabama in my rankings of the SEC. Slightly behind UT and slightly ahead of ‘Bama

  24. Trout 12/04/2007 at 11:57 AM #

    Excluding South Florida’s Jim Leavitt and Connecticut’s Randy Edsall — whose stints began with their programs in the Division I-AA ranks — 12 coaches from the six BCS conferences had been with their school for at least nine year entering this season.

    Bowden and Nutt were the only ones without a conference title.

  25. StateFans 12/04/2007 at 11:58 AM #

    Trout, note that I said “if (GT) whiffed on a few more hires”. I definitely don’t think that it will come to that.

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