0-37 (so far): Wolfpack Doesn’t Look to Want to Go Bowling


ESPN Pre-game Comparison

* NC State sarting middle linebacker, James Martin, has torn his ACL and will not play today. Of course, you won’t hear about this from the Lincoln Financial-TV production who have failed to mention anything about the rash of injuries that have impacted BOTH of these tames this season. It’s just sad. The perseverance through injuries of these two teams to be playing for a bowl bid today is THE STORY of today’s game. Don’t believe me? Check out this entry about injuries in the ACC written on November 1st BEFORE each team encountered some of their other injuries.

* Daniel Evans throws ANOTHER interception deep in Maryland territory that (again) changed to entire complexion of the game. It will be SO nice when State FINALLY gets a quarterback that can throw an accurate ball more than fifteen yards so that the coaches’ are not so limited in their play calling.

* I know that we could fill an entire entry each week with mistakes made in Lincoln Financial television productions, but I think that the crew may have started today with a new record of inaccuracy when their graphic department showed that ‘Tom O’Brien’s record’ is 4-5 overall and 2-3 in the ACC. Wow. Understanding that showing Coach O’Brien’s career record would be too much work, we aren’t even complaining about that. But, how do they miss the fact that this is the 8th ACC game and 12th overall game of the season?

* Speaking stepping up and doing a little work…how hard would it be for the LFN production to show ALL eleven starters for each team’s offense or defense during the starting line-ups at the beginning of the game? I only count eight players per team.

* Looks like the Wolfpack is mailing this one in. We are going to do the same.

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