Chlt Obs Begins Criticizing Pack Search

Monday Night Coaching Update

This morning the Charlotte Observer exhibited why their newspaper was so weak that they were recently purchased by a more thriving company – they have the hardest time drawing appropriate conclusions from facts and history.

Tom Sorensen’s opinion is pretty lame in his attempt to be cute. He also obviously has had some major memory failure of the first FIVE YEARS of Herb Sendek AND Less Robinson’s tenure when he tried to stir the pot with the following:

Ah, but what happens if, in his first two seasons, (the new coach) fails to win? A celebrity coach can withstand a slow start. Hey, he must be good. If he weren’t good, he wouldn’t be famous. A coach with a lesser profile won’t get that break. Lesser fans, those twisted, fanatical, fresh-air-intolerant fans who live vicariously through their team and in their mother’s basement, won’t wait.

The reference about the fanatical is funny coming from a journalist, the set that are famous for jock sniffing and chasing athletes to replace their feelings of inadequacy when they were the last guy picked for kickball.

Ken Tysiac offered a little more value this morning. (Now that is something I don’t say every day). He takes a more complete look at the length of past coaching searches as well as the impact of the vacancy during the current recruiting evaluation period. Based on the chart included in the piece, State’s search will ultimately have lasted longer than any recent ACC search other than Virginia’s last season.

What would have really been helpful/appropriate if Tysiac would have included when each search started (or ended) in relation to the spring recruiting period. Wouldn’t that have been a little more relevant, especially in light of the article that he had just written?

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  1. StateFans 04/20/2006 at 11:49 PM #

    From WolfchicEE:

    Al Skinner named HC of Boston College April 18, 1997
    Dave Leitao Named HC At Virginia April 16, 2005
    Seth Greenberg named HC VaTech April 3, 2003
    Skip Prosser Named HC Wake Forest April 24, 2001
    Coach K named HC Duke March 19, 1980
    Roy Williams named HC UNC April 16, 2003
    Oliver Purnell Named Clemson HC on April 5, 2003
    Paul Hewitt named HC of GaTech Apr. 6, 2000
    Frank Haith named HC at Miami April 12, 2004
    Leanord Hamilton named HC FSU March 19, 2002

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