ESPN, The Vick Network

I was at the game on Sunday night and have not yet had the opportunity to watch the telecast on Tivo. However, multiple friends who watched the game at home have mentioned that ESPN’s coverage of Marcus Vick and brother Michael Vick was (conservatively) exhausting and (biasedly) nauseating.

On PackPride’s Premium Message Board, a Wolfpacker “analyzed the game film” and revealed that the name ‘Vick’ was spoken 87 times during the Wolfpack – Hokies battle. Additionally, the camera showed Michael Vick 16 times including his complete exit up the steps.

ESPN also broadcast NC State’s last home game — a Thursday night game at the end of last season against Florida State. Interestingly enough, Philip Rivers, another current NFL quarterback also attended that game. Rivers game a brief interview to ESPN during that broadcast as the camera panned him approximately 25% of the number of times Vick was highlighted.

Hmmmm….two current NFL quarterbacks. Same stadium. Same network. What gives?